You Again

They met once .
set a date , to meet again ,
never gave up ,
lost contact ,
to meet once again ....
Read 'You Again' to find out more ...



31. I can't believe my eyes



Harry's POV

We stayed there for a good 20 minutes , looking up at the stars and sneaking looks at her . Then we went back home . We walked through the door hand in hand .

"Where were you two ?" Jenna said sitting next to Niall

"Yeah , we were worried about you guys ." Niall then said 

"calm down mom , We were just on a date and as a couple now ." She said lifting up our hands that are still holding . 

"Okay then . Go straight up to bed young lady ! " Niall tried saying in his best manly voice . 

"No" I said 

"then , uhh . i dunnno ." Niall stuttered

"Okay , we're going to bed now" I said 

We huggeed both of them and made our way upstairs.

Once we got in the room , we she jumped on the bed . and went straight on her phone . I walked to the bad calmly and lay next to her . Studying her face . she looked at me and started blushing .

"um , is there something on my face" she said patting it 

"No , I just like looking at you ." I said . She face turned a bit pink "I like the way , when I compliment you , your eyes soften up and you try not to smile as big but you still do and your cheeks end up flushing" I said and she does exactly that . "Just like that" I whispered . "But I wish you wouldn't hide that smile of yours because it's perfect. " I said kissing her lips. And she smiled.


We decided to watch some tv , her head was on my chest and she was on her phone while I was enjoying some Family guy . I felt something wet touch my chest and felt it and it was water . Or tears . 

"Babe ?  Are you okay " she shook her head 

"Want to tell me what's wrong?" she shook her head but gave me her phone . And it was on her twitter. I see, she got hate . 

Hazza'sGirl: @Larrizasayshii Eww , back off bitch , Harry is mine !

_Kelly_Styles_: @Larrizasayshii ur soooooo UGLY ! hahahah lol 

Harry's_My_Bitch: @Larrizasayshii You're so ugly !! You're like soooo dark and chinky . What does he even see in you ? Can you even see him with your tiny eyes ?! 

That was mean . And the worse part , there was more . I switched to her Instagram and the same . I set her settings to private . 

"I'm sorry baby , please don't believe anything they say please . They may not be perfect to them , but to me , you're my world . 

She turned her head and looked up to me with her eyes glistening . 

"I love you " she said kissing my nose

"I love you" I said poking her nose . 

We snuggled up close to each other . Our foreheads toughing , lips centimeters apart . Hot breath fanning each other . Her hand went up to my hair and my hands going to cup her face . Rubbing small circles on her cheek . I pulled her face into mine connecting our lips . Moving in sync. Fitting perfectly . We broke the kiss and just looked at each other . Admiring everything . That's how we fell asleep , just staring . Sounds creepy , I know . 



Sinay's POV

Harry and Larriza came back . I wonder what's going on with them . This WHOLE night , Zayn has been trying to get at me . No thanks . I've learned , all guys want is to get into your pants . I got up and went to my bag and got my bathing suit out . It was a Pink twist strapless top and pink bottom and i got my pink towel. I mean , i'm sleeping over , they have a pool AND jacoozi , I might as well take advantage of that . I walked out to the jacoozi and got in aand relaxed . I felt the water move a bit and I opened my eyes to reveal a shirtless Zayn.




Harry's POV 

I want to surprise Larriza and learn how to skate . I'm a very clumsy person when it comes to doing that . So i'm going to ask Jenna to teach me how to do that . Larriza is taking a shower right now so I go downstairs . 

"Jenna" She turns around to face me


"I want you to teach me how to long board . " 

"Sure , when ?"


"Yeah , did you ask Larriza ?" 

"Nope , I want to surprise her tomorrow with my awesome boarding skills that I will learn " And she laughs at me "What ? I will be SO good , like you'll bow down to me "

"Keep dreaming Styles . " she said . 

Jenna's POV

Teach him how to Board . This is going to be a Long day . I can't tell anyone because all of them are big mouths . Especially Niall . 

Larriza's POV

I want to do something today . 

I went up to Harry 

"babe , do you want to do something today ?"

"I'm sorry L , but Ed asked me to help him in the studio and I can't bring people . " 

"Oh , it's okay , i'll go ask Jenna then ." He opened his mouth to say something but then closed it again and shook his head . 

I walked to Jenna 

"Hey Jenna ! I was wondering if you wanted to hang out today ?"

"Oh , i'm sorry L , Julie needs some help moving in with Brian and asked me to help" she said . 

"Well , I can help your sister and her boyfriend too . "I offered

"i can't she doesn't want me bringing too much people ." I nodded my head .

I guess everybody is busy . I went on my phone to check the news and stuff and something caught my eye

"Modeling auditions . Casting for Victoria Secret , American Apparel, Forever 21 , and Cotton On ! Now going to Pasa Nuevo Mall in Santa Barbara today at 5 ! Please bring head shots , and dress semi-formal . *Need to wear heels when Modeling . No Jeans unless dark .*

I've always wanted to model , I did it when I was younger , but that was what , 5th grade . But , who cares , I've got nothing to lose . I checked the clock , 1:00 . Okay , so I can print some pictures out and I have time to look for a cute outfit ! I went to Wal*Mart and printed some recent pictures of me at the beach . and I went to the mall to look for a cute outfit . I bought a striped halter and rubberish skirt and some black pumps . I had enough time so I got my nails done . Stiletto black and white nails since it matches .  

I got home and put in my camera ear rings and my horse ring . I put on some light peachy make-up and put on a bold red lipstick . And i changed my eye phone case into my cross one . I checked the clock and it was 4:30 . So I had to go down there . There were a fair amount of people . I doubt a lot of people read the news . I went to the booth and there was a nice lady.

"Hello sweetie" 

"Hi , i'm here for the modeling tryouts " I said to her

"Lovely , okay here's some papers you need to fill out and just turn it in and we'll call your name." she told me .

"okay , thanks " I said taking the clip board and papers . I went to go sit down next to a girl . She looked my age . 

"Hi" she said 

"Hello , i'm Larriza , but you can call me L" I said

"I'm Jennifer" she said sticking out her hand but I hugged her instead.

We talked the whole time . I learned she likes kick boxing , skating , and vans . We exchanged numbers and they called up her number . 

"good luck !" I said to her 

"Thanks ! You too ! " she said back . 

I waited anxiously . I checks my phone to see no messages from anybody . booooo ! Number 17 ! They called out . That's me . I got up and saw Jennifer leaving. We waved to each other . 

"Text me when you're out" she told me . and I nodded my head . 

"Hi love , So it says you're trying for all of the store brands ? Is that correct ?" A nice lady said

"Yes ma'am" I said politely .

"Okay just go up to the starting and do your walk . " She said . And I nodded . 

I went up to the stage and placed my left foot in front of my right and my right hand on my hip , like I was taught . and I started walking . It felt normal , like I was meant to do it . For a moment , I forgot what I was doing because of how relaxed I was . Until she stood up and started clapping . 

"Thanks" I said blushing . 

"No problem hun. We'll contact you if you get the job , thank you for coming today " She said 

"Thank you for having me" I said and left . 

I texted Jennifer and decided to just walk around . I bought a pair of slippers and a cute little bag to put my heels in and I went to the park . 

Jenna's POV

I feel bad for lying to Larriza , but she'll be happy when Harry knows how to skate . She thinks skaters are pretty sexy . ....

"harry , you're making something so simple really complicated ." I said to him 

"jenna ! This is HARD ! " he said . I rolled my eyes . 

I had my arm out and he was grabbing it . He declined wearing a helmet or any protection because "it'll make him look stupid" even though he looks pretty stupid right now . 

He lost his balance and fell back bring me down with him. He fell on his back and I landed on top of him . we started laughing on how ridiculous he looked . Still in that postion . But it wasn't awkward because he's like a brother to me . 

I heard a sniffle and looked up . 

Larriza's POV

I was walking along the park . It was actually a really nice day . I saw a couple , the girl was trying to teach him how to skate . That's cute . Aw , he fell , and she fell on him . I like his Hair , it looks Like Har-




I walked over there and The tears started flowing out when I realized it was them . They were laughing . and on each other . I sniffled and Jenna looked at me . She immediately got up and so did Harry . 

"This is not what it looks like ! " Harry said 

I put my hand up " save your bull shit " and I ran to the house . As fast as I could . Faster than them behind me . i wanted to get away . Once I reached the house , I opened the door to a worried Niall . 

"Woah , what's wrong ? " he said stopping me 

"Why don't you ask your "girlfriend" I said in quotes . I started upstairs and ran into the house . I ran into my room and shoot the door and locked it .


BOW-TIE GIRL ! YAAAAAY YOU WON , YOU'RE GONNA BE LIAM'S GIRLFREND ! Sorry for those who didn't make it :/ I could only chose one . If you still want to be in the story as a bitch , just tell me down below . I mean , it's better than nothing . 


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