You Again

They met once .
set a date , to meet again ,
never gave up ,
lost contact ,
to meet once again ....
Read 'You Again' to find out more ...



4. He's Back

Niall and I had so much fun today . We were on the tea cups and he was screaming so much ! I mean  the TEA CUPS ! But , the day had to end so we exited Disneyland and walked to our cars . 

"Are you hungry J ?" Niall asked 

"YES ! I'm starving actually " I replied honestly

"Well , I don't know any good places around here so "

"Ohh yeah , errm , well , we both have our caars so I guess you can follow me ? " I asked 

"Okay "

I started walking to my car and when i got there Niall jumped in front of me 

"Wait ! " he said making me jump 


"I'm sorry , I just wanted to open the door for me'lady " He said and bowed his head and opened my door

"aww how sweet " And I got in .

"Till then ,"niall said and he grabbed my hand and kissed it 

The feeling in my stomach , the happiness , the butterflies , I haven't felt since Eddy...

We drove around until I found and L & L near my apartments. I parked my car and Niall parked his next to mine . I was just about to open my door when someone opened it for me 

"Aww thanks Ni-" I looked at the person "You're not Niall..."


*Cliffhanger ! * hahahahaha


Larriza's POV 

Harry and I were texting non-stop . I know that he loves to sing and one day wants to be a solo artist . I thought that was cute and that he should audition for the X-Factor . He said he'll think about it .

"I miss you Harry ;c " I sent to him 

"I'll call you , I miss your voice ;) xxxx -H "

Right after He sent that , my phone kept vibrating . I checked my caller id and none other than Harry was calling me

"Hey babe " his voice by itself makes my stomach do back flips .

"Hey " is all I said 

"What are you doing right now ? " he asked'

"Well , if it's not obvious , i'm talking to you . " I chuckled

"You're cute " he said

"Thanks " I said blushing . I don't care cos' he can't see me 

"Larriza I know it's a little too early to say this but I L- "he got cut off by my phone riging 

"Sorry Harry , i'm getting another phone call , give me a sec "

I answered the new call , it was Jenna

"What Jenna?! "

"He's back " She said quietly

"OMG where are you ?! "

She texted me the address and I drove there as fast as I could to to see ....

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