You Again

They met once .
set a date , to meet again ,
never gave up ,
lost contact ,
to meet once again ....
Read 'You Again' to find out more ...



20. Harry's back

Harry's POV

Louis and I wanted starbucks and since it was right across from 'The Disney Store ' , we decided to go . I didn't really wanna see J . She reminds me too much of L . And I made a mistake with her . I just wanted to hug her close and whisper 'I love you' in her ear over and over again . I just miss her so much . I Lo-

"Welcome to Star-"a familiar voice said . I looked up

"Larriza ?! " I said astonished 

"um .. hi.. ALONDRA ! " I missed her sweet voice . 

Alondra came out and I was about to tell Louis what happen but I saw him eyeing Alondra . I decided to let him have that moment . He just broke up with Eleanor and he hasn't looked at another girl until now . Alondra looked back at me and gave a death glare . 

"i'm gonna go get Jenna ... " Alondra said

"Wait , please tell me what's going on " she pleaded . huh ?

"Just say quiet and stay put okay ?" Alondra said . L had worry in her eyes and she just nodded slowly . 

Alondra left the room making sure to bump my shoulder on her way out . 


Alondra's POV

"...ALONDRA !" I heard L scream . I went over and I saw a cute guy and Harry . oh god . This is not good . 

"What is it L ? " I said trying to calm her down 

"Why the fuck does he know my name ? " L said harshy

"It's a Long story because he was a bastard" I said giving him a death glare . 

"I have time " she said crossing her arms and holding her ground . 

"No you don't" I said 

"Bu-"she started

"No buts" I said

"bu-" she tried again

"I'm gonna go get Jenna" I said to her . 

"Wait , Please tell me what's going on . " she pleaded

"Just stay quiet and stay put okay ?" She nodded 

As I was walking out , I bumped Harry's shoulder and nice butt over there wnked at me . I walked into the Disney Store I called out Jenna's name . She pooped from the back with Sinay coming . 

"Jenna , there's a little problem ..." I started

"What is it " She asked concerned

"Harry's back ." I said

"Yeah , I know " 

"He's with Larriza and she's super freaked out right now..." I said

"Ohmygosh ! Sinay Alondra , why are we just waiting here ? LET'S GO ! " She exclaimed

We ran across the isle of the mall into starbucks . Harry and butt boy were sitting at the corner table just waiting for nothing . 

"L ?" Jenna said

"What the hell is going on ?" she snapped

"L , this is my ... cousin . " Jenna started

"Don't act dumb with me Jenna ." She said . 

"No I promise ! He's from my dad's side . My dad's step dad was Brittish and this is my dad's step dad's son's son  ! " She said 

"He doesn't look Asian one bit."

"Well , it's a long story L . I don't want to go through my whole family tree . "Jenna said .

"oh  , okay then ... "Larriza said . 

"Oh , and they're gonna be staying with us for a little , their are 5 of them . "

"Ugh . I hate you right now Jenna " she said 

"No you don't " she said back 

"Whatever" she mumbled 



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