You Again

They met once .
set a date , to meet again ,
never gave up ,
lost contact ,
to meet once again ....
Read 'You Again' to find out more ...



15. Familiar Voices

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Jenna , Sinay , Alondra , and I were just strolling down the park . I still can't seem to get my memory back . And it seems like the girls know something and wont tell me . But it doesn't matter . I don't want a bad memory that I can't remember to come back to me . 

Anyways , we were strolling down the park and we saw a girl on the swings . 

"L" Jenna said to me 

"huh ? " 

"isn't that Frida ? "

I tool a better look at her , and just my luck , it was .

"Yeah I think so " I said 

"She looks like she's crying " Jenna said with a sympathetic look on her face .

"Okay , Let's go away now ! " I said

"No L , you have to learn how to care for others " Jenna said to me .

I rolled my eyes "FINE J . Go ahead , i'm gonna tell the girls the wonderful things about her " I said with a fake smile 

She looked unsure onto weather She should trust me on telling the girls the annoyance and irritation she caused me my WHOLE middle school AND High School Experience .

"okay then , don;t move , i'll be back . " she said and started walking toward the swing set .

I waited until she was a foot away from us then I huddled the girls up 

"Okay , that bitch crying on the swingset is a BITCH . " I said  As you can tell , I like to say what's on my mind . I don't think before I say . "It all started in middle school . Stay with me cos' i'm quite quick (see what I did there ?) . She's such a bitch . ohmygosh . She was so desperate , she has a sucky attitude , she is a big baby who always has to fucking cry all the god damn time . Ugh she's such a B-umble bee ! look " I said as I saw Jenna and Frida coming towards us . 

"So what were you guys talking about ? "

"Oh nothing , just some bumble bees " Sinay said winking at me nonchalantly . 

"Yep" I said popping the p

"Okay " Jenna said

Sinay's POV

By the way Larriza explained her , I knew I wan't gonna like her . 

"Hi ! " she introduced 

"Hi , i'm Sinay" I said smiling awkwardly 

"Alondra" She said smiling at her and nodded her head . 

"Larriza , nice to see you again " she said

I could tell by the look on her face that she didn't enjoy just being in her presence 

"Hi Frida" she said with an awkward smile on her face 

"So um , Jason and I broke up " she said an the verge of tears 

"Really?" Jenna said . She's so nice . But honestly , I could care less about this chick about to cry in front of us . 

"Yeah " the tears slowly made their way down 

"oh brother " I heard L say causing Alondra and I to chuckle and L earning a glare from J

"Why ?" 

"well , I said that it's time that we move in together because , you know , we've been going out for 7 years now ? "

"okay go on .." Jenna said interested 

"And he said that I was taking things too fast , I argued that we've been going out for 7 years . Then he said he hated me and w-wanted n-n-nothing to do with m-me . I j-just , I love him so much . I know he loves me t-" I couldn't stand any of this 

"Oh WOW ! Cry me a god damn river " Larriza said as if she was reading my mind 

"Are you kidding me Frida ? " I said


"nothing " alondra jumped in

"TO FUCKING DO WITH YOU ! " I screamed


"I know ! " Frida exclaimed

"I knew that already . I - I don't know . I just , I want to die already " she said

"Go die " L alondra and I said at the same time

"guys ! don't be so mean , she's going through a tough time " Jenna said

"Who are you kidding , you weren't the 'nicest' to her behind her back either 


"Well , well , well, who do we have here ? " I heard a familiar voice say 

We all turned around to see ...


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