You Again

They met once .
set a date , to meet again ,
never gave up ,
lost contact ,
to meet once again ....
Read 'You Again' to find out more ...



30. Date

I woke up and felt next to me to feel 


I got up and saw that there were rose petals leading downstairs to the kitchen . On the kitchen table , there was a note next to a plate of breakfast.

"Good Morning L , this is the first part of our date . I made you some breakfast . Waffles , cut up fruits , and a fresh berry smoothie . Just like you like it ! So eat up . When your done , make your way to the bathroom ♥ 

                            -Harry xx

Okay . Maybe he really is sorry . Snap out of it Larriza , he broke your heart . But he's so sweet ! But - . I don't know . I took a bite out of the waffles he made . And it was so good ! It was the best waffle I've ever ate . I finished the breakfast and went upstairs to my bathroom and saw a note taped to the window

"Babe , I want you to get ready and clean up . When you get out , there will be clothes on your bed for you ! I'll be seeing you soon . 

-Harry xx

I don't know if I should be happy that this is going down or creeped out that there will be clothes put in my room while i'm in the shower . Whatever . I stripped down and stepped into the shower . there was a note on a new bottle of shampoo and conditioner and body wash . 

"I  know you love smelling sweet like candy and berries , so I bought you berry hair products and berry body wash

-Harry xx

I grabbed the bottle and smelled each and one of them . 

"mmmmh" it smelled so good  ! You know , I could just ditch the date and stay here and smell this all day . Buuuuuuut , i'm not . I washed my hair and my body and turned off the shower . I stepped out and went into my room . Surprise surprise there are clothes on my bed and another note  . How many trees did it take for this date ?

"How was your shower love ? Great ? well , here are some clothes for you ! They're new with some help from J,Sinay , and Alondra . Put those on and go to your vanity !

-Harry xx

Vanity ? did he chose what make up I wear ? I looked down on my bed and saw the outfit that was layed out for me . There was a gray tank with black lining , a black cardigan , shorts , a "welcome motherf*ckers hat , circle sunglasses , a leather bag , and some sneakers . 

I changed int the clothes and left the bag there . It was a little too much with the bag . I walked to my vanity station and there was a note on the mirror 

"I hope you liked the clothes I got you . What I need you to do now is but on some moisturizer (already on the table) and spritz some Love by Victoria perfume . Don't ask me how I picked it out , the girls did . And don't do anything else to that beautiful face of yours . It's already perfect as it it ♥ 

-Harry xx

Aww , how sweet ! I put on the moisturizer and curl my lashes . Technically , i'm not putting anything on , i'm just simply altering it ! I also put on some chap stick . I mean if we ki-

no .

What am I thinking ? 

My lips need to stay happy and healthy for no specific reasons ! 

I go downstairs and see my board and a paper on top . 

"Yaaay , almost done I promise ! just follow these directions on the board and I will be seeing you later ! 


I got outside and embraced the fresh air . The instructions he gave me had me turning , and crossing everywhere . I finally made it to a nice meadow . I get off my board and look around . I spot Harry in the middle of the field with a basket . I walk closer and her takes off his sun glasses and stands up to hug me .

"Wow harry" 

"So you're looking ravishing this evening " he said eyeing me .

"My eyes are up her " I said pointing up at my eyes and we both chuckle . 

"Okay , so , you are the princess of the day . and so I packed your favorite meal . We have some fettuccine Alfredo , Mountain dew , fruits , and for dessert , we have CHOCOLATE STRAWBERRIES! YAAAAY !" and i'm here laughing like an idiot . 

We start eating and having a nice conversation .

"Okay , so now i'm going to blind fold you okay ?" he says .

"huh ?" Does he just expect me to go along with it ?

 "Trust me"  those words give me butterflies in my stomach and I just nod my head . 

I hear his car engine . Is he going to run me over for the end of the date ? giving me revenge for slapping him ? The engine turns off and the door opens nd closes . 

"Take the blindfold off" he says and I do just that . I see his car . He takes my hand and leads me to the other side of his car and I see a step ladder . and he goes first and climbs up to the roof of his SUV

"come on up" he says to me. I step up the step ladder and he grabs my arms to help me up there's 2 blankets, one on the bottom of the roof and one folded on the bottom one, A large pillow , and fake candles. 

"lie down" he tells me . I lie down and he lays next to me . He points up to the sky ad I saw something move . then another. and another . 

"is this a -" I start

"yeah , isn't it beautiful?" 

"yeah ." 

we enjoy about 3 minutes of that until Harry rolls onto his side . 

Harry' POV

It's time , i'm gonna do it . 

I roll to my side .


She goes to her side as well.

"yes ?"

"Well , remember how I said today you're the princess?" I asked her


"Well , I want you to be a princess everyday . My princess . W-what i'm trying to say is . um Will you . Well , wi-"

"Yes" she said grabbing me and pressing our lips together . 

"I missed you so much Harry" she said sobbing a little into my shoulder . I pet her hair

"me too L , Me too . "


Guys , sorry if this chapter is kinda suckish , And sorry it's so late ! I just watched 1D3D ! and omfg ! the feeeeeels ! LOL , well , tomorrow , September 1 , is MY BIRTHDAYYYY ! wooop ! lolol . Lol , so on tuesday , I need 130 likes ! Night guys ♥

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