You Again

They met once .
set a date , to meet again ,
never gave up ,
lost contact ,
to meet once again ....
Read 'You Again' to find out more ...



2. Date .. I think .

*Harry isn't famous in these first chapters . Just to inform you ;D *




He shook my hand and I felt my stomach doing backflips . The only bad part was , we're standing in the middle of the area just shaking hands . 

"I'm Harry, Harry Styles" He introduces .

"Nice to meet you , i'm Larriza . But you can call me 'L' " I smiled . 

"We should probably get your ankle checked at the infirmary right ? "

"huh ? Oh ! " I almost forgot I sprained my ankle " Yeah totally ! Let me just call my friend and tell her where I am ! " 

I dialed Jenna ;

"Jenna ?"

"L ! "

"Umm , I kinda sprained my ankle ... "

"oh my gosh ! Are you okay ?! Where are you ?! I'll come and ge-"

"J ! It's all good , um , I met a new friend today his name's Harry . " When I said that I swore , I saw Harry blushing .

"Ohhhhhh ! Is he cute ?"

"omg beyond that " Now I see Harry blushing . I guess Jenna speaks a bit too loud .

"Well good cos' I met a guy too ! " 

"Ohh , what's his name ? "

"Niall ! He's a blondie and HE'S IRISH ! " 

"haha ! Okay , i'll see you two in a bit ? "

"Okay girl , later "

"Bye "

Bye" aand I  hung up .


"Let's get going eh ? " Harry suggested 

"Yeah " 

When I tried taking a step I literally fell, good think Harry was there to catch me . 

"Here , jump on my back . " He offered

" errm , are you sure ? " I get really self conscious about my weight 

"I insist " 

I jumped on his back "Thanks" i said

"Not a problem love " His accent makes me want to melt inside

"Thanks" he chucked 

"huh " i asked blushing

"I didn't know I can make people melt inside just by talking "

"shoot . um well .." I can feel my cheeks reddening my the second . 

I feel Harry's hand's rubbing circles in my thigh soothing me . 

"Okay we're here" 


The lady at the counter showed us to a room where I had to lay down . As she examined my ankle and she took x-rays of it . 

"Okay sweetie ! Just give me and the doc 10 minutes to examine your x-rays and we'll be back " And she left leaving me with Harry . 

"Sooooo , Harry , tell me about yourself . " 

"Well , my name is Harry Edward Styles and i'm 19 . I go to the University of London . I'm from Holmes Chapel in Cheshire England. I live with my mum and I have a older sister named Gemma . But she moved out last month for school . I'm here because I wanted to travel but I go back in a few days . "

"Wow" is all I could say 

"Tell me about you ! " He offered

"Sure . Well to Start , my name is Larriza Alice and i'm from America ! I'm from a small city in San Diego and i'm here because well it's DisnayLand . I have 3 sisters and a brother all older than me . I have a pet turtle . I attend UC Santa Barbara . Oh and i'm 19 "

"Can I just add that I think you're beautiful " I felt my cheeks reddening

"So are you ..." Did I just say that . He chuckled " I meant , you're well , you're cute " 

"Thank's L" omg i'm dying .

The doctor came in and bandaged my ankle . He gave me a wheel chair and crutches just in case . We left the infirmary . 

"Do you want to go somewhere ?" Harry said 

"Sure ! Where do you want to go ?"

"I have no idea . I was hoping you have somewhere . "

"Uh , sure  I can tour you around my city ! " 

"Awesome" It's was a 2 hour drive but I couldn't stop smiling when we reached the sign that said 'Welcome to National City ! ' 

I parked at my favorite place to go and we got it . 'Welcome to Tapex' We were greeted . I smiled at them . 

"So L , where are we ?"

"We are at my favorite drink place ! Tapioca Express " I smiled . "They have boaba here " 

He looked confused 

"How about I order for you ?" I offered 

"That sounds good " he chuckled 

I got on my crutches and went to the cashier and ordered a coconut milk tea and a thai milk tea for Harry .

I got the drinks and went back to the table . 

he took a sip of it and said " wow ! this is actually pretty good "

And we heard the cashier say "Thanks" we started laughing . 

"I like your necklace "

I looked down and I noticed I was wearing a mustache necklace with the union Jack on it .

"Oh thanks ! I got it because I love mustaches and I think the Union Jack is just beautiful "

"haha thanks " Harry said . 

"Look , I have to leave back to England soon" my face fell and I think he noticed bcos he took my hand and was rubbing circles . "But it's okay ! i just have to stay for a semester and then i'm on break.."

"oh " is all i said 

"L ... I really like you .."I looked up at his eyes and smiled 

"I like you too Harry ... " 

We exchanged all of our information and he was dropping me off home since Jenna had the car . 

"Look harry , I really enjoyed this time we had together . I really want to meet you again . How about we set a date and meet there ?"

"okay . Well I get off school in January and it's September , so January 18th is when I cou;d probably be here . " he said . 

"I know where we could meet "

"Where ?" he asked 

"Disneyland . The same place where we bumped into eachother . " 

"Okay what time ?" he asked

"before it get's crouded so around 8 when it opens ? "

"Sounds like a plan " he said and I smiled 

Let me walk you to your door ? " Harry said 

"Such a gentleman " i said 

"I know right "he joked 

we were at my door and I hugged him . his hands were on my waist gently squeezing . We both looked up our hands still on each other and we slowly started to lean in I could smell his minty breath , his cologne . We sucked in a breath and kissed . Or mouths moved in sync and fit with each other . I put my hands in his hair and slightly pulled earning a moan from him . I smirked . I felt his tongue glide on my lower lip asking for permission and it was granted . Our tongues moving together . It was nice . Except for the butterflies in my stomach and my heart beating a mile a minute . We pulled away and rested our foreheads on each other . 

"i'll see you in January love " I smiled at his kind words 

"Till then " he said and kissed my lips once again . I bit my lip and he closed his eyes . 

He whispered in my ear " that just turned me on" I gasped at his words but smiled . I peeked down at his bulge . But . the thing is , i'm a virgin ...

"Bye Harry " I said and he smiled 

"Goodbye Larriza " I loved the way he said my name . I bit my lip again and heard him moan . I chucked . i went inside and peeked though my curtains and saw him doing the same with his car window . we both chucked and we waved good bye . January ?! All I thought about was 'What if he forgot , what if he got a girlfriend by then ' I thought f the worst until I received a text frm him 

"I miss you already xx"

"Me too ;c " 

"January ! don't forget xx"

"I won't , I promise ;D "


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