You Again

They met once .
set a date , to meet again ,
never gave up ,
lost contact ,
to meet once again ....
Read 'You Again' to find out more ...



12. Darkness

Harry's POV

I made it ! I hope L hasn't watched tv in a while !  I want to surprise her with this . Boot camp has been so much fun except for the dancing part . I was never a good dancer . After the dance portion they called Me , Niall , Louis , Zayn Malik , and Liam Payne . 

"Sorry boys but I don't think you guys will make it as solo artists " Nicole said . I immediately broke down crying . 

"BUT , we didn't want to put your talent to waste so we decided to form you into a boyband " Simon said I jumped up and hugged the other guys ! I couldn't believe it !



Ever since they announced that we would be a boy band , more hirls figured out my phone number I had to get a new phone . All my data and information and messages got deleted ! BUMMER ! We just got off the plane to land in America once again . There's one thing I want to do ...

Go out to a club and CELEBRATE !


Larriza's POV

Everyday , i've been in the apartment . Sleep , eat , shower , sleep , eat , shower . Was my routine . So abnormal of me . I just couldn't get out of bed . I miss him so much that I just feel so weak . Jenna just got hired at the local Disney store in the mall and I got hired at the Star bucks at the same mall . the two stores were practically next to each other . I looked at the clock and it was 3:30 in the morning . I'm an insomniac now too . I can't sleep without him texting me good night or calling me to 'hear my voice' . Now , every time I call him , it says 'This number is out of service' . I think about what if he changed it because he doesn't like me anymore . I wanted to stop thinking about it but I couldn't . I want him . I need him . I closed my eyes and started to think of him even more ...


"L! Larri ! LALA god damn it ! Get your butt up ! " i heard then groaned 

"Get up ! We have work today ! I made you breakfast , it's on the table ." 

I got up said thank you to Jenna and ate breakfast . Then I went into the shower . washed my long boring brown ass hair . and cleaned the rest of my filthy body . I got out of the shower and wrapped my hair in a towel , then my body in anther one . I got out of the bathroom and hear Jenna talking to Niall . 

"I miss you babe " she said

"I know Princess , I miss you too" he said 

They talked a bit more and I figured out he's in some band but I didn't stay long enough to hear the details . 

I went in the room and put on an american flag tank , regular blue skinny Jeans , slipped on my Chucks , and put on my favorite infinite necklace . I out my hair up into a high bun , grabbed my bad and went downstairs .

*The skinny Jeans are long , it just got covered by the white of the converse's picture (:

Jenna and I rode to the mall in silence . Once we got there , we said goodbye to each other .

I walked into starbucks and went to the chick at the counter . Her name tag said Alondra E . She has light skin , long brunettish har , and she had a nice smile . 

"Hi ! Welcome to starbucks ! " She greetes 

"Hi , um , i'm Larriza and this is my fist day here for the job..."

"Oh sorry , hi , i'm Alondra Esparza " She said sticking her hand out 

"Larriza , but you can call me L ." I said shaking her hand

the rest of the day went on great . alondra and I get off at the same time so I was gonna introduce her to Jenna . I got a few nice customers . Some were just rude and mean . 


Jenna's POV

I feel bad for L . With her and Harry . Harry has been a wreck . Niall has told me . L just doesn't know that he was on the X-factor or even in a band right now . When I got to the Disney store , I met a nice girl there . Her name was Sinay . Her name is hard to say but I think it's very pretty . 

(See-nie-ee) We becasme very close on the first day with her showing me the ropes . I think I want to show her to Larriza . 

After work me and Sinay met Larriza and some other girl in the food court .

"L , this is Sinay , Sinay , this is my bestie Larriza" I introduced

"Jenna , this is Alondra , Alondra , this is Jenna my bestie . Oh and that's Sinay " she said . 

"So um... I was thinking , maybe we should go out today . Like to a club or something.." I said

"i don't know Jenna ..." Larriza said 

"come on L ! You haven't done anything ever since ya know ..." I said trying not to make her think about it as much . 

" FINE ! Just this once okay ? " She responded 

"YAY !"

We went back to my house and we got ready . I decided to wear a very cute lacey black dress and studded open toed heels . I put on some bangles and curled my hair a bit . I applied my eye shaddow to make a smokey eye and I put on some mascara and chapstick . I went down stairs to see Sinay

Sinay looked very pretty ! She was wearing a tribal corset (bustier ) and some tribal leggings . She had cute laced open toes heels . She had her ombre hair in a braid and a bow where it starts . Her makeup was simple . Just a little gold and red lips. She was holding her black and blue ombre case in her hand .


Larriza's POV

I really didn't want to go out tonight . I really don't . But I haven't been spending time with Jenna . I have been just very anti-social lately since... But I won't let that get to me . I didn't want to dress up that much so I just put on a floral bustier with a black high low . I put on some platform heels curled my hair an put a green beanie on . I put a natural amout of makeup . I grabbed my retro lips case and put it on my iPhone . 


Alondra walked into my room asking to borrow one of my bags . She was wearing a burgundy dress that ruffles a bit at the bottom , and some chunky heeled tanish boots . Her hair was the same but she put a head band thingy on it . She had a cross two fingered ring and she had her bear iphone case on her phone . She chose to use my burgundy bag to match her dress . And we went downstars . 


"You guys look smexy" Jenna said to us 

"Haha , nah You girls look RATCHET ! " we all started laughing . 

"I'm just kidding , you guys look very hot tonight if I must say

"thanks ! " we said 

"Let's go ? " Sinay said

"Let's do this !" I said

I drove and Jenna was in the Passenger with Sinay in the back .

"What club are we going to ? " Alondra asked from the backseat

"We are going to a club called 'The Viper Room' Johnny Depp owns it ! It's suppost to be the hottest club in LA" I said

"Awesome ! " She replied 


Harry's POV

I drove with Louis to my passenger seat adn the rest of the boys in the back .

"Mate ? What club are we going to ?" 

"We are going to this one club I read about . It's in LA it's called 'The Viper Room ' . They said it's one of the best night clubs EVER ! " I said

"Cool ! " He replied . Once we got there , I went straight for the bar . I was  got 3 shots and got wasted . I went to the first girl i saw . She was wearing a really sexy skin tight dress . She had short curly/wavy hair . I went behind her and whispered in her ear 

"Hi there " I whispered

she looked at me seductively  

She wasn't that hot . but eh . she grabbed me and we had a heated make out sesh. 



We walked into the club and it smells like gross . There were drunk people everywhere , people grinding on the dance floor , couples making out in the corner . We went to the bar and got each 2 shots . We didn't want to get too wasted . We were gonna walk to the nearest hotel and stay there if we got too drunk .

We grabbed our first shot ad raised it in the air . "CHEERS ! " I screamed . But you can barely hear me over the booming music . We drank it down . The familiar taste of the liquid tingled in my throat . It kinda burned but I wanted another one . I drank it down and i can feel the alcohol running through my veins . I needed another one and everyone else did it too . I took that third shot and I felt on FIRE ! Jenna started laughing like a hyena , Sinay was dancing like a crazy person , Alondra just kept yelling weird things . and I was swaying like a person whose pants are about to fall off . We walked toward the center of the bar and That's when I saw him ...

"Guys ! is that Harry ? " I asked them . 

"I can't even see straight L " Sinay said 

"I focused my eyes and I saw it . His hair . that's him making out with someone else . I went over there and coughed to try to get their attention . But they were seriously making out . I looked in my bad and found a tampon and I threw it at his head . He broke the kiss and looked for who did it . Then he saw me . And I saw the girl . 






I stormed out of the club and my vision was foggy from the alcohol and my tears . I hear them screaming my name but I don't stop . Until all I see is darkness ...

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