You Again

They met once .
set a date , to meet again ,
never gave up ,
lost contact ,
to meet once again ....
Read 'You Again' to find out more ...



5. dad ?

Jenna's P.O.V

"Aw thanks Ni-" I looked at the guy " You're not Niall "

"Glad to see me sweetie ? " He said . I knew he was drunk . 

"Ni ! " I screamed

"Hey Prince-" he said but hot interrupted when I dad butt in 

"Who's this ? " 

"i'm N-niall sir " he said 

"Excuse me " I said while going to the other side of the car to call L 

"Larriza , he's back"

"i'm on my way"

I can't believe my dad's here . He brought me and my family so much pain . He left when I was 12 because he was constantly drunk and cheating on my mother . He would hurt us mentally and physically . I remember one night 


Today's my birthday ! I'm finally 12 ! yay too bad My dad wasn't here to celebrate it with me . But at least I got L and my mom . I went back upstairs with Larry because she was sleeping over . 30  minutes later , we hear my mom scream and glass break . Larriza being the brave on she is went downstairs first with me cowering behind her . When we got downstair , We saw my dad about to punch my mom ! 

"Hey ! " Larriza yelled 

"L! " I shrieked 

"Well look who we have here" he said coming closer 

He had his eyes on me while Larriza was going to help my mom up she signaled to me to go upto my room on the signal . He was about to grab me when Larriza screamed 

"DON'T LAY A HAND ON HER ! " she spat

My dad turned around when L's foot connected to his balls ! Thank goodness she took Karate ! And thank goodness she was here ! 

He fell to the floor and the three of us ran to my room and locked the door . Once we got there , we called the police and Larriza's brother . 

"Little piggy's ... let me in " 

We were all crying 

We all hid under my bed because from the outside , it looked like there was just wood but L and I fixed it so we could hide inside the wood and we were able to peek out without anyone seeing us .

"Let me in before I huff , and puff , and KICK THE DOOR DOWN ! " he said when he kicked the door down . "Come out , come out , where ever you are " he said silently 

The three of us had our hands clasped over our mouths . 

Good thing my window was open so he thought that we jumped outside or something . We saw him inching closer and closer until we heard 

"FREEZE ! Stop where you are and put your hands where I could see them " 

Thank goodness the police came when they did because When he was going downstairs our eyes met for a few second and then he plastered a smirk on his face . 

*Flashback ends*

My dad went to Jail for 5 years for abuse and I never saw him again until today

 "J ? Jenna ? " Larriza said 

once I saw her I hugged her and started crying 

Larriza's POV

I totally forgot about Harry ! i'll have to call him back later on . When Jenna said he was back , I knew exactly who she was talking about Her dad .

I got there and comforted her when she was crying . We got back and saw some blonde dude and the guy I thought i would never see in a long time . 

"Niall" she squeaked and he walked to our side

"Dad , what are you doing here ? " she said quietly

"I'm trying to get my only daughter back" he said with a smirk coming close

"You touch her , I will call the police" I said

"You wouldn't " he snarled

"Try me " I said through clenched teeth

 He took a step and I immedialty pressed call on my phone 

"Police come to 2823 Santa barbara near L and L NOW ! " I said that in within minutes , I heard the police sirens . He started to run but since Jenna and I were in track , we were faster . Jenna went faster than me and tugged his arm making him jerk back when he did , she let go and I tackled him to the ground holding his arm behind his back pushing his elbow up slowly so he could feel pain . The police came and took him . 

" i'll find you Jenna ! I always do ! " He screamed

"Thank you L " she said when she sobbed onto my shoulder 

" Any day babycakes " I replied 

Niall came in and as soon as he did , I saw her face light up she hugged him 

"Niall i'm sorry , I didn't mean for all this to happen "

"it's okay princess " He said aww how cute

"Oh sorry L , This is Niall my ... Niall what are we ? " she asked him 

"Jenna , will you be my girlfriend ? " 

she chuckled "Yes Niall " and kissed him .

"He's my boyfriend" she said happily 

I've never sen her this Happy since her and Eduardo broke up . I'm so happy that she found someone new .

Once we all got back home , Niall had to leave and now all I had to worry about was 

"What do i tell Harry ?"




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