How to steal a boyband in 10 days

10 days. 1 boyband.


4. Minneapolis

Amelia's POV:

     One down, 4 to go. The Minneapolis show, next target, Harry. I  am waiting in the cooridor behind the stage. Well hidden. When the boys exit the stage, Harry will come last. All I have to do is gag him. If he struggles, I have a knife. There are some crazy things I will do for love. It is almost time. Out comes Louis, Then Niall, Zayn. It is harry time.

Harry's POV:

     Good night Minneapolis!!!!!!!! The boys all exited the stage, I had to go back and grab my water bottle, so I told them I would be right back. As I left the stage, Someone came up behind me and gagged me with a piece of cloth. I tried to get away, but then I saw the knife. My eyes got wide and I stopped the struggle. The person bound my hands and blindfolded me. I was then led to a car. The ride was about an hour. I was led up some stairs, and then into a room. The person chained me to a bed and took out my gag. They left the blindfold. By the time I got it off, he/she/it was gone. I was in a white room. Liam was next to me sleeping me sleeping, I hope. He looked unconscious, but I saw his chest moving so I wasn't as worried.

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