How to steal a boyband in 10 days

10 days. 1 boyband.


2. Liam

Amelia's POV:

     I have brown hair and eyes. I am small but powerful all the same. Today, I am pursuing my first target. Liam James Payne. I am taking him after his show in Tinley Park tonight. After every show, he always has to go to the bathroom. But after this show, he wont come back. I waited and waited. After the second to last song, I snuck into the public bathroom. I climbed into the wide air vent above the stalls and made my way through the vent backstage. I was now above the private bathroom. The one which Liam would be using. I opened my big black bag and carefully removed the rag that contained my chloroform, and got it ready. That was when Liam walked in.

Liam's POV:

     It was a great show, but thanks to my bladder I had to pee. I walked into the private bathroom and locked the door behind me. Just as I was about to do my business, I heard a thud behind me. I am positive that I locked the door behind me so I just blew it off. I then felt something cold and wet press against my face and everything went black. When I woke up, I was in a all white room chained to a bed, which was the only thing in the room. Not creepy at all right? Wrong. I heard nothing at all, except myself of course. So I was guessing the room was soundproof. I am officially freaked.

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