How to steal a boyband in 10 days

10 days. 1 boyband.


5. Chapter 5

Zayn's Pov:

     All of our shows are cancelled until further notice. Nobody knows where Harry or liam are. I am in my flat. Alone. I went to sleep because I was tired. But when I woke up. I was not in my bed. I wasn't even in my flat! I was chained to a bed in a room with Harry, Liam, and even Louis. They were all asleep, maybe unconscious. I started screaming thinking maybe someone would hear me, but no one did. I was strapped into a bed with 3 of my mates unconscious, and the walls were soundproof. My head was strapped down so I could not turn it, and so were my hands and legs. I continued to scream. It was then that someone came in and pressed something to my mouth and nose. Everything went dark.

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