Our Two Hearts

Hi, I'm Kat, I'm 16 years old and I live in Sydney Australia. I've lived here for half my life, when I was 8 my parents split up and me and my Dad moved here, he met a new women when I was 12. My life has been pretty easy and twisted, but finally I've met someone who describes me, read about MY life in this story.


2. Chapter 2

When I woke up in the morning I had a missed call from Luke. We texted all night and decided that they're all going to come over today and were gonna hang out in the basement and listen to music. I didn't call back Luke right away because I had to go tell my Dad they're coming over. I rushed down the stairs and heard my Dad getting frusteraited with his wife I could tell, she was telling him the foods too burnt, and not good enough, personally I think Dads cooking is the best. I decided to go downstairs anyways, maybe he'll be happy I'm finally going to have friends over (even though I'm 16).

"Hey Daddy," I say in my sweet darling voice that I always make up, "I'm going to have a couple friends over and were gonna hang out in the basement is that okay?" I ask.

"Yes thats fine honey just-"

"FINALLY YOU HAVE FRIENDS!" His wife yelled, oh and her name is Mary, I don't call her mom, even though she wants me to, "MY DAUGHTERS THAT MOVED TO JAPAN HAVE SOOO MANY FRIENDS!" she brags, I look at Dad and smile a smile that says 'here we go again'.


I did call Luke back after breakfast to still make sure they're all coming over. He said they'll be over around 4:00 and its 3:30 now,"SHIT I NEED TO GET READY!" I say rushing thrrough my closet. I usually don't get dressed in regular clothes unless I have to go out. I put on my white shorts my Mum got me back in America and a California t-shirt, I comb through my straight hair and pull out my makeup. I pick through 2 bags full of makeup, I put on concelor, masacara, and eye-liner. When I heard the knock on the door I rushed downstairs. I opened the door and saw Luke standing there bright eyed.

"WHO THE FUCK IS HERE!" Mary yelled.

"Shit..." I whisper, "JUST A COUPLE FRIENDS MARY! JUST GO UPSTAIRS!" I smile at Luke and bring them downstairs.

"WOW!" They all say, My Dad used to work for a recording studio but decided to retire, hes still pretty young so I really dont know why he retired, but he got a lot of stuff, he put a dance floor downstairs and he got a lot of microphones and amps, My favorite is the amps. I explained this to them all and invited them to play any music they want. Lukes brother, Jai, put in Justin Bieber.

"HA! Nice choice Jai!" I yell from my huge bean bag. Jai starts trying to dance over to the couch back to us but he isnt intirely good.

"May I have this dance?" He winks at me and holds out his hand. I smile and take his hand, the song on was called 'Take You'. I dance pretty proffesionaly, I took dance lessons until I was 13, then quit, so I'm much better than Jai. When I started to dance faster than him he got closer to me, He put his hand on my waist and moved along to the beat with me. When I looked over Luke looked a little... well mad. His face was red and he was fiddling with his lip ring with his tounge. When the song ended I sat by Luke and kissed his cheek. He smiled at me. When I heard a loud boom I jumped and grabbed onto Luke. "Probably just thunder..." Daniel said. I nodded. I was thunder the first couple of times. But then I heard a different boom, It was glass breaking. I heard screaming. It was Mary and Father. I let go of Luke and ran upstairs, when I opened the door I saw Mary look at me.

"AND YOU!" I felt my heart break, "YOU STUPID LITTLE BITCH!" She slapped me, Its mother all over again, "YOU NEVER DO SHIT! ALL YOU DO IS PLAY YOUR LITTLE POP ASS MUSIC IN THE BASEMENT AND DO DRUGS!" She yelled.

"But I've never done drugs..." I whisper.

She slapped me and then punched me in my stomach. I lost my balance and slipped back on the door. I heard pounding on the stairs then it stopped. I reached for the door knob and stood up, I pushed her back and ran into the basement, I turned around and locked the door, "DADDY! PLEASE GET HER OUT!" I yell. I run down to the guys and fall direcly onto Luke on the couch.

"Kat! Whats wrong?" He asks me, I was speechless, all the boys looked at me and I broke down crying.

"This happens everytime..." I whisper. I hold on Luke and he holds onto me. They all come over to me and kneel down. They rub my back and whisper its okay.

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