Our Two Hearts

Hi, I'm Kat, I'm 16 years old and I live in Sydney Australia. I've lived here for half my life, when I was 8 my parents split up and me and my Dad moved here, he met a new women when I was 12. My life has been pretty easy and twisted, but finally I've met someone who describes me, read about MY life in this story.


1. Chapter 1

"Dad! I'm off to work!" I yell up the stairs, I'm in my black pants and white t-shirt, stupid dress regulations.

"By sweety! LOVE YOU!" he yells back at me down the stairs. ugh dad, I'm not a baby anymore. I grabbed my purse and ran to my car. I slammed by door, I have no reason to rush but I still do. I popped in my Avril Lavigne CD and rolled down my windows. I started smiling when Here's To Never Growing Up came on.

"HERES TO NEVER GROWING UP!!!" I yell at the top of my lungs, "SINGINIG RADIO HEAD AT THE TOP OF OUR LUNGS!" I still screamed the song until I pulled up the coffee shop, "Here goes another dreadful day.." I whisper.


I smile when I walk behind the counter, "Hey Walter! Hi Simmun!" Simmun and Walter wave back at me while serving the customers. I do my daily activity when I start, pop in a CD (Taylor Swift), and get customers orders. When  I heard the bell ring and laughs coming in I thought it was just a bunch of little kids playing with the bells again. I ignored it until I heard a grunt coming up from the counter. I looked up and saw 5 teenagers, they were all gorgeous, I felt pretty ugly with my hair pulled back in a bun and my stupid work clothes on.

"uh, hi, may I help you guys?" I asked them, 4 of them looked around at the boards while one boy just stared at me, I waved at him and he smiled, weirdo I think. "Uhm just tell me when your ready..." I say again.

"Hi," the teen comes up to me, he has a green splash infront of his hair and spider bites on his lip, "I'm luke." He holds out his hand and I shake it.

"Hi..." I say, "I'm Kat..." I smile and let go of his hand, I can't help but laugh, "Uhm... Your pants..." I whisper to him, they rose a little infront and I knew what was happening. He backed up and we all laughed a little.

"DUDE!" a second boy says, he has a red splash in his hair like Luke, "YOUR GETTING A BONER!" He says very loudly. I start laughing more than I should.

"Look," I say trying not to laugh, "may I please get your order?" they finally did give me their order and I gave them their drinks at their table, "Anything else?" I say when I give them there drinks.

"Yeah my brother has something for you," a boy says that looks just like Luke, I suppose they're twins. The boy hands me a note on it with numbers on it, "Call him." He smiles at me. I look up at him and blush, I smile and walk away. When walking back I realize my shift is already over. My friend was taking over for me. I walked out of the coffee place and got in my car, I turned down the radio but didnt drive off yet, I pulled out my phone and texted the number, 'Hi Luke' I text.

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