Love Will Remember

Kelseys just a regular high schooler, has bestfriends, and is a pretty average girl. She has problems with her parents so she doesn't really have supporters in her life. One day when she goes to the fountain where she usually goes because she can't deal with her parents at home she meets a boy named Justin. They become best friends but little did she know she would end up falling so deep in love with this boy. She falls, and she falls hard. But the harder you fall, the more you get hurt. But no matter what happens . . . love will remember


19. This is for a Lifetime

*Kelsey’s P.O.V*

I woke up after a heavy sleep, and slowly got out of bed. It’s been a couple days since I’ve last seen Justin, and I guess that’s last time I’ll ever see him. Thinking about that got me in a depressed slumber and I just sighed.

Although I didn’t want to get dressed I took a shower, did my hair, makeup, put on a cute but casual outfit. I had no motivation to look good, but I guess I managed to do so.  After I’m done getting ready I walk downstairs and go to the kitchen to get something to eat. As I do so, I see birthday balloons on the counter. I also see a birthday card next to the balloons. I walk over to them and I can’t believe I forgot that today was my birthday. I open the card and it was a message from my Mom. I read the card and it said

         Happy Birthday Kelsey! Sorry Dad and I couldn’t be with you today, you know how I work full time and never get a break. I remember the days I was changing your diapers, and walking you to school but now you’re 18! You’re an adult now, enjoy the freedom. Love you, Mom


I chuckled as I closed the card after I finished reading it.  Today I was 18. It was my birthday, but unusually I wasn’t that excited. Just another birthday alone, I thought. The house was completely silent and empty and I looked around me and just sighed. I lost my appetite and go back upstairs. I decide to listen to music because that always clears my head and thoughts. Sometimes I find ways to relate to the songs too.

I go into my room and put on my headphones. I collapse onto my bed, staring up at the ceiling. The first song that comes on is James Dean and Audrey Hepburn Acoustic Version by Sleeping With Sirens.

I let the music flow into my ears and listen to the lyrics.

I’ve been away for a long time, such a long time, and I miss you there. I can’t imagine being anywhere else but here.

How the hell did you ever pick me?

I found myself relating to this song. Like Justin and I’s relationship.

How the hell did we end up like this.

Fell in love from the moment we kissed. And since then we’ve been history.

I remember when me and Justin first kissed, and I knew he was special.

They say that love is forever, your forever is all that I need.

Please stay as long as you need. Can’t promise that things won’t be broken. But I swear we’ll never leave.

I began to realize that things were falling apart between us, but Justin wasn’t leaving me. He kept fighting for us.

I hope that you know that you are what my dreams are made of.

This is the way I feel about Justin. He was my everything,  and not perfect, but he was perfect to me. Everything about him made me adore him. From his cute laugh, to his beautiful eyes, his flawless smile, soft skin, plump lips, luscious hair, the way he talks ,his toned body.

They say that love is forever, your forever is all that I need.

Please stay as long as you need.

Please stay forever with me.

As long as you’re here with me, I know I’ll be okay.

Shit happens in relationships, but when it’s true love you never leave the other person. You stay together because that’s how you truly care enough about the other person. And I let Justin slip, just like that. He was only trying to keep us together, while I was pushing our love away. Although he did hurt me, he’s only learning. Just like I am.

The song ended, and after listening to that song my eyes finally opened. Through good and bad in a relationship, you always end up staying together because our love is forever. Those butterflies I get never stopped,  the way I adored and loved him never stopped either. I think it was about time to forgive him. My mistake was letting him go.

I heard the doorbell ring and I was surprised because I was thinking who could be here to see me, although it was my birthday. It could be just one of those people trying to sell stuff too, but I run downstairs to open the door.

As I open the front door, I was shocked, or surprised I should say. It was Justin standing right in front of me. He was looking down but once I opened the door, he slowly looked up at me staring into my eyes. His eyes looked a little red, from crying or exhaustion I could tell. He was holding a bouquet of red roses. He was wearing a red plaid shirt unbuttoned with a white t shirt underneath and he just looked flawless.

I didn’t know what to say but I slowly said, “You remembered?” as I’m referring to my birthday.

He steps towards me and says “How could I forget?” He hands me the bouquet of roses and I admire them. I realize that one of the roses is a brighter red than the rest of them. I observe it and realize it’s a fake rose. There’s a card sticking in it and I grab it and read it. It says

                                                                 This is for a lifetime.

After I read the card, I look up and Justin steps inside my house. I drop the bouquet and wrap my arms around his neck and give him the tightest hug ever. He wraps his arms around my body, hugging me back. I pull out of the hug while Justin still has his arms around me. I look him in the eyes and I lean in and I quickly kiss him.

I give him the slowest, longest, passionate kisses I’ve ever given. He kisses my right back while our lips move in sync.

I continue kissing him, and he grabs my butt and picks me up and I wrap my legs around his waist. Without breaking our kiss he walks me over the one of the guest bedrooms and lays me down on the bed. We break the kiss for air and I start backing up closer to the headboard and Justin crawls on top of me getting closer too. We are both breathing heavily, gasping for air. Justin is on top of me, with his hands on the mattress for support. He begins to say

“Kelsey, I love you.”

I say “I love you too.”

“Can I show you, how much I love you?” Justin says while staring into my eyes.

I think about it for a second and I nod and say “Yeah, I want you to show me.”

“You don’t have to if you don’t want Kelsey, I don’t want to force you.”

“No it’s ok Justin.” I reply still out of breath.

Justin begins by taking off his shirt revealing his perfect torso. I slowly unbutton my shirt as Justin is mesmerized staring at each button as I unbutton each one. Justin is revealed to my black bra and stomach. After he helps me take of my shirt he begins kissing me, entering his tongue in my mouth. He moves to neck and starts leaving kisses, finding my sweet spot and marking me. He moves down lower and leaves small kisses on my breast, sucking a little to leave a mark. He continues going lower leaving tiny kisses down my stomach, and the lower he went the more adrenaline I felt. He stops until reaches near my waist. He looks at me asking to unbutton my jeans without saying anything. I nod in reassurance telling him to keep going. He slowly unbuttons my jeans and slides them off revealing my matching black panties and my soft legs that had a glow. Justin flips me over so I’m on top and I start to unbutton his jeans and slide them off revealing his boxers . . .



(Next Day)

I lay in the bed sore, from just losing my virginity. Justin is asleep and I just woke up. I sit up and yawn while I find my underwear and put on my white v neck. We made love all night, and it was already early in the morning. I can’t believe we started in the middle of the day and now its already the next day in the morning.

 I stand up and suddenly feel a ache in my legs. It hurt and it made me wince but I tried to manage to walk out of the room downstairs, wobbling a little bit but then after awhile got used to it. I walk over to the kitchen to make Justin and I breakfast. While I’m cooking I think about everything that had happened yesterday. I find myself smiling like an idiot thinking of last night. Although it was my first, I rode that boy like a cowgirl, and I regret nothing.  But that’s probably why my legs hurt so much…

I didn’t feel guilty about anything either because Justin is the first man I’ve ever really loved and I knew it was right.

I start scrambling eggs but then I feel arms wrap around my waist pulling me into their front. It was Justin and he started leaving soft kisses on my neck. He whispers in to my ear “I can tell  you enjoyed your birthday present last night.” And I just felt a smirk and smile grow on his face. I chuckle and turn around to look up at him and see him smiling, shirtless and in his boxers. I have a smile on my face and I lean in to give him a quick peck. Then I continue to cook the food.

Justin walks over the fridge and starts pouring himself a glass of orange juice while he begins to conversate with me. “I’m pretty sure the neighbors could hear us last night babe. Or should I say just you.” and he grins.

While I’m still scrambling the eggs I scoff. “Justin, do we really have to discuss this?” I say in a joking way.

He does his cute little laugh and says, “Yes, are you sure this was your first time? You’re mouth really does wonders and not just on the lips I’ll tell you that.” And he looks down ad smirks probably replaying what had happened in his head.

I gasp “Justin!”

“Yes honey?” and he puts on his pouty face that he knows I can’t resist.

I sigh. “Just sit, I’ll bring your breakfast to you. Although it was MY birthday, no one made me breakfast.”

I grab both our plates and bring them to the table. As I’m doing so Justin says, “Oh don’t worry I didn’t forget about your birthday. I have a dinner planned for the two of us, tonight.”

“Justin, I was just kidding about the birthday breakfast thing you don’t have to take me out anywhere tonight.”

We both begin eating digging into all the food I made. The eggs, pancakes, hash browns. I kinda went all out.

“But I want to. I mean it’s your birthday.”

“My birthday was yesterday Justin. I’m not the type of girl who celebrates their birthday for the entire month.”

Justin chuckles as he is sipping his orange juice.

“I was gonna take you yesterday but you did me longer than I expected.”

I drop my fork on my plate and say “Justin are you gonna bring this up all the time?” I say in a annoyed tone but he knew I wasn’t being mad and serious about it.

“I’m just messing with you baby. And damn this food is great. I like a girl who can cook.” Justin says while stuffing his face.

I laugh. “Well I’m glad you’re enjoying it.”

“Now about the dinner later tonight.” Justin says bringing us both back on talking about the subject.

“Right. Now honestly Justin, you don’t have to go out of your way to do that. This birthday has already been extraordinary. “

Justin chuckles. “I think I know why. You’re not the only one with a mouth that does amazing things on certain body parts.” And he gives me his flirty wink.

I shake my head and bite my lip while looking down. “You’re not going to stop talking about that will you?” He looks at me with a mini closed mouth smile.

“Nope.” He gets up from the table to put his plate away. He then says

 “Make sure you put on something nice tonight, cause you’re birthday is just about to get unforgettable.”



so i havent updated inawhile because no one favorites or comments anymore!! hope u like this chapter and i didnt write sex scenes cause i started to but i felt extremely awkward and uncomfortable lmao im not gonna write porn thats not how i roll. ok comment what you think and so i can post the next chapppp

(it was a fucking cute chapter right?)

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