Love Will Remember

Kelseys just a regular high schooler, has bestfriends, and is a pretty average girl. She has problems with her parents so she doesn't really have supporters in her life. One day when she goes to the fountain where she usually goes because she can't deal with her parents at home she meets a boy named Justin. They become best friends but little did she know she would end up falling so deep in love with this boy. She falls, and she falls hard. But the harder you fall, the more you get hurt. But no matter what happens . . . love will remember


20. Perfect Birthday

*Kelsey’s P.O.V*

                So tonight Justin said he was going to take me out for a birthday dinner even though my birthday was yesterday, and I never try to make my birthday a big deal cause I’m just not that type of girl. Although Justin insisted, it was sweet and I didn’t want to let him down as he seem excited for me to go with him.

It was already the evening, so I decided it was time to get dressed. I put on a tight black dress and black peep toe heels that complimented my legs. I did my makeup, more than usual but not too much. My hair was curled and to me it looked pretty good. As I am now 18, I felt more mature, like a women rather than a girl. Though I am still young, I’m not gonna start acting all women like and mature. I’ll still love my food and procrastinate and still do all those things teenage girls like to do.

I walk downstairs and find Justin waiting for me. He’s wearing a tuxedo, blazer and everything looking handsome. Like he’s a man. He looks me up and down and says “Wow Kelsey, you look stunning.”

I blush and reply “Well thanks, you don’t look too bad yourself.” And I put on a small smile.

Justin just smiles and puts his hand on his waist, gesturing me to lock my arm in his to escort me to the car. It’s a all black SUV that I’ve seen in his house when I went there. He opens the car door for me and I sit down while he closes the door and walks around to hop in and drive. As he is driving he asks me

“So are you excited for what I’ve planned for us?”

I reply “Yeah of course, so where are we exactly going?”

“A restaurant.” He blankly replies.

I get confused at how blank he replied. “Uh which one?”

“It’s a surpriiiise” hes says dragging the i.

I sigh “Justin, how many times do we have to go over how much I hate surprises?”

He laughs “I don’t care how much you hate them, I’ll keep doing it. Can’t stop won’t stop.”

I just roll my eyes even though he couldn’t see, he probably could tell.

We arrive at the restaurant and Justin opens to door of the car for me so I could get out. The name of this restaurant I couldn’t even read, it was like written in French or something. All I knew it was something super fancy, and probably really expensive.

We walk in and it had me speechless. There’s crystal chandeliers and everything just so clean and high class as so was everyone in there.  I didn’t even know what to say, I’m not use to this type of stuff.

The waiter person asks Justin “Table for Mr. Bieber?” Even the waiter was in a tux.  Justin nods and the waiter says “Right this way”. We are lead into this corner, where we are kind of away from everyone, but still in the same room. There’s a window with a breath taking view of the city. We sit down as the waiter bows and walks away. I begin to tell Justin “Wow Justin, this is amazing and beautiful. How did you find this place?”

He grins as he looks at his menu “I have my ways.” I look at the menu and start looking at all this food I’ve never even heard of and I see the prices. I widen my eyes as I see how expensive it is. It was actually mind blowing how much money food can cost.

“Justin, how are you going to be able to afford this? I can’t have you spend so much money on me.” I tell him feeling guilty about it.

He looks up from my menu and looks in to my eyes “Relax baby, it’s on me. It’s your birthday and it’s okay to go all out and celebrate. After all we’ve been through and everything I’ve done, it’s the very least I can do. Just enjoy it. It’s only one night. You can only celebrate you’re 18th birthday once right?”

I grin “Right.” And I look back at my menu. The only thing I can actually understand is spaghetti and meatballs so that’s what I order. Justin orders the same because he says it’s the best here. He’s into simple things like that like I am.


The food gets to the table and we both dig in. There I so much food on the plate and the meatballs are huge. The spaghetti tastes like nothing I’ve ever tasted before and I could tell it was the extravagant sauce that was probably like a secret recipe or something. I was enjoying it and I think Justin could tell cause he was just laughing at me the whole time.

I smile and say “Why aren’t you eating?” He replys “Oh just admiring how cute you are.”He continues to laugh and points to his chin. I take my napkin and wipe my chin realizing that Justin was laughing at how I looked like a idiot with sauce on my face. I feel embarrassed and say “You see I’m not made for these types of places. I’m not formal enough.” I huff. “So much for being a ‘women’.’

“Don’t sweat it Kelsey. These places are overrated anyway.” And with saying that Justin removes his bowtie leaving him just in his blazer and white button up underneath. He messes with his hair so it’s not so gelled up and perfect and he rolls up the sleeves of his blazer. I had to admit he looked sexy in a blazer and I loved it. I say “You really think so?” He says, “Honestly Kelsey, I only know of this place because of my parents. They told me about it, they go here often. I usually have to go with them for family dinners, and I get it. It can get kind of boring. Although I know it’s something you’re not used to so I thought you’d enjoy it.” I smile “I really am Justin, thanks.”  We are both finished eating, and we aren’t saying anything.

I suddenly feel his foot under the table, I thought he just accidently slightly kicked me but he kept it there. He started to move it around my foot.

I chuckle. “What are you doing?”

He doesn’t say anything he just had a small smirk on his face and he keeps doing the thing with his foot.

I laugh “Justin, I’m not playing footsies with you.”

“Why not?”

“Um why should we?” I get a jokingly confused look on my face.

“Because it’s fun?” Justin tells me saying it like it was completely normal.

I giggle. “Ohhhh, so you’re in that type of mood.” I put my elbows on the table and raise my eyebrows quick while there was a smirk on my face.

He just scratches the back of his head, because I guess he didn’t know what to say but it was cute.

I laugh a little. I scoot back and get out of my chair. “Well uh, I’m going to the restroom. I’ll be right back.”

I walk down to where the restrooms are and its kind of in this dark little hallway. The lights were dim because the small chandeliers were the only light.

I walk to the women’s bathroom and I look all around seeing the fanciness of the marble counters and crystallized sinks and lights. I’m barely 18 it was so much more formal for me but I didn’t care. It was the time I was spending with Justin that mattered to me. Plus he’s from a richer family, he’s used to this stuff. It was cool to see something high class and fancy while experiencing it. I look myself up and down in the crystal clear mirror. I sigh, making sure my makeup and hair still looks good.

After I’m done I walk outside and as I step outside I feel a hand grab my wrist and pull me into a dark corner. I see their face and it was Justin, he slams me in to the wall while he grabs my waist with one hand and whispers in my ear seductively “So I guess you were right saying I was in the mood.” And then he starts leaving small kisses on my neck, sucking on it. While also going behind my ear and nibbling on it. As much as I was enjoying it I back him off a little and said “Um Ju Justin I don’t know if we should be doing this here. In public, at a restaurant.”

Justin whispers “Shhhh relax, you’re so tense. Let me take care of you.” I feel his hot breath in my ear which makes me feel butterflies in my stomach. Justin grabs my hand and he makes me follow him to where ever we are walking to.

He had already left a check at the table and he quickly said bye to the workers at front who organize the reservations. We walk out to his car and start driving back to his place. He drives pretty fast and we just have a small conversation, but soon we arrive back at his house.

We walk inside and I don’t think Justin’s dirty thoughts had ever left his mind. He suddenly grabbed me and leaned in and kissed me. Slow long kisses with our lips moving in sync.

He sets me on the kitchen table, without breaking our kiss. His hands are moving all over my body and I could tell what he wanted. He makes me lay down on the table while he takes off his blazer. He slowly starts to unbutton his white button up and I could tell he was trying to tease me and it was working. But if he wanted to play that game, I could play it even harder. Once he removes his shirts he continues to kiss me and I start to unbuckle his belt without breaking our kiss. I then unbutton his jeans but I don’t slide his pants off. I just continue kissing him while his waist is in-between my legs, it was like a straight make out session.

Just about when I was going to slide how pants off, I hear a car pull up in his driveway. I quickly break away from the kiss and ask

“Are your parents here?” Justin quickly gets off of me and starts to zip up his pants and button his shirt back on. “They weren’t supposed to be back until tomorrow. Uh hurry sit on the couch and pretend like you were watching TV.”

I take off my heels and rush to turn on the TV while I’m sitting on the couch. Justin sits on the other couch next to mine, to make it seem like we were just chilling. I’m pretty much out of breath from going from making out about to almost doing it on his kitchen table, to quickly having to cover up. The crazy shit we do.

A couple seconds later the door opens and walks in his Mom, brother, and sister which I could tell it was Jazzy and Jaxon. He talks about his siblings all the time but I’ve never gotten to meet them.

Justin gets off from the couch and greets his mom with his arms open as he’s about to hug her. “Heeey Mom, good to see you. I thought you weren’t going to be back until tomorrow?” She releases from the hug and says “Glad you’re happy to see me,” she says it sarcastically and then laughs. “Well we were able to get on an early flight.” She turns her attention towards me and I get up to go say hi. She has a smile on her face and says “So this is the girl you’ve been together with?” I answer for Justin and say “Yup, that’s me.” She embraces me in a hug and says “Well it’s so nice to meet you. I’m Pattie, Justin’s Mom.” I greet her back and say “It’s my pleasure to meet you, I’m Kelsey.”

We release from the hug and she says “Kelsey, what a beautiful name. You seem like a very nice girl. My son sure got a good one.” I chuckle and then Justin jumps in and says “Alright Mom, shouldn’t you get to bed? It’s pretty late and you must be tired from that long flight.” She says “Jetlagged. But I’ll try to get some sleep. You should take Kelsey home, she must be tired right sweetie?”

I hesitantly say “Right right. I should get home. Justin,” Justin turns towards his mom and says “Right. I will soon. Night mom.”

“Goodnight Justin. And goodnight Kelsey. Nice to meet you again.” “Oh goodnight to you too and the pleasure was mine.” And she gives me a smile while she goes upstairs to her bedroom.

Then it’s just me and Justin. I suddenly realize Jazzy and Jaxon are on the couch watching TV silently mesmerized by whatever show was on.

Justin runs over to them and yells “Jaxon Jazzy!” while he embraces them both at the same time in one big hug. After they are done I walk over the them and kneel while saying “Hi Jaxon!” with a smile on my face and I pick him up. He replys back hi and I set him down. I also give Jazzy a big hug and I introduce myself. I chat with them a little and they already seem very comfortable around me and they’re so cute I can’t handle it. They are sitting on the couch watching TV, and once their attention is off me I stand up and say “Well Justin, your mother says I should go.” Justin gets off from the couch and quietly says “Well who said you had to listen to my mother.” And he leans in to kiss my neck but I back away and gasp “Justin!” in a whisper “not in front of your little brother and sister.

Justin looks over at them, they’re not even paying attention while their eyes are glued on the TV. He sighs, “You’re right. Let’s get you home.”

Justin walks over to the kitchen table to grab his blazer and he puts it around my arms for when we walk outside.

We walk out to the car and he begins to drive to my place . . . .



Justin pulls up to my house, but we sit still in the car. He has one hand on the wheel and the other is around me on my seat. I begin to say “Justin…I had a lot of fun tonight. Thanks for the dinner. For everything. You know, this has been a really great birthday. All because of you.” He smiles “The pleasure was mine Kels. And  I had fun too,” he grins “ a lot of fun.”

I give Justin my flirty eyebrow raise and smirk. He starts laughing. Then it got silent, then serious. Justin is staring right into my eyes and I am staring right into his.

“I’m telling you Kelsey, I’m going to miss you when you’re not with me tonight.”

I put my hand on his thigh for reassurance “It’s okay Justin. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

He looks down then back up at me again “I love you. A lot Kelsey, more than life itself.”

“ I love you too Justin. More than anything on earth.” He stares at me for a second and then his face forms into a slight smile.

“Goodnight Kelsey.” Then he slowly leans in to me giving me a slow, passionate kiss. We pull away slowly and I smally smile. “Night Justin.” With that I get out of the car walk up to my doorstep. I turn my back to see Justin give me wave and I put my hand up back. Then he drives off and I open the house door walking in the house and closing the door behind me. Justin’s blazer is still wrapped around me and I can smell his cologne. The smell was so comforting; It felt like being in his arms almost but not quite. I lean my back against the door staring in front of me with a stupid smile on my face thinking back on everything that happened on this perfect night.



this is gonna suck but i think i only have 2 - 3 chaps left on this story. i mean im running out of ideas and i swear this story is just gonna lag on and you guys wont be interested anymore and it will get boring and yeah. comment your opinions on what i should do? im not doing a sequel, but maybe more chaps? ah idk comment what you think

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