Love Will Remember

Kelseys just a regular high schooler, has bestfriends, and is a pretty average girl. She has problems with her parents so she doesn't really have supporters in her life. One day when she goes to the fountain where she usually goes because she can't deal with her parents at home she meets a boy named Justin. They become best friends but little did she know she would end up falling so deep in love with this boy. She falls, and she falls hard. But the harder you fall, the more you get hurt. But no matter what happens . . . love will remember


3. "Movies it is"

Kelseys P.O.V

I woke up the next morning and started to get ready for school. Last night I got to do the dishes before my Dad came home. When i see Justin today I'll have to explain why I left him but I can't be able to tell him everything. What if he judges me cause my dad's a mess.



I got dressed in skinny jeans a white flowy shirt and vans. I put my hair up in a messy bun with natural make up and grabbed something for breakfast. After that I walked to the bus stop and headed to school.



It was lunch time and I was STARVING. I put away my things in my locker. I started to walk to the cafeteria and then I saw Justin.


"Hey Kelsey!!"

"Hi" i replied. He then asks "Why did you have to go so quickly last night?" "Oh I just had things to do at home that I forgot about. that's all." i said.


He then looked relieved "Oh no worries ha I thought you didn't like me or something."


At this point it was only me and Justin by the lockers while everyone was at lunch.

"Nothing like that." I replied with a smile. He smiled and then said " So since tomorrow's Friday, I was wondering if you wanted to hang out. My place. We can just chill or something." 

My face instantly lit up and I got excited. "Sure, of course." "Awesome I'll pick you up after school tomorrow."  I smiled and said " Do you want to get lunch now?"

Justin said "YES I'm starving."

We both laughed a little and started to walk to the cafeteria.


I wasn't sure if I liked Justin as a friend or more but I definitely know I liked him as a friend. He made me feel warm inside and I was always comfortable around him.




We sat down at the table next to my friends. My best friends are Gaby and Ashley. They both sit with their boyfriends at our table but they always make sure to talk to me.


I said to them "Hey guys this is Justin, my friend."

They all said hey and Justin said hi back to them. Gaby and Ashley started to give me googly eyes for some reason. I just chuckled.


They started talking to their boyfriends and friends and Justin asked " So, what do you want to do tomorrow at my place?"

I thought about it and said "Hmm, I don't know I like movies we can just talk or something."

'Movies it is."




I finally got home after a loooong day and thankfully my dad was on some sort of trip and was going to be gone the whole weekend. So now I don't need to worry about him yelling at getting drunk. Which is a good thing. But honestly I just couldn't wait for tomorrow after school to hang with Justin...

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