Love Will Remember

Kelseys just a regular high schooler, has bestfriends, and is a pretty average girl. She has problems with her parents so she doesn't really have supporters in her life. One day when she goes to the fountain where she usually goes because she can't deal with her parents at home she meets a boy named Justin. They become best friends but little did she know she would end up falling so deep in love with this boy. She falls, and she falls hard. But the harder you fall, the more you get hurt. But no matter what happens . . . love will remember


6. It's getting hot in here

Kelsey's P.O.V

So me and Justin made it official that we are dating. I knew I had feelings for him before but I couldn't really admit to it myself. I'm just glad I found somebody in my life that cares for me.


Me and Justin started walking downstairs and we made it over to his TV. We both decided on watching Step Brothers because that was one of my favorite comedies.

"Step Brothers is one of my favorite movies." Justin says. "Same I love it too." i reply. "Before we play the movie why don't we make food?"

"Yeah, popcorn!" I say as we both walk to the kitchen. I go into his kitchen and look in the pantry for microwaveable popcorn. I grab a packet and put it in the microwave. As I'm doing so I feel Justin place his hands on my waist from behind and kiss my neck. My neck starts arching the other way to give him room. He starts sucking on my sweet spot leaving a mark. I moan in pleasure and Justin added a little tongue knowing I was enjoying it. But I didn't want him to know my weaknesses and wanted to tease him so I pulled out of his grasp. When I get out of his grasp Justin looks dissappointed and just sighs.


I laugh knowing he was upset we didn't finish. 

Justin goes back into the pantry and grabs junk food consisting of sour patch kids, oreos, swedish fish, and gummy bears.

"Wow Justin you have all my favorites." I say with a smirk.

"I know they're amazing." he says with a smile.


We bring the popcorn and junk food to the couch and set it on the coffee table in front of the couch.


Justin puts in the movie and he sits right next to me.



*1 hours since movie has been playing*

Me and Justin have been laughing so much at all the cheesy jokes in the movie and with all the sugar we had. We are sitting on the couch and he puts his arm around me. I see hes been trying so many moves on me lately so I decided to have a little fun and tease him. I put my hand on his upper thigh and start rubbing it. As I'm rubbing his thigh, close to his dick I start kissing his neck. I can tell he is trying to not to moan. I started adding tongue to my kisses on his neck.

He can't take it anymore and that's when he starts to moan. Justin pushes me on the couch so now I'm laying down and he's on top of me. He wants the dominance and starts kissing me on the lips. He deepens the kiss and licks my bottom lip while he enters his tongue in my mouth. It sent shivers down my back and I kissed back without hesitation. I felt him smile through the kiss knowing he had this effect on me.


He starts kissing my neck adding tongue which makes my back arch. Justin takes off his shirt revealing his perfect toned abs and continues kissing me. I grab his waist  and lift mine towards his grinding against him showing that I wanted attention and I felt he had a hard one. I started tugging on his belt loops which made his pants go down a little revealing more of his underwear and I knew I was teasing him. We both needed air so we broke the kiss while our breathing was still heavy.


Justin got off of me while putting his shirt back on and said "You were good babe" I started to blush and avoided eye contact with him.

By this time it was late at night.. "Justin can I sleep over?" I asked.

He said "Of course."  We both went upstairs into his room and since I didn't have pjs I just borrowed on of Justin's white v necks and I stayed in my underwear but the shirt covered my bottom anyway.  Justin got undressed and was only wearing his boxers. His body was so beautiful I couldn't help to not stare at it.


Justin obviously noticed and said " Take a picture it'll last longer" with a smirk. "Overused" i said also with a smirk. With that me and Justin hopped into bed with him spooning me. I felt safe in his arms and fell asleep fast.

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