Love Will Remember

Kelseys just a regular high schooler, has bestfriends, and is a pretty average girl. She has problems with her parents so she doesn't really have supporters in her life. One day when she goes to the fountain where she usually goes because she can't deal with her parents at home she meets a boy named Justin. They become best friends but little did she know she would end up falling so deep in love with this boy. She falls, and she falls hard. But the harder you fall, the more you get hurt. But no matter what happens . . . love will remember


14. Getting Frisky

Kelsey’s P.O.V

As of right now I looked like a loner at this party all by myself. No one even noticed anyway since they were all doing their own thing, having a good time and where I was sitting it was a little dark. I get up off the couch and walk towards Justin. He was in the middle of a conversation but I interrupted him and slammed my lips against his while I wrap my hands around his neck. He immediately grabs my waist and pulls me closer to his body. He doesn’t even ask to enter his tongue in my mouth he just dives right in. His mouth tasted like beer and I’m sure so did mine. He pushed me to the wall and kissed me harder. He broke away and leaned into my ear and whispered

“So I guess you forgive me.” and a smirk grew on his face.

I just smile and grab his shirt and pull him to where everyones dancing. The music is playing and I start grinding on Justin. Our hips move in sync and his hands are on my waist. He moves his hands up and down towards the upper inner part of my thighs. Our bodies were pressed together nothing could fit between us. Justin starts leaving kisses on my neck which makes me moan. No one can hear or see us since the music’s so loud and it’s dark. They’re wet sloppy kisses and I felt a smirk between each one. I turn around so now me and Justin are facing each other. I grab his face and kiss him hard. We make out for a couple minutes. I break the kissing for a second and whisper in his ear

“Lets finish somewhere else.”

I grab his hand and pull him through the crowd of people. We walk up the stairs of Chaz’s house where no one is. We walk into one of the rooms. I’m pretty sure it was one of the guest bedrooms. Justin sits on the edge of the bed and takes off his shirt and I sit on his lap, straddling him and continue kissing him. It was a drunk make out session since we were both kind of wasted but to not a high extent to not know what we were doing. I start grinding on his lap feeling his boner. Justin laid down without breaking the kiss while I was still straddling him. I unzip and unbutton his jeans but I don’t pull them down all the way but just enough so I could rub him through his boxers and feel him better. My panties were getting wet because since I was wearing a skirt I could feel him right through my panties to his boxers.  I move up and down on his waist, feeling him, breathing pretty hard while continuously kissing him and we were both moaning so much not being able to help ourselves. He was moaning so much screaming for lust it was turning me on and only made me go faster. I break the kiss since we were so out of breath but I keep grinding against him, my stomach rolling from my breathing. I look at Justin’s face and his eyebrows are crinkled with his eyes closed and he’s breathing heavily out of his mouth. Out of breath he says,

“I want to fuck you so badly baby.”

I immediately stop what I was doing.

“ What? Is that all I am? Just a fuck? You know I’m sensitive about that Justin.”

I get off of him and sit on the bed.

“Kelsey, I’m sorry I didn’t mea-“

“Save it Justin. I’m not just gonna be your little slut if that’s all you wanted me for.”

“Kels, you-“

“Just shut up! I don’t wanna hear your bullshit. You already ruined the mood. Go find another girl to fuck. Cause apparently that’s all you’re here for. ”

“You know I lo-“

“Leave Justin. Now.”

He just sighs and he zips up his pants and put his shirt back on.  He leaves knowing that I won’t let him talk. He gets off the bed and closes the door behind him. He said he wanted to ‘fuck’ me. To me, I wanted my first to be very special, with the right person. I knew Justin knew that and he just thought about it insensitively. He caught me off guard that he would say something like that so careless. It made me feel insecure and uncomfortable. I don’t just want to be used. I just plop on the bed and let all my thoughts run through my mind.




next 2 chaps will be really long.

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