Love Will Remember

Kelseys just a regular high schooler, has bestfriends, and is a pretty average girl. She has problems with her parents so she doesn't really have supporters in her life. One day when she goes to the fountain where she usually goes because she can't deal with her parents at home she meets a boy named Justin. They become best friends but little did she know she would end up falling so deep in love with this boy. She falls, and she falls hard. But the harder you fall, the more you get hurt. But no matter what happens . . . love will remember


7. "Forever will Forever Be Ours"

Kelsey's P.O.V

I woke up the next morning without Justin next to me. It was around 10:30 am and I stretched and yawned. I'm still in bed but the door was open and across the hallway I saw the bathroom door open with Justin in only his towel after he just had taken his shower and he was brushing his teeth. I saw his amazing body and cute back dimples. He didn't see me or know I was awake so I just lay there still tired.


After a few minutes I finally got out of bed and got dressed in Justin's room while he was still in the bathroom. I put on  high waisted shorts, vans, and a white tank.. I went downstairs to make breakfast while Justin was still getting dressed. I wanted to make something for the both of us so I made chocolate chip pancakes which were my favorite.

I got out the ingredients in Justin's kitchen and started cooking.



I was done cooking and that's when Justin came downstairs. His hair was perfectly messy and he was wearing a white v neck with a red plaid vest thing over it with jeans and a black fedora. (like in ALAYLM music video).


He walked over to me and kissed my forehead. He said "Smells and looks good." with a smile. I smiled and served him and we both ate.

He began talking and said "I have something planned for us today so when we're done eating we should go."

"Where are we going?"

"It's a surprise." he said with a smirk.

"Justin you know I hate surprises."

"Exactly, but you'll love this one."

And with that we were done eating and started heading to his car. We began driving somewhere and I kept asking Justin where we were going but he kept telling me wasn't gonna tell.


After a few minutes of driving we arrived in a deserted forest. We both go out of the car and Justin was holding a basket. He started walking and I followed him.

"Justin where are we going?" I said and kept getting impatient.

"You'll see." and even though I couldn't see his face since I was walking behind him, I sensed a smile on his face.

Once we were done walking we were at this big waterfall and it was beautiful.

"Wow Justin, this is amazing."

"I'm glad you like it." We find a flat clean surface in front of the waterfall and he takes the stuff out of the basket and sets it up. He lays a blanket down and puts some food on it. I just realized he had set up a picnic for us.

"You planned all of this?" I said and Justin started to blush and said

"Yeah you like it?"

"Of course it's beautiful." I thought it was so sweet of him to set this up just for us. We both sat next to each other on the blanket with our legs out and our arms behind us. It was so nice to be with Justin alone. With somebody that cares about me and wants to be with me. It was a good feeling. There was a small pause and then I asked " So.. is this our first date?" He paused and said "Yeah I guess it is."

I  smiled and Justin began to get out the food and I just stared at the beautiful waterfall in front of us. He had bread and cheese and it looked so yummy. We started eating, talking a little, and just enjoying the scenery. I was laying my head on his chest relaxing. After there was a small silence I began to think.


I started to realize that I am falling for Justin. I didn't feel like this with other guys I have dated before, not like I have dated that many. I knew I was falling deep. I am too afraid to fall deep but I can't let Justin know that. When people enter my life I start to care for them, a lot and they always end up hurting and leaving me. I can't have that happen to me and Justin. Especially because of how much I am starting to care about him. As I was getting out of my daze I began to say "Justin can I ask you something?"


"Would you"

"Why would you say that of course not never."

"It's just that..I realized I like you a lot. I want to be with you Justin."

"I want to be with you too Kelsey."

"Do you promise you'll never hurt me Justin?"

"I promise Kelsey. I'll stay with you forever. Forever will forever be ours."

My heart stopped when Justin said that. He wants to be with me forever and I felt exactly the same way.

"I'm falling for you Kels. I love you." and that's when he said I love you to me for the first time and it was perfect. I know it inside my heart. The perfect, place, time, scenery.

"I love you too Justin. Forever."

He kissed my forehead and after I lifted my head off his chest so he could get up. He got up and took his hand out and pulled me up with him.

I got a little confused once I saw Justin taking off  his black fedora, plaid shirt thing then his white v neck. He was now shirtless in front of me and he smirked and said

"Now how about we have a little fun?"



Sorry if this chap was boring or suckish but I've had school and weekends is probably the only time I can write. I hope you like my story and I really want to hear what you think of it. I know I'm not a good writer but I try. please comment tell me what you think about this story so I can know and try to make the story better.  Thanks for reading and remember to favorite. xx


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