One direction And Justin Bieber Imagines <3

Imaginesss!!!! Comment and I will do one for you. I do just about anything Just give me a boy(s) and what kind!!! Or anything else you want to add (Setting, time of day, dirty/sweet ect.)


7. Y/N and Harry Dirty

Your pov:

     I just got home from a long day at work. I was in the bathroom me and my boyfriend Harry shared getting ready for bed when Harry came up behind me and started trailing kisses down my neck. I told him no and snuggled down under the covers. He got undressed and laid down, as usual and continued trailing kisses down my neck, This time going lower down my back. I could tell that he would not take no for an answer so I finally agreed. I rolled over so I was laying down on my back and Harry started to kiss me. He undid my bra and ripped off my panties and started fingering me. Pretty soon we were both ready. He entered me and moved slow at first then faster and faster. We both rode out the climax before collapsing on the bed.


    A/NI got a lot of requests for a dirty one so I just made one for all of you.:)

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