One direction And Justin Bieber Imagines <3

Imaginesss!!!! Comment and I will do one for you. I do just about anything Just give me a boy(s) and what kind!!! Or anything else you want to add (Setting, time of day, dirty/sweet ect.)


4. Emily Liam and justin... (Dirty)

Emily's pov:

     I was at the club with some friends but I was not really into it. I walked over to the bar and ordered a shot, than another, and another. Pretty soon I was wasted, and a boy with a buzz cut and caramel eyes sat next to me. Next thing I knew, I was in his car driving to his house. He took me up to his room and pretty soon we were both undressed. Only then did we notice that we were not the only ones in the room. There was a boy with a quaff who I have to say was quite fit smirking at us. Only then did I notice liam was smirking too. I did not really understand. Only when He started undressing did I start to understand. Not only was this my first time, but with two guys made me even more scared. I started to struggle. I did not want this. Next thing that I knew my hands were chained to the ceiling in the next room over, which seemed to be some type of sex room. Filled with chains whips and all kinds of other items. My vision was started to get blurry and my mind foggy from all of the shots when I felt something jam into me behind me. Liam. Then Justin walked up in front of me. He spread my legs and bent down. He started trailing kisses up my inner thigh making me wet. all of the sudden his tongue entered me. moving in circular motions. When I was about to cum, he stopped. He lined up in front of me and jammed into from me from the front. The rest of the night was a blur.

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