Heartbeat (Sequel to Trouble)

Now trying to fix their relationship, Rylee and Justin work together through thick and thin to stay together. After Rylee moved from L.A to New York, she avoided Justin at all cost until BAM! He shows up at her door-step. From there on, they try to make it work. Will they stay together? Or will their relationship crack and break under-pressure?
**If you did not read 'Trouble', then you will be very lost!**


5. Chapter 5

I woke up and stared down at her. She was so beautiful. I couldn't wait to marry her. She fluttered her eyes open and stared at me, smiling. She leaned up and kissed me on the cheek.

"G'Morning Beautiful." I said as I rubbed her back. She smiled at me brightly.

"G'Morning Handsome. I'm hungry." She said patting her belly. I laughed and crawled out of bed with Rylee hot on my heels. I walked into the kitchen and trapped Rylee between the counter and kissed her. She kissed back before trying to push past me. I blocked her and kept her there.


" I have a surprise for you. Get dressed into something comfortable. We're leaving." I said to her.

"What? Its 5am. Where could we possibly be going?"

"Canada. I want you to meet my oarents and grand-parents and sister and brother." I said as I guided her back to the bedroom.

"Our flight's at 7 sharp. So hurry." I said to her while I got dressed myself.


"Now boarding flight 45836 to Canada. Now boarding First Class and Priority Club members." The attendant lady said. We stood up and I pucked up a sleeping Rayna and we walkd through the ally onto the plane. I laid Rayna down in the little bed that they had for First Class people. I sat down next to Rylee as she held my hand and dosed off to sleep. I did the same.


Once we arrived at my mom's house, my dad opened the door and frowned.


"Justin! Who the fuck is his trick?"



{Sorry its sooo short, I am coming down with a case of Writer's Block :( Read and comment and enjoy anyway? Thanks my Swaggies!}




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