Heartbeat (Sequel to Trouble)

Now trying to fix their relationship, Rylee and Justin work together through thick and thin to stay together. After Rylee moved from L.A to New York, she avoided Justin at all cost until BAM! He shows up at her door-step. From there on, they try to make it work. Will they stay together? Or will their relationship crack and break under-pressure?
**If you did not read 'Trouble', then you will be very lost!**


3. Chapter 3

I jolted up to the sound of Rayna's voice.

"Mommy wake up! Daddy's gone!" she cried as she climbed into my bed. I hugged her as I rubbed her back. It was only just a dream. I snuggled her body close to mine. I held her close and closed my eyes breathing in her scent. It was just a dream not reality. I pulled back from the embrace and looked at her. She had went to sleep in her Ariel pajamas and her matching socks.

"Where's Daddy?" I asked as I sat up.


"He's gone Momma, he told me to tell you loves you." she said as she laid back down.

"Okay, you go to sleep baby." I said as I got up and walked into the kitchen where there was note on the fridge: Rylee,

I am out at central park meet me here by 1:45pm. If you are just one second late, then you will miss my surprise. Bring Rayna and dress up.



I looked at the time and it was 12:23pm, so I made me and Rayna some breakfast and we got dressed. Ray wearing her Ariel and me wearing a jean dress with brown heels. My hair curled and normal. I grabbed the keys and walked out the door with Ray.


Once at Central Park, I walked around until I spotted a bench with an arrow on it I checked the time 1:40pm. I followed the arrow to another one and another and another one. Until Justin was in front of me with roses.

"Rylee, I don't think we should continue being together as girlfriend and boyfriend." he said as he looked down.

"A-are you serious?" I asked as my voice cracked. His head shot up at the sound of tears.

"And I think we should continue on as being just....................."



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