Heartbeat (Sequel to Trouble)

Now trying to fix their relationship, Rylee and Justin work together through thick and thin to stay together. After Rylee moved from L.A to New York, she avoided Justin at all cost until BAM! He shows up at her door-step. From there on, they try to make it work. Will they stay together? Or will their relationship crack and break under-pressure?
**If you did not read 'Trouble', then you will be very lost!**


1. Chapter 1

My feet splashed the puddles as I walked down the busy streets of New York, in the pouring rain. I stopped on the side of the road and screeched for a taxi.

"Taxi! Taxi! Thank you!' I said as I scurried to the car and slammed the door shut. I exhaled a sigh of relief and pushed my hair out of my face. I leaned on the taxi window separating me from the driver and rested my head on it.

"Where to miss?" he asked me. I snapped up and remembered where I was.

"Oh! Umm, Central Park please!" I said as I flung myself back into the seat and massaged my temples. I relaxed more as the taxi drove off. Once at my destination, I paid and ran out of the car to the park. I crossed the street into the little diner.


"Hey! Hey! I'm so sorry! I'm late! Its been a long day! I'll get started!"I said as I started cleaning tables and serving. Someone tapped my shoulder and I spun around.

"Yes?" I said. It was my boss, she was tapping her foot impatiently.

"Rylee, you're fired! You've been late too many times and I'm sick of it. Here is your total pay as if you've been working here for years. Now, take this and leave!" she said as she handed me a check for 7,000 dollars. I huffed and threw off my apron, grabbed my things, collected the check and hailed a cab again.


"Where to ma'am?" she asked me.

"115 West 42nd St please" I said as I pinched the bridge of my nose. I pulled out the check from my bag and read it over again. Once I arrived at Rayna's school, I ran inside and signed her out. She bolted out of the classroom and jumped into my arms. Rayna was 3 years old and she can dress herself for a year or so. She decided to wear purple leggings, and a pink skirt with an Ariel shirt. Her favorite Ariel shoes also. I laughed and hugged her back.

"Hey Ray. How was school?" I asked as I called another taxi and we got it. (Ugh. New York Life).

"Where ya going lady?!" the taxi driver said.

"354 East 91st St please thanks" I replied.

"Wellllll, school was fun because we made finger pictures and hung it on the wall! Mines was so  prettyful!!"

"Wow! Can mommy see one day?"

"Yeah, I'll give it to you tomorrow!"



"What's for dinner momma?" Rayna asked as she watch The Little Mermaid for the 3rd time.

"How bout some Spagettio's?" I asked knowing that was her favorite.

"Yay!! I'm at the dinner table!" she exclaimed. The doorbell rang as I gave Rayna her food.

"Oooo! I bet its Daddy!" she said her mouth full. I shrugged and opned it. My face lit up and I jumped into Justin's arms.

"Baby! I missed you so much!!!" I said kissing him as he smacked my butt. I heard Rayna's feet as she ran to the door.


"Daaaaaaadddddddyyyyyyy!!!!" she exclaimed jumping into his arms as he spun her around. He stepped in and I heaved his bags in. Justin stayed in L.A wih his mom while I lived here with Ray. He was persuing a singing career maybe he'll make it maybe not. But all I know is I love him so much. We will always have matching Heartbeats.

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