The boy in the ring

Katie's dad has a new job, but instead of it being in Spokane Washington, where they have lived there hole life, it's in Wolverhampton England. Katie has to leave her friends, old school and boxing team for her dads new job. Katie joins the local boxing team in hope to make new friends and continue her love for boxing. There she meets Liam Payne, he's her age, goes to her school, and is on her boxing team. The quickly become close, but will they become more then friends? Or is he just the boy in the ring?


1. Welcome to the street

"Katie, the family next door is over, fix your hair and come on down." My mom smile at me as she shuts the door to my room.
Now once again left alone in the empty plain white room. My bed sits in the corner with no sheets. My white bookshelfs and desks have nothing on them. Brown boxes of ever shape and size sit all over the floor and lining the walls.
 I walk swiftly to my bathroom and look in the mirror. My dark brown hair is in a messy braid, which does need to be fixed. My green eyes have the normal copper circle lining the pupil. 
I readjust my red tanktop so it sits nicely on my body. I also have on my favoritest gray sweats. I peel of my black inner boxing gloves I always practice in to redo my braid.
I look back into the clean mirror, I look fine, other then the visable sweat on my shirt from practicing for an hour.
I make my way for the living room, from the top of the stairs I see this mom and kid, around my age. 
The lady has a lace purple dress, and the boy a button up shirt with a tie and slacks.
I smile making my way to the bottom of the step, and look at them once again "I-I'll be right back." I walk quickly to the kitchen where my mom was making some kind of drink.
"Are they here to preach or something?" I ask my mom completely confused on why the people look so well dressed.
"What, no they just are a bit more formal." My mom smile.
"A bit? I have sweat stains and that guys wearing a tie!" I try not to speak to loud, "are you making tea? You hate tea." 
"They don't. Now go be pleasant for a little." My mom winks slightly giggling.
"I am pleasant!" I smile back at her oh-so-funny joke and walk back out to the people on our couch. Walking back out I smile as bright as I can.
"Hi I'm Jessica, you may call me Jess." She stands up shaking my hand, she couldn't be older then forty seven her light blond hair has a few gray hair here and there and a few wrinkles in the corner of her eyes.
"Katie, you can call me Katie." I shake her hand. 
"This is my son, Tristan." She directs my attention over to the boy still on the couch. He was kinda cute. His icy blue eyes and dirty blond hair. He has a soft smile and a defined jaw line.
"Hi I'm Katie." I smile and scan his face. His eyes didn't shine like his smile and small bags hang under his eyes.
"I have tea." My mom cheerfully glides into the room with four cups of tea. Jess and Tristan gratefully take a mug full of tea.
"So how old are you Katie?" Jess smiles taking another sip of tea.
"Seventeen." I reply.
"Tristan in seventeen also." Her smile grows larger then Humany possible.
"So which house do you-" I'm cut off by a piano.
"Hello? Ok. Ok. Yes. Ok. No problem." Jess hangs up "I am so sorry church emergency, we need to go. Thank you for having us over." Jess smiles standing up.
We all fallow Jess to the door and say goodbye. 
"House on the right." Tristan answers my unfinished question. I answer with a nod and a smile.
My mom shuts the door behind them "was she too happy?" My mom asks.
"Maybe just a bit." I laugh. I love my mom, we had a great relationship. She trusted me with every fiber in her bing.we could talk about anything and we always laughed together.
"We'll get going you have a new team to join." She eases her eyebrows.


hey guys thanks for reading this far! Let me know what you think! Liam will come in next chapter I promise!! 

Thanks :)


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