The boy in the ring

Katie's dad has a new job, but instead of it being in Spokane Washington, where they have lived there hole life, it's in Wolverhampton England. Katie has to leave her friends, old school and boxing team for her dads new job. Katie joins the local boxing team in hope to make new friends and continue her love for boxing. There she meets Liam Payne, he's her age, goes to her school, and is on her boxing team. The quickly become close, but will they become more then friends? Or is he just the boy in the ring?


2. coach Caroline

Questions rush through my head as I drive in the left side of the road. It's so much harder to drive on this side. Can't we all just drive on the right?

But that's not what I can't stop thinking about, who is going to be on the team? Am I going to like the couch? Are they going to be way better? Are they all going to suck? What if I'm the only girl? what if they don't like me?


The cars around me are honking at my driving. I can't help you all drive weird! I try to contain myself but mr. Toyota cuts me off.

"Don't mess with me bitch! I'm an amarican boxer! I will take you down ass hole! He'll no! Drive the speed limit dip shit! Don't cut me off and slow way down!" I yell at the car in front of me sticking my middle finger in the air.

I might have a little rode rage.

Finally making my way to where practice is going to be held I pull into a parking spot right next to the door. The building in front of me was not what I was expecting, I dot know what I was expecting but not this. It wasn't small but it wasn't big. The paint was slightly worn and the sight was clearly dying.

I grab my black back pack and walk into the front glass doors. Girls and boys sat around watching two boys in the ring. Both punching at eachother with everything they have.

A tall blond haired girl walks up to me "you're late." She holds her phone in her hand.

"Sorry I'm still trying to get used to driving on the left side of the rode." I explaine.

"Ok well I'm Caroline, your coach, for being late warm up and do ten laps. After find Liam he will get you all your stuff." She explains.

Well I messed up my first day.

"Who's Liam?" I ask.

"In the ring boy with a white shirt." she points to him.

He is an amazing boxer. The way he moved so swiftly around the ring. It was hypnotizing. His longer honey brown hair slightly stuck to his forehead. He was daging punches left and-

"Ten laps around the building now sweetheart." caroline smiles pointing to the door I just walked in. 

I give her a half smile, nod and make my way for the door. 

Ten laps, Cant be that bad. When I'm done I can go watch watch Liam. I smile just at the though. 

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