This story is too much to explain in one paragraph, but you can still read my attempt of a summary.
16 year old Harold Matthews is a young Harry Styles look alike that lives in England and always gets the girl he wants, but not for long. After a huge fight between his parents that causes them to split up and motivates Harry's father to move himself and Harry to move to Orlando, Harry falls in love with the girl of his dreams, Jasmine. But, Jasmine has an abusive boyfriend and someone is jealous of Harry and Jasmine's relationship so they desperately try to split them up, anonymously. Wanna know more? READ TO FIND OUT YOU LAZY BUM!!!!! jk but seriously you should read this.
And btw there is some harsh language and sexual chizz that I thought I should warn you about before you start reading even though every other Movella has the same type of content. Sorry that the cover page isn't so attractive. But anyway, I hope you enjoy.


10. Tuesday Morning


Harry's P.O.V

That was crazy. I barely remember anything. Is that how you feel after a night if drinking? I never want this feeling again.

I put on my black v neck t shirt, a gray pair of jeans with a black belt, and black and gray Converse. Not too difficult and not too simple, that's my style. I walk to the bathroom and do my hair and wash my face.

America had changed me. I never punch people and I never love people. I never really see myself with someone for a long time. I guess that's a good change,but I never really care so much about people. I shouldn't be focusing my whole my life on someone and I definitely shouldn't be punching people to protect people. That's the Harry Matthews from England. I guess the Harry Matthews from America is a little more edgier and tough like a bad boy. England just doesn't give me as much pressure as America does. Who knew that a country could people? Probably everyone that knew that the people you're around changes you and your attitude. Those people are smart.

I brush my teeth to my normal white teeth. I check the time and it's only 6:50 so I stroll downstairs and eat a banana until my watch says 7:06. I walk down to the bus stop lightly singing along to Eminem and then a Bieber song and then stop at a One Direction song. Hey, we all have our own tastes on music, don't judge mine. When I finally get to the bus stop, I walk over to Jazzy sitting on the curb while pausing my music. She's looking down the road just thinking in deep thoughts. So deep that she didn't even hear me sitting next to her.

"Hey,"I say to her smiling and then she looks at me,"Why are you wearing those shades?"

"The sun's in my eyes," she mumbled looking away from me. The thing is is that the sun covered by this huge rain cloud.

"There is no sun," I say turning her around and snatching her glasses. She has a huge black eye and before she comes up with another excuse I say," It was Logan, wasn't it?" She sighed and nodded.

"I'll be fine and you broke his ribs yesterday at the beach,"she says smiling a little and I smile too, actually kind of proud of my work.

"He hit you on the nose, though,"I say with raised eyebrows and her eyes widen,"I want to know everything."

Jazzy's P.O.V

Like how did he figure that out? He's perfect but not that perfect. It's kind of frustrating that he doesn't have to ask what's up, he just knows and he wants to know why you feel that way. He needs to know why you feel that way and it bothers me to know that he's right. He's always right and he remembers everything, his grades must be awesome.

"Ugh…Logan just got mad at me,"I try to explain.

"For what?"he asked with concerned eyes, I wish he could be a hot jerk, but he's a hot gentlemen and I hate it.

"I tried to sat and up for myself and when I starting comparing him to you, he slapped me. I handled it. He said sorry and he let me kick him in the balls for revenge which felt great," I explain quickly dreading every second of this conversation.

"You want me to break his face?" He asked me and I laughed for a little but he just had a straight face on,"you're serious?"


"No that won't be necessary we already sorted it out."

"You sure?"he asked me.

"Yeah Harry,"I said,"Now lets get on the bus." The bus rolled up behind him and stopped we both jumped up and stood in front of the stairs waiting for the other kids to get on.

"Maybe this time I should go up the steps before you since last time I got stabbed,"Harry said with a smirk and I laughed.

"Good idea. To think I stabbed you on these exact stairs just yesterday,"I say admiring the dirty stairs,"Can you sit with me?"

"To think that you said that sane thing to me yesterday," he said plopping down in one of the seats and not sliding over. I frowned and he smiled and then slid over.

"You suck,"I say to him.

"I don't suck I'm just not the best. This is the same seat that you were crying your eyes out in and the same seat that I was almost bleeding to death in," he says,admiring the seat smiling,"You're pretty clumsy for a cheerleader. Imagine if you just randomly fell off the top of the pyramid in front of everyone."

"Shut up!" I yell punching him in the hard which only seems to hurt me instead if him. He laughs even harder.

"You suck even more," I mumble to him and slowly stops laughing and then he starts laughing even louder and even harder than before.

Just looking at Harry laugh is adorable. He hold his stomach and he's rocking back and forth which is making his hair jiggle around a little and those dimples…oh my god those dimples are just amazingly adorable. Harry's that guy that makes a joke and starts laughing at his own joke when no one else is, but eventually everyone starts laughing at the guy that made the joke. No one thinks his joke his funny, they just think that Harry himself is funny so everyone just starts laughing. I can't help but not laugh at Harry's laugh. His laugh is so loud and he looks so adorable doing it and he snorts which is halarious.

Harry just can't be anymore perfect. He's perfect because he's not perfect and he can accept that and he tries to fix it. Harry's perfect because he's a role model really. He just acts like his normal natural self and EVERYONE that talks to him for 5 minutes ends up loving him. If you don't love Harry you just don't love people in general or you just don't love love. Why'd I pick Logan over Harry? Was I drunk or something? I must have been. Harry's hotter and he just so much better of a person. I was drunk, I had to be.

For the rest of the ride which is about 5 minutes Harry and I just laugh and everyone on the bus is just looking at us because who is this happy at 7 in the morning? It's just not natural.

When the bus finally gets to the school, we still just can't stop laughing until' we get off the bus to see Logan standing there waiting for me. Oh chizz, just what I need to start my day is Logan breathing down my neck watching every single move I make. It's good that he doesn't look mad or anything. He actually looks kind of happy.

"Bye Harry," I say walking over to Logan and waving over my shoulder to Harry.

"Bye," he says smiling, waving to me and then walking away with the other members of the school's One Direction.

Logan's P.O.V

I see the bus roll up and I see Jasmine sitting with Harry and they're both laughing, but it doesn't make me mad. Not even jealous. I told myself today that I'm not gonna be the avusive jerky boyfreind and I don't wanna be Harry's enemy enemy anymore. He broke my ribs, but I deserved it. I told myself that I'm apologizing to Harry today at football practice. He might've broke my ribs and stuff, but he really saved me from being a total jerk. And I wanna thank him for that.

Jasmine walks towards me waving bye to Harry and he walks off with One Direction, shocker. Jasmine sales towards me with a worried look.

"Hey beautiful," I say smiling and warping my arm around her then I give her a kiss ok the cheek. She looks at me confused and I smile," That suckish shitty Logan is gone, Jazzy."

"Well see about that. How's your rib thing?" she asked as we walked towards the school.

"It hurts a little, but I deserved it. They gave me a cast thing," I said to her lifting up my hoodie to show her.

"I like this Logan better," she said giving me a peck on the lips and I smiled.

"Me too."

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