This story is too much to explain in one paragraph, but you can still read my attempt of a summary.
16 year old Harold Matthews is a young Harry Styles look alike that lives in England and always gets the girl he wants, but not for long. After a huge fight between his parents that causes them to split up and motivates Harry's father to move himself and Harry to move to Orlando, Harry falls in love with the girl of his dreams, Jasmine. But, Jasmine has an abusive boyfriend and someone is jealous of Harry and Jasmine's relationship so they desperately try to split them up, anonymously. Wanna know more? READ TO FIND OUT YOU LAZY BUM!!!!! jk but seriously you should read this.
And btw there is some harsh language and sexual chizz that I thought I should warn you about before you start reading even though every other Movella has the same type of content. Sorry that the cover page isn't so attractive. But anyway, I hope you enjoy.


5. Threats

Harry is...something words cannot describe, but if I had to, the best word is unbelievable. His accent alone turns me on and his abs, oh my god his abs. It's not just the looks that is awesome about Harry, it's his personality. His personality just makes me want to kiss him, but his eyes are a whole different story. I get lost in them every time. Harry might as well just hand me a map when he looks into my eyes. The most amazing thing about Harry is that he makes me feel wanted. There's that song again. And it kills me that even the song can't describe how I feel. And music is always how I express myself, but it isn't powerful enough for true love.

There's always a barrier between true love, and Logan is proving to be the best barrier ever. I have to end this thing that Logan created between him and I. And right now is the best time possible because we aren't alone and Harry is around to protect me just in case... That's what scared me. What will he do when I tell him?

Logan walked into the free period room with flaming eyes staring right into mine. That's when I realized Logan reads my eyes just like Harry does, but a lot less heartfelt and he sends messages, but none of them warm my heart. They make me want to run. I looked in the corner of my eye and say Harry playing t or d with a bunch of other people. I sent him a message saying,"Protect me." When he felt it, he nodded his head and said, without a single word, "Be careful." It blew my mind that every time Logan was in sight, I felt like I was walking in the battlefield and Logan was the one man army, but this time I feel safer knowing that Harry's got my back. I focused my eyes back to Logan's direction. He was just about to take a seat at my lonely table.

"So what's this shit I heard about some Harry guy and you?"Logan said deviously.

"I don't know. He got hurt, so I helped him out,"I said, feeling Harry looking at us.

"And you went to the nurse's office with him until' lunch after you got another one of those re-tarted heart attacks ?And he said that he loved you in the cafeteria?No one loves you but me and your family. What the fuck did you do in the nurse's office all day you little whore?"

"You know I hate cursing, Logan,"I said almost gagging at his potty mouth.

"You know I hate when my little prostitute fucks around with other guys. If we weren't in school right now I'd-"

"You'd what? Say it out loud Logan. Say it so everyone can hear, stop whispering."My knight in shining armor finally came. 

"Now who the fuck are you supposed to be?" Logan said, jumping out of his seat.

"Jasmine's soul mate. What about you?"Harry said as Logan walked closer to Harry. Harry lightly pushed me behind him. Logan was no competition to Harry. Logan was about an inch taller than me, but Harry is about 5 or 6 inches taller than me. So Logan looked like an ant compared to Harry and Logan knew it. He backed away from Harry until' Logan hit the wall.  Logan's eyes went from powerful to helpless and what made me plant a satisfied smile on my face was that everyone in the room was watching and some even video taping it, hoping for a fight to break out. No matter how much of a turd Logan was, I didn't want him to get hurt or Harry getting in trouble for hurting Logan. I sent Harry a message."Don't hit him, it's not worth it." "I wasn't planning on it, I'm gonna read him," Harry said, through our secret talk thing. I didn't know he could do it to other people. Harry was staring into Logan's darker and scarier blue eyes. Everyone was trying to figure out why Harry was just staring at Logan while pinning him against the wall. 

"So that's why,"Harry said as everyone looked like question marks, except me. Harry just figured out why Logan is abusive. "Explain it to them, Harry," I told him. 'I just need to explain to Logan." I smiled because he's right.

"Logan, is it true that you are abusive to Jasmine?" Harry asked Logan.

"No, I would never!" Logan protested. Harry just looked at him.

"Jazz you can pull up your shirt a little?" he told me. All eyes turned to me. I unsurely pulled up my shirt showing all the bruises and scars to everyone as they gasped. 

"Okay fine! I am!" Logan confessed, rolling his eyes as everyone gasped and a wave of murmurs began in the room. I put my shirt back down over my sweatpants that covered even more bruises and scars.

"Why co you do that to her Logan?" Harry asked before dead silence.

"I know why. Your parents died in a car accident on your first day of 8th grade which was just a few months after you and Ashley began dating. You always took out your anger at your parents, but after they died the only person you had left was Jazzy. And you took out your anger on her and ever since, you still abuse her,' Harry said, letting go of the surprised Logan.

"How did you know that?"  Logan asked.

'Let's just say I'm a mind reader,"Harry said, trying to talk over the school bell," Sorry about your loss,though." 

Everyone just looked at him as he grabbed his stuff and walked out the door with all the other people from different classes except this one. Now I looked at Logan, along with everyone else. He slowly slid down the wall on his back and sat down with his knees in his face and then he looked at me. His eyes look different. They look less mad and a lot more warm like Harry's, but not as warm as Harry's. Did he change? Harry knew more about Logan then Logan did. Logan didn't know why he hurts me until' now and he's surprised. I know how he feels because I didn't know why love was so scary to me until' Harry told me. Harry knew about me more than I did. Harry has a lot of power. But did he just use it to change Logan? Was Harry strong enough to change Logan?Harry's head poked out of the door and he was smiling.

"You coming Jazz?" Harry said, dragging me out of my thoughts.

I quickly grabbed my stuff and walked out the door, but stopped at Logan and looked at him.

"Sorry," Logan said before I left followed by everyone else but Logan out of the room.

I walked through the hallways with Harry at my side and everyone was staring.

"Can you lead me to the nurse? I don't know where it is,"Harry said. He's looking at my eyes, but he's not reading them. He's just looking for one thing and nothing further.

"Yeah, just follow me,"I said trying to avoid his eyes, looking straight ahead.

"You're scared. Jazz, you don't have to be. I'm here to protect you now. Logan is not going to be able to place even a finger on you."

"Harry, this is not something you can control. I'm not scared of him physically, I'm scared of...," I tried to think of a good way to word it in my head as Harry stared at me, concerned,"It's hard to explain."

"You sure you don't need me?"he said, waiting for my answer so he could read the honesty of it in my eyes.

"Yes, I'm sure."That's when I realized Harry felt the need to protect me like it was his job. He felt like he was my bodyguard and if I get hurt, it's his fault.

I'm just scared that Logan really did change and deep down, I still love him. I still feel like he loves me too and that he wants to change, but his past is a barrier between him and me. Is it possible that Logan can't help the fact that he has to take out his anger on me? Why am I making excuses for Logan? I'm used to it. Why am I used to making excuses for him? I do it all the time. I do it to everyone, including myself. Logan found a way to get into my head, now I have to get him out before I fall for it again. But how?

I was pulled from my thoughts by laughter of Coach P. By the laughter of Coach P? Coach P is the meanest and coldest guy in this school, behind Logan kinda. Coach never laughs or smiles and no one ever dares to get in his way. He's Coach of the football team and he's the assistant gym teacher. And he demands to be called Coach even by the people that he doesn't coach. 

"That was a good one Harry,"Coach P said, smiling, as Harry, Coach P, and I stood outside of the Nurse's office.How did that happen?

"Well I'll see you after school then, Harry,"Coach said, walking away while waving goodbye.

"I'll see you on the bus Jazz," Harry said, pulling me into a hug unsurely. I hugged him tighter and I could feel him smile. I just want something to calm me down and the touch of Harry was so warm.

"Well alright then. Time for class now," Harry said, rubbing my back before I let go.

I just stared at him and tried to turn around, but I couldn't look away. Harry just warms my heart. Just the look of him or the thought of him just warms me. It took me a couple awkward minutes, but I finally got the strength to turn around and walk to my next class.

When I finally got there everyone was looking at me to say sorry. EVERYONE. Even my favorite teacher, Mrs.Luff, my science teacher. Everyone knew what happened and what was happening. They all knew what Logan did and I bet Logan was receiving quite a lot of hate from everyone, but he doesn't deserve it. It's not his fault. Wait... I'm making excuses for him again. This is worse than a bad habit. 

"I'm so sorry,"Ashley from the Plastics said.

"Thanks Ashley," I said before walking to my seat. My enemy since the 7th grade just said sorry to me. Not sarcastically or anything, but it was... heartfelt. Weird.



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