This story is too much to explain in one paragraph, but you can still read my attempt of a summary.
16 year old Harold Matthews is a young Harry Styles look alike that lives in England and always gets the girl he wants, but not for long. After a huge fight between his parents that causes them to split up and motivates Harry's father to move himself and Harry to move to Orlando, Harry falls in love with the girl of his dreams, Jasmine. But, Jasmine has an abusive boyfriend and someone is jealous of Harry and Jasmine's relationship so they desperately try to split them up, anonymously. Wanna know more? READ TO FIND OUT YOU LAZY BUM!!!!! jk but seriously you should read this.
And btw there is some harsh language and sexual chizz that I thought I should warn you about before you start reading even though every other Movella has the same type of content. Sorry that the cover page isn't so attractive. But anyway, I hope you enjoy.


11. Mrs. Luff

Harry's P.O.V

"Sup Double A," Niall said,with a smile as I glanced over to see Jazz walking away with Logan.

"Hey guys," I said to Niall, Liam, Louis, and Zayn.

"Can't wait for football practice," Liam said.

" Yeah it's gonna be epic now that we have someone who can actually throw," Zayn said and Niall and Louis nodded in agreement.

We were walking towards the school in a line. Liam and Louis were to my left and Niall and Zayn to my right. I'm in the middle for some reason.

"You're actual gonna have classes today, Harry," Louis said.

"Oh yeah I forgot about that. I wasn't expecting to actually have to go to class," I said and they laughed at me and a just smiled a little.

"Alright lads , I've gotta find my class," I told them looking at my schedule,"Social studies with Ms. White."

"Lucky, she's hot. It's her first year of teaching," Niall said.

"Later," they all said to me before walking off.

Seconds later,the bell rang. I walked around the building for what seemed like minutes until I finally made it to the classroom. I walked and the teacher was just about to start the lesson. Niall was right, she is pretty. She's really short with blonde hair light green eyes, that seems like Niall's type of girl.

"You're Harry, correct," she said to me.

"Yeah," I said with a grin.

"Pick a seat anywhere you want," she said gesturing to all of the seats in the room. A bunch of girls were trying to get my attention, but of course Jazz was the one who just stole it. I took a seat next to Her.

"Hey," she said,"This is my bestie Paige."

"Hey,"I said to the girl sitting on the other side of Jazz.

"Hi," she said with a polite smile.

And then all focus was lost when the teacher started talking. I'm kind of a smart kid only because I have a perfect memory. Social is the most boring class ever so I usually just daydream through it and if I get called because I'm not paying attention, there's a great chance that I'll still know the answer. Daydreaming, it solves the downs of school. It works like a charm.

"Class is over Harry," Jazz says slapping my head. I gather up all my stuff and walk out of the room to my next class, science. Another subject that I suck at.

"Where are you going?" Jazz asks me.

"Science with some lady named Luff," I yawn.

"Same here, I see that you just love school," jazz says sarcastically.

"Yeah I love waking up at the crack of dawn so s bunch of kids could judge me for no reason and for crinkly old teachers to tell me what to do and talk and talk and talk. I dream about it every night," I ramble.

"But you're you. You're good looking and fun to be around. School could be your playground if you act more positive," Jazz says as we walk up the almost never ending flight of stairs.

"Thanks for the advice Dr. Phil," I say sarcastically and she ounces me in the arm and then she starts complaining about how much her hand hurts after she punches and I just laugh which eventually makes her laugh.

"I would've never had to punch you if you didn't start acting like a jerk," she whines.

"I wouldn't have to be a jerk if you would stop doing things that I can make fun of you about," I say.

" that still makes you a jerk."

"I've seen worse."

"Yeah, me too," she says rolling her eyes. I laugh at her more and we walk into the classroom.

"Come here," the teacher says to me with a large smile. I point at myself questionably and she laughs and nods her head. I walk next to her and she makes me stand next to her," Harry right?" I nod.

"Alright class, sit down," she says and they obey. I can tell this is one of those really fun classes only because of the cool teacher. I always have a teacher like that. Only one a year though. The class like immediately sit down and shut up mainly because they know that if they don't listen, class sucks. One class can really change your whole day. One fun class can change your day. It gives you something to look forward to and something to have a good attitude in all the suckish classes leading up to that really fun class. This is that class. We kinda need it or school is just more time to think about what you're gonna do when you get somewhere more fun. Schools is that for most teens, a jail.

"We're not gonna learn anything today class, I hope you weren't expecting that in school," she says sarcastically and everyone chuckles which sounds really loud when you join them all together," that would just be ridiculous," she adds.

She's actually kinda cool for a science teacher. Science is my worst my subject, if I don't barely pass it, she's a miracle because I suck at science. Luff. Mrs. Luff actually. It's kind if obvious with that ring in her finger. She has long, ginger hair but it's in a pony tail. She has that weird eye color that most gingers have, so she's a natural ginger. A natural red head. Sweet. She doesn't really wear make up, just enough to cover up her crinkles, so I'm guessing late 30s. She has laugh lines, quite long ones, due to her huge smile but it works for her. It only seems to work on her. She's wearing a green sweater and this tan shirt underneath it and a long tan skirt about 3 inches under her knees. She's quite tall, but not taller than me, no one is. She's just really simple, but different.

"Instead of science, we're just gonna learn about our new student," she says before taking a seat right in the front row," Tell us a little about yourself, Harry."

Oh shizz. Stage fright. I have extreme stage fright. I get nervous when too many people are focused on me. All the girls looking at me batting their eyelashes and twisting their hair isn't helping either. Nervous. When I'm nervous, I flip my hair. I put both of my hands on the side of my head and ruffle it back and forth and then u do a Bieber flip and comb through my bang with my fingers and then it settles perfectly on place. My hairs a mess, but it's a neat mess. I know that makes no sense, but it would if you saw it.

"Harry?" she asks and some kid in the back laughs at me trying to hold it back, but it doesn't really bother me.

"Yeah?" I blurt out combing through my bang.

"You gonna talk? No one will mess with you except that kid. He's just a jerk," Mrs. Luff says. The whole class just laughs at him, including Mrs. Luff.

"She told you," some guy laughs at the mean kid in the back.

""Go right on ahead, Harry," Mrs. Luff says to me and I nod and turn to the class and vote my lip.

"Well uuhhh I'm Harry Matthews and im 16 years old," I say combing through my bang again slowly," I was born and raised in England until' my parents got divorced Friday night and my dad dragged me over here with him to Orlando. Uuhhh... my hobbies are singing, writing music, practicing and learning guitar and drums, and sports, mostly football, soccer, and basketball and rugby. I guess that's it," I shrugmy shoulders. What else am I supposed to say?

" alright class give harry a huge round of applause," she says and the whole class claps their hands moving their arms in a circle. Okay, I get it. A ROUND of applause. Cheesy but it makes sense. That's a kneeslapper.

"Raise your hand if you have any questions and Harry will gladly call on you,"Mrs.Luff said. Every hand shot up, even the guy that laughed at me. And Mrs. Luff. I just noticed something, Mrs. Luff rather humiliate some for doing something wrong instead of sending then to the office or something.

"Mrs. Luff," I say calling on her.

"Don't call me Mrs. Luff, that's too much. Just call me Luff."

"Okay Luff," I say shrugging my shoulders.

"Where exactly did you come from," she asks me.

"Homes Chapel, Chesire, England. It's a small town," I shrug and she nods. I point to the girl sitting next to Mrs. Luff and she smiles.

"I'm Sarah and I want to know what kind of music do you listen to?" she asks.

"I'd say pop and hip hop. Mostly like Eminem and Justin Bieber and a little One Direction which is kinda gay, but I like music with meaning," I explain," Oh it's nice to meet you." I walk up to her and politely smirk at her.

"Nice to meet you to," she smokes back politely." I step back and point at the guy next to Sarah.

"I'm Jack and I want to know a little but about your football thing."

"Well uh I played in this little American sports league in my old town and I was QB and defensive end and captain. I just kept the teams spirits up during games and get them to work harder. Nice to meet you Jack," I say trying not to look nervous and I shake his hand. Hopefully mine isn't so sweaty. I back up and point to the girl next to him.

"I like your hair. What do you do to it?"

"Just brush through it and I use this special shampoo. It kinda looks just like this in the morning just after I wake up. Nice to meet you," and I shake her hand. I point to the next girl, Jazz.

"Jazz," I say inviting her to speak.

"Sing that song for the class that were doing for choir," she blurted out.

"I don't know about that," I said rustling through my hair.

"Why not?" Mrs. Luff asked. And the class started chanting my name gradually getting louder and louder banging on the desks.

"Alright, alright,"I said quieting them down.

I sang the song feeling really awkward and a couple of girls were looking through the window next to the door at me which just made me more nervous. I tried to stop after the first choroid but they wouldn't let me. I was peer pressured in to singing more. Yeah, normal school my butt cheeks. It was quiet a couple seconds after I finished the song and I was just staring at a bunch of people with dropped jaws and I smiled.

"What did you guys think?" I asked before I was bombarded with people yelling at me with questions and compliments like You're gonna be famous! You should do YouTube or the XFactor or something! You're so perfect! It really touched my heart all this stuff. It seems unreal kinda.

For the rest of the class and the rest of the day I was just answering questions or just hating class. A couple of people joined our table and I was just telling some of my stories and making jokes and listening to some halarious stories and jokes to the point where I almost choked. It wasn't just girls wanting attention from me, there were some guys, the rest of the schools One Direction, and some really funny girls that weren't just seeking attention. It was really fun. I'm starting to like this school. Don't get too excited, harry, it's inly your first day.

I went to football and showed off a little more, but while I'm waiting for everyone to arrive in the auditorium, I thought to text the girl from the beach,Ashley. How could I almost forget? I'm a jerk.

"Hey, it's Harry. The guy from the beach," I texted to her.

"Hey Harry," she replied a few minutes later.

"I was wondering if you'd like to see a movie with me tonight?" I asked, trying to type the most calm way to ask her out.

"Sure Meet me at Carmike at 8." she said.

"See you then," I replied back and did a celebratory pelvic thrust. I stuffed my phone in my pocket and went on stage.

"Is this everyone?" I asked Ms. Ryan. If you don't remember her, she's the lady that walked in on me in the auditorium yesterday.

"Yeah," she said.

"Let's get started," I said smiling and we both turned around to a group of teens that seen to be very serious but they still wanna have fun, just like me. They were standing there with their arms crossed looking at me.

"This is Harry, he's gonna help us make the performance of a lifetime on Thursday night. He's great guys, trust me," they all looked at me up and down and nodded,including Jazz. This should be interesting. No doubt.

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