The Prodigy Project: Consequence

It’s been two years. Two long years and Nadia’s yet to move on. The world slowly changed from the very day she walked away from the fight, slowly but surely. Governments were overthrown, people were killed, people made homeless.

The soldiers who terrorised towns one by one weren’t just looking to inset fear; they were looking for the few who escaped T.P.P.

Suddenly in the world of mutants and terrorization, a painful escape has found its way into the bodies of mutants and is killing them all one by one. The longer you’ve had your powers and the more you use them, the more likely you are to die.
Somehow, sometime they’d find Nadia. But of course, she won’t go down without a fight.

“They’ve ruined our lives. Now it’s time to ruin their!”


3. Chapter 3

I finished the first book back in october and I written this chapter back in feb time. I'm concentrating on other things right now, I'm sorry that this won't be updated in a while :3


“You’re coming with me.” Layton tugged on my arm insistent I come with him to the front door to wherever he was taking me.

                Aisha tugged me back, further into the room. “No! Where are you going first? You know how dangerous it is outside!” And I thought I was bad. I was sympathetic for her, really I was. They’d done this. I felt like growling at the thought of Mr. Davidson and his academy. T.P.P academy.

                “Oh come on, it’s not like we’d be doing anything that’d jeopardise us!” Layton let go of my arm causing me to topple into Aisha.

                Aisha let go of me also and got up in Layton’s face. “She’s not used to the things you do. She’s bound to make a mistake and where does that leave us? If she slips up with the stuff your friends do, then we’d be dead before the police even get to us. You seem to be forgetting the soldiers are pretty intent on finding us!” What exactly did Layton do?

                I tried to defend myself. “Aisha, I’ll be fine. I’ll make sure to do whatever Layton says.”

                Aisha pointed a finger and poked it into the centre of Layton’s chest. “I just don’t want you to get involved with his friends and what they get up to. I don’t even want you to meet them.”

                “Do they know about-.” Our powers.

                Layton interrupted. “They know.”

                A few less people to hide from. That was good.

                Layton made a snatch for my arm and hooked his index finger in my long sleeved jumped, trying to tow me to the door. “If you’re so worried, why don’t you come with us, Aisha?” The look in his eyes told me he knew why she wouldn’t come. He was aware of how paranoid she was.

                Aisha saw the look and stuck her nose in the air. “If that’s the only way, then I suppose I’ll have to.” Layton’s look of surprise reached us all. Aisha slipped a pair of boots on her feet and stared. “As long as Nadia stays with me the whole time.”

                It was fine with me.


                After a long and well-thought argument between Layton and Aisha, they’d decided to give up their last fiver which I later discovered to mean £5 on Taxi-fare. Layton had said something about a dock yard to the driver and not even half an hour later we’d been dropped off and the driver was speeding down the road in the opposite direction.

                Layton took his time to straighten himself up and making himself look tougher. “Tell them you’re both twenty-five. They don’t take well to ‘kids’.” We weren’t exactly kids. Our birthdays were all on the exact date making us all 18; Legal adults. I didn’t see the problem but I wouldn’t question it.

                Layton began walking away from the dock-yard which held several large boats and a rusty metal shack. Aisha looked at me questioningly but I had the same look for her as well. A few blocks later we stood out of sight of the dock yard and on a new street all together.

                “We nearly there yet, Layton? Why couldn’t you’ve told the driver to drop us off on the right street?” Aisha wined as she dawdled behind us.

                “Got to take precautions,” was all he said. He entered an over-grown garden on this certain neighbourhood and pulled out a key for the house. Turning to look for Aisha, she seemed to be shaking. Her fingers were twitchy and she wouldn’t stand still. Her eyes darted everywhere.

                Going back to take her myself, I put my arms around her shoulders and guided her up the path. “I take it you don’t come out a lot?” She shook her head in response. I gave her a half smile which she didn’t see. Layton – once in reach – took Aisha’s hand and pulled her inside.

                The house on the inside wasn’t as worse as the outside, but it was still bad. I was unsure if anyone even lived her.

                “I’ve brought a few people, hope you guys don’t mind!” He yelled, voice echoing through the building.

                In response it sounded as if a few people had muttered whatever they wanted to say and all fell silent again. Layton entered the living room and vanished behind the door with Aisha in tow.

                Following inside, the first thing I noticed were the men sitting around a table on small stools. Almost all of them held a cigarette in hand and if they didn’t have one of those they had a can of beer. So this is where Layton was hanging about.

                “Can't stop for long, Got to get these two back.” He signalled back at us with his thumb. He lifted a can from someone’s hand and taken a mouthful before handing it back. “I’ll deliver four. I’ll get one of the girls to carry one.”

                One of the buffer guys stood and wobbled about for a bit. “No man, don’t trust ‘em. Only one today, mate.” His accent was thick but I still understood. Has Layton not explained who we were?

                “I need the money, dude!”

                “And we need to be careful, Layton. Only one today.”

                I nudged my shoulder into Aisha’s ribs and whispered, “What exactly is he delivering?” Aisha shrugged.

                “They are both like me, man. If anyone suspects anything they’d get away no problem.” Layton approached the obviously drunken man and stood up to him.

                A different guy stood, a cigarette still between his fingers, he shoved the two men away from each other. “Layton, we’ll give you two and you get out of here as soon as, got it?” His voice was husky as if he’d smoked for a while, but it wasn’t revolting. A thick leather jacket wrapped around his upper body and his hair was thick and unkempt just like Layton’s. “Besides, I’ll come with. I got a few things to deal with down the same way you’re heading.”

                Layton picked up a carefully and thoroughly wrapped small parcel and narrowed his eyes at the address. “Carter Street?” The other man nodded and picked up from behind him what seemed to be a motor bike helmet while stubbing out his cigarette.

                Layton tucked one parcel in his jacket and handed his other to me as he made his way out the room his eyes holding a warning as if to say ‘keep it safe’. I would have known this otherwise. I’d ask what the parcel was after we got out of here.

                Quickly getting out of the room and away from the smoke and dangerous looking guys, I stood by the garden gate beside Layton and Aisha. “Go with John. He’ll take you to the place and then back home.” I presume he meant he’d take me to the address on the parcel and then, as said, take me home. Why did I have to deliver this stuff? God knows what’s inside.

                Aisha seemed to have forgotten what she’d said about not letting me away from her side.

                John had vanished and appeared pushing along two motor bikes at either side of him. He lifted his chin up and down as if to say hi and then he got on one of the bikes. I peered back at my two other friends who just watched.

                “We’ll catch up with you. Not enough room on one bike for three of us.” Layton didn’t seem bothered by the fact I had to share a bike with one of his dangerous friends, and by the look on this guy John’s face, he wasn’t terribly pleased with how things were turning out.

He looked me in the eye. “Get on then!” doing as he said, I awkwardly clung to the back of him as the bike beneath us both roared to life. He kicked the peg and accelerated away. Looking behind me I saw the shrinking faces of my two friends who’d yet to even get on their bike. I guess I’d be finished sooner than they would be.

The package was tucked carefully inside my jumper so it wouldn’t fly away and I could easily make out a small object inside of it. What was it? Would I be in trouble if I just opened it up and looked inside?

Would Layton be in trouble?

It didn’t seem to take long before John had shut of the bike and nudged me off, pulling me in front of another house.

“What numbers on it?” I stared down at the carefully wrapped package once more.

“17.” John grabbed my upper arm and towed me away further down the rows of houses until he stopped outside of one.

“Chap the door box and wait. Give it to whoever you see, it doesn’t matter who.” surely it wasn’t anything too bad inside the small package if I could give it to just anyone inside the house? Layton wouldn’t let me do it if it was illegal and Aisha seemed to know enough about what Layton done with his time so it was a guaranteed that if it were something bad, Aisha would have sent me home herself.

Yeah, that was the case.

I dragged myself up the surprisingly clean steps and chapped twice and relaxed my posture. John stood at the bottom of the garden waiting on me. The door swung open to reveal a nice looking older woman, behind her stood a man probably only just a little older than she was.

“Oh!” She grabbed it out of my hands and turned to her husband. “Look what’s here, David!” She pointed to the parcel. “Thanks! Do I need to sign any papers?” I shook my head. What if it was something bad that they hadn’t expected? Did that make me the bad guy?

She said something else and shut the door promptly. A feeling of regret washed over me. If it was something terrible, I’d never be able to forgive myself. I made my way down the steps only to see John further away at a door across the street. It looked as if he was in a heated argument.

I wasn’t going to interfere. I stood by the bike and waited. Sure enough, a good few minutes later he returned my way holding a brown envelope. He spotted my gaze. “What’s with the look?” Venom oozed off his tongue. I looked around to reassure myself if something happened between us, Layton or Aisha could stop him but they weren’t here. That meant they trusted him, right?

“What’s in there?” I bluntly asked, my eyes narrowing at the floppy brown envelope. He tucked it into his jacket just as he’d done with the parcel and glared.

He took a step closer. “Nothing that little girls should get involved with.” He looked me up and down. “Freaks either.” I knew what he meant; he said I was a freak like it was a bad thing. It seemed Layton’s friends weren’t as accepting about the mutant situation as he’d made them out to be. Being involved in this could put my identity at more risk and face capture and probably at the same time bust up Layton’s friends for whatever things they have been doing.

I looked him over with a scowl. “Aren’t you the charmer?” Sarcasm dripped from each syllable. “I can’t help what I am; you’ll just have to accept that for the time being.”

“They should never have brought you here.” With that, he lifted a leg over the bike and waited impatiently for me to follow. I felt like wrapping my arms around his neck and singing his skin until I could smell it burning beneath my finger tips. I refrained from doing so and wrapped my arms gently around his waist and sat behind him on the death trap.

His muscles were tense beneath my touch but I’d put any money on the cause to of been the man he was arguing with. His attitude seemed even more pulled away than before. Good, make him feel uncomfortable.

John had pulled up the bike and shoved me off. I regained balance as we both walked in between the mazes of houses to get to the small little flat. John knocked sharply on the door and didn’t bother waiting on someone opening the door. He shoved open the door which just so happened to be unlocked. I found myself following after him ready to shout at him when Ray entered the room, Jocelyn following behind.

Jocelyn’s eyes immediately met mine, she narrowed them before bunching up her mini-skirt further to show off her short stumpy legs that had a slight orange glow to them. Was this her trying to make me jealous of her? She’d have to do better than that. I looked her over. I don’t know what her problem is.

“You are?” Ray demanded rudely. I would have scolded him and all if it weren’t for that little fact that I didn’t like John.

“Layton’s friend. I take it you’re both a few more freaks.” His lip curled distastefully.

Jocelyn was about to protest by putting her few cents in but Ray had already jumped that idea by shoving him roughly in the shoulders. “You want to get out our flat now?” I hadn’t remembered Ray being so front-on in these situations. I half expected him to get some coffee and talk it out with John over some chocolate biscuits.

John stalked forward threateningly. “I’ll stay for as long as I please. You freaks can’t do anything without getting discovered. What you going to do?” He was right. If we called the police they’d arrest John but probably call in the army to take down us – that’s no exaggeration.

I sat down at the kitchen table, head in my hands. Below me was a newspaper. The headlines read ‘America and Canada unite. Europe in terror threat.’ That made a total of 3 countries merged. America, Canada and France. According to the newspaper the rest of Europe was next. I doubted it, but surely over time it could possibly happen. All the countries that were a part of T.P.P were almost guaranteed to become a part of this merge over years and the rest by force. Did that mean the UK was next? Wasn’t it wiser to move to a country that wasn’t part of T.P.P? I wouldn’t question it. Ray now had John by the collar and shoved back against the counter.

“Don’t you dare speak about us like that? If I wanted to kill you, you’d be dead in the next few seconds.” Ray began to shift his grasp on john slightly by the second while tauntingly saying, “With a single flick of the wrist.” John’s neck cracked slightly causing Jocelyn to wince and yell at Ray to let John go.

I hope he suffers.

Layton and Emily stormed into the room and dealt with the situation quickly but by that time John had a scorch mark on his arm and a bloody nose. I’d indulged myself in the newspaper that had an article about the death of the American president caused by ‘friendly’ protests that were demanding USA stays the USA and not a part of the new merge. They wouldn’t be able to stop it, no one apart from the ‘freaks’. And let’s be reasonable; 4 freaks against army’s full of people? Never going to happen.

I laughed aloud just as an elbow smashed into my face. I screamed before my chair toppled over smashing my head into the floor. I was up in an instant, blood trickling down my chin. I stared at john with an intense look. “You are leaving, now.” I raised my palm and air swept in his direction, plastering his hair to his face and flames flickered from my pinkie finger which mixed with the air was causing it to lick down his face in painful sweeps.

“Fucking freaks. Don’t bother coming back to us, Layton. We don’t want any more to do with your kind.” With that John had left, slamming the door on his way leaving us five standing in our messed-up kitchen.

Layton stood stock still, seething. A strange feeling worked its way through me as I settled the stool I had previously sat on up-right.

Layton’s calm voice worked its way under my skin. “Ray, take Nadia upstairs please. We’ll clean this up.” I could tell beneath his voice and calm tones he wanted to rip my head off. He’d just lost his ‘job’ and non-freak ‘friends’.

Ray signalled with his head for me to follow. I slinked past the other three still in the kitchen who each wore a worried stare. I tip-toed up the stairs and knew I wouldn’t come down them for a while. It’d be best I stay out of everyone’s way for a while, they’ll be angry with me, I know.

What was Layton going to do for money now?

I followed Ray into his room. It was dimly lit so I could only make out a double bed in the centre and a wardrobe opposite it. Other than that, the room was nearly bare.

I lifted my hand to my lower lip to wipe of the blood while sitting myself on the end of the double bed. Ray vanished into another door in the room that I presumed to be a bathroom. He came back out with a roll of toilet paper. “We don’t have many first-aid things. Can’t afford them, you know.” That made me feel even worse about Layton losing his job.

Below us I could hear things being smashed up but I wasn’t going to ask about it. “Put your head back.” I did as he said as he kneeled in front of me and dabbed my lip with a piece of soft tissue paper. He held it to my lip for a while until the bleeding had stopped. “Hold that there for a while until you are sure it won’t start again.” I taken the tissue paper from him and applied pressure to my lip myself. He back away from me and got up from the floor. Perching himself on the bed beside me, he stared.

I taken the paper from my lip and asked, “Will everything be alright?”

He seemed to understand what I meant. “Layton will find a new job, don’t worry about it. Even if he didn’t, we’d just have to make do with what Jocelyn gets.”

“What exactly does she do?”

Ray looked down to his lap and smiled as if it was funny. “She’s a beautician.” Now that is funny. Who’d let her loose with make-up when she can’t even put it on herself? I laughed silently to myself.

“Sooner or later this will blow over, don’t you worry. Then all of us can be normal again.” I wasn’t going to reply. I’d been over this one too many times. I disagreed with all my heart but that would lead to an argument of sorts. I didn’t want to argue with Ray right now.

I turned quickly to him and pulled him in for a hug. His arms wrapped around me as well. “What’s this for?” He laughed.

“I don’t want to be separated from you guys ever again.” I whispered. “Just want you to know.”

He patted my back. “You too, Nadia.” He laughed a little under his breath. He pulled back a little to look me in the eye. His forehead leaned on mine as he stared into my eyes. I could feel him moving closer to me, slowly moving in. I wanted to kiss him, feel his lips on mine. I remembered back in France when he told me he loved me more than friends. It was unfortunate that back then I hadn’t liked him that way. Right here, right now, I did like him that way though.

His soft lips touched the tips of mines. It felt like something sacred and secret, something that should have happened ages ago. It was my fault for putting it off.

He pulled back suddenly. What was wrong?

He stared concerned at my lips. I leaned forward to kiss him again but he moved out my way. “Nadia, your lip is bleeding again.” He taken the tissue paper from my hand and dabbed it gentler than before as he studied my face. My cheeks were heating up red, I could feel them.

What did this make us now? Didn’t he have a more than friendly relationship with Jocelyn? It’s hard to believe they are anything less that ‘together’. I wasn’t going to bring her name up and ruin the moment just yet.

Things seemed to grow awkward as the bleeding stopped again and he was left with a bloodied tissue in his hand and nothing to do. “Well –uh- I’m going to go and check on the guys downstairs. You do what you want up here.” He stumbled over his words suddenly and bolted from his seat on the bed and headed for the door.

As he exited I lifted a hand to my lips and ran my fingers along them. This was all just one big mess.






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