In Love With You (16+)

*~The English word "love" can refer to a variety of different feelings, states, and attitudes, ranging from interpersonal affection ("I love my mother") to pleasure ("I loved that meal"). It can refer to an emotion of a strong attraction and personal attachment. It can also be a virtue representing human kindness, compassion, and affection—"the unselfish loyal and benevolent concern for the good of another". As well, it may describe compassionate and affectionate actions towards other humans, one's self or animals.~*

Love is a weird word. It's a feeling and it's sometimes used without thinking of the consequences of using that word. He told me he loved me, a lie. He told me he loved me, another lie. He told me he loved me, truth. This is my story. My life. My everything.


9. What he deserves

   I wake up to the light pouring through the window. It seems like I'm always woken up by the light. I roll over, coming face to face with a naked Liam. I smile as I remember last night. I close my eyes, looking back, feeling his touch, the kisses, everything. I smile once again and open my eyes, Liam's looking back at me. I almost have a replay of yesterday, but his hands snake around my waist before I fall off the bed. He pulls me close, my bare chest against his. He puts his head into the crook of my neck, and whispers softly, "Did I scare you again, love?" Holy fuck, how have I not noticed how  his morning voice is pretty much like sex before? "Yes." I croaked back quietly, clearing my throat afterwards. He chuckles, his breath traveling down my neck. He pulls away, pecking my lips and gets up, holding his hand out for me, "Let's go make breakfast." I smile, grabbing his hand. He pulls me from the bed, helping me to my feet. I blush a bit as I look over his naked body, getting caught. He smiles and turns around and starts going through his dresser, looking for clothes for us to wear. I walk over to the night stand, and find my dead phone sitting. I need to talk to Taylor. "Hey, Liam?" "Yeah?" "Can you drive me to mine and Taylor's place? I need to talk to Taylor and grab some clothes. I was planning on staying with you a little longer, if that's okay with you?" I ask, turning around to face him. He smiles, handing me clothes, "Of course, and I'm fine with you staying, maybe we can have some more fun?" I smile and walk up to him, I grab his neck, kissing him. I pull away and whisper in his ear, "I'm okay with that." I grab the clothes he got for me and walk to the bathroom, shaking my ass at him. I hope he ignores all the bruises, especially the one on my bum. 



   I get out of the hot shower, the steam flowing out of the shower when I pull the curtain back. I step out onto the tile, the cold air hitting my body, causing me to shiver. I walk over to the mirror, running my hand over the condensation that built up on it. I look at myself, my left eye a light purple, yellow surrounding it. I run my hand over it, wincing at the little pain it caused. I turn away from the mirror, looking over my bruised arms and chest, my bum covered in a purple bump. My eyes widen, I guess he spanked me harder than I thought. I dry my body off, using the same towel to make my hair at least somewhat dry. I grab the new, clean, pair of boxers, pulling them onto my small, slim frame. I then do the same thing with the gray sweats, pulling them up and over my legs. I grab my bra, clasping it in the front and then twist it around, pulling the straps up and onto my shoulders. I then pull the plain black shirt over my head. I breath in the sent of Liam's cologne lingering on the piece of fabric. I smile as the shirt falls down and past my bum by just a little. I slowly walk out of the bathroom, finding the bedroom empty. I go down the stairs slowly, lazily, and finally reach the bottom. I walk towards the kitchen, hearing the sound of someone going through a cabinet full of pots and pans; very loudly I might add. I lean against the door frame, watching Liam make a bigger racket than needed on just finding a simple pan to cook the pancakes in. I giggle, causing him to jump and hit his head on the edge of the counter, making me laugh harder. He looks up at me from the floor rubbing the back of his head, sticking his bottom lip out. "Aw, Liam, I'm sowwy." I bend down getting eye level with him and smile. He looks at me, his puppy dog eyes in full effect. My smile disappears, or I at least try to make it. I stand up and walk over to the counter, to the bowl full of pancake mix. I stick my finger inside, the powder-y substance staying on my finger. I walk back over to Liam and run my finger across his nose, trying to keep a straight face. I walk away before he can get up and catch me. I look back, finding the spot where he was sitting empty. I look around the kitchen, confusion most likely evident on my face. After not seeing Liam anywhere I turn around and I'm immediately covered in pancake mix. I slowly open my eyes to find Liam laughing his ass off. I grin and walk around him. "I'm going to rinse off and change, then we can go to mine and Taylor's." He chuckles, "Okay." 



   I step out of the shower for the second time. I didn't let my hair get wet, ignoring the fact that there's a little bit of the pancake mix in it. I dry off my body, putting on the fresh, new, clothes. I walk back down the stairs finding Liam standing by the door with his jumper on along with his shoes, his phone in hand. His face isn't soft like it usually is. He probably got a text from someone he doesn't want to speak to. I slip my shoes on and the jumper I was wearing the day I came here. "Liam, I'm ready," I smile looking at him as he looks up and smiles back, "Also, who're you texting?" His smile falters a bit as he say's the name I don't want to hear, "Zayn." I walk towards the door, dropping the subject and letting a little "Oh" slip from my lips. Liam follows behind me as I walk towards the car. Today is a somewhat cold day, the sky gray with the clouds just waiting to let there tears fall. I open the passenger door, waiting for Liam to get in and turn the damn car on. He slides into the car, the door left open for a few seconds allowing more coldness, than I wanted, in. He puts the key into the ignition, twisting them causing the car to start. I reach over to the nobs and turn the heat up all the way. I look over at Liam and he smiles at me before turning his head to look out the back before backing up. I wonder if Taylor's okay. 



   I knock on the door to our apartment. I wonder how Taylor's been doing. The door flings open and I'm attacked in a hug. "Where the hell have you been, I was scared half to death!" I wince as she squeezes tighter, the sound coming from my lips causing her to stop and pull her arm from around me. She finally gets a full view of my bruises, scraps, and cuts. "Holy shit.. What the fuck happened?!" She curses. I sigh,"Z-Zayn.." Her eyes get wide as she looks at me taking in the fact that Zayn hit me. "Why the fuck does he think he has the right to hit you?! I'm going to beat his ass!" She storms back into the apartment, most likely getting the keys to my car. She comes back, closing the door behind her. I just let her go knowing I won't be able to calm her down. I watch as she jumps into the car, driving towards Zayn's. I walk back over to Liam's car, jumping in. "Where's Taylor going?" "She's going to beat Zayn's ass, now step on it, I don't want to miss Zayn getting his ass kicked by my best friend." He grins and he nods, backing out of the parking spot outside of our apartment. He drives to Zayn's and I can't help but smile. He's going to get what he deserves. 



   I walk up the stairs to Zayn's flat. I grab the door knob, twisting it, ignoring the yells coming from the living room. I smile as I walk to the living room and see Taylor in Zayn's face. He looks confused, yeah right. He knows exactly whats going on, that bastard. "You. Fucking. Bastard." I watch as Taylor takes the words out of my mouth and knees Zayn in the balls. He falls to his knees, holding his groin. I smile again as Taylor grabs the hair on the back of his head, lifting her knee and slamming his face into her knee. I walk up to her, Zayn on the floor with one hand on his groin and one on his face, and high-five her. "Good job Taylor, that's what the fucker deserved!" My smile grows as I hear Zayn whisper my name, "L-Lola?" I bend down and whisper in his ear, "Now you know how I felt." I stand up and walk over to Liam, wrapping my arms around him pulling him into a hug and get on my tip-toes and kiss him. I pull away and whisper in his ear, "I love you." He grins whispering back, "I love you too." "Woah, woah, when did all this happen?" Taylor asks, waving her hands in the air. I smile, "The day after Zayn hit me." I say loud enough for Zayn to hear. He groans on the floor, clearly hearing what I said, "I-I screwed up, d-din't I-I?" Liam laughs lightly, "Yeah mate, you did." 

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