In Love With You (16+)

*~The English word "love" can refer to a variety of different feelings, states, and attitudes, ranging from interpersonal affection ("I love my mother") to pleasure ("I loved that meal"). It can refer to an emotion of a strong attraction and personal attachment. It can also be a virtue representing human kindness, compassion, and affection—"the unselfish loyal and benevolent concern for the good of another". As well, it may describe compassionate and affectionate actions towards other humans, one's self or animals.~*

Love is a weird word. It's a feeling and it's sometimes used without thinking of the consequences of using that word. He told me he loved me, a lie. He told me he loved me, another lie. He told me he loved me, truth. This is my story. My life. My everything.


2. Meeting "him"

 I wake up, in my shared apartment with my best friend Taylor, to my annoying alarm clock. "Ugh, I don't want to get up." I mumble sleepily to myself. I roll over and close my eyes trying to block out the thumping in my head from the drinks last night, but soon re-open them as my door fly's open. "Time to get up!" "I don't want to." "You have to, Lola." "But, Taylor, I don't want to." She pulls the warm and cozy comforter off of me. I sit straight up. "Bitch, oh, no you didn't." She giggles "Oh, but I did." I groan. "You win, I'll get up." I really didn't have a choice I had to go to Uni. I wanted to make my dad proud. I slowly get up and walk into the bathroom. I reach into the shower and turn the hot water on only, to let the water heat up. I look at myself in the mirror, "I look like shit." I had one too many to drinks last night. I slowly strip of my clothes and open the shower door, the hot steam flowing out when I do. I step in, turning the cold water on after I step in. I grab the strawberry scented shampoo, putting a decent amount on my palm I rub my hands together, working the shampoo into a lather and then rubbing it through my hair. I quickly rinse it out and grab the body wash and wash my body. I step out of the shower grabbing a towel and wrapping it around my body, I grab another towel wrapping my hair in the towel as well. 


 I step out of the bathroom and walk over to my closet. I search for a pair of shorts since it's the middle of spring. I find a pair of black, torn up shorts, and a slightly loose gray "Loose lips, sink ships" tank-top out of the closet. I also grab a pair of matching black undergarments. I slip on the underwear and bra, then put on the tank and shorts. I walk back into the bathroom, letting down my naturally curly hair from the towel that was drying it. I reach for the drier, walking back into my bedroom to plug it in. I quickly dry my hair and then plug the curling iron in the place of the drier. I curl parts of my hair, other parts already curled, and then walk down stairs, my black bag in hand with my phone in my back pocket. I walk past the coat rack, grabbing my gray beanie as I do, slipping it onto my head. I walk into the kitchen and see that Taylor made pancakes. "What would I do without you?" I say as I give her a quick kiss on the cheek. "I have no clue." I giggle. It's true, I have no clue what I would do without her. I walk over to the plate stacked with pancakes and grab three, stacking them on the plate next to them. I grab the syrup pouring way more than needed onto them. I grab a fork and shove them into my mouth before I even sit down. "Damn, Taylor, these are good." She smiles. "Thanks." I smile back then finish eating. "We should get going," I say as I put my plate in the sink, looking at the clock, "It's almost 8:00." Taylor nods, "Yeah we should get going." I walk over to the front door, slipping my black supras on and grab my bag along with my keys, walking out the door and towards the car, with Taylor following behind. 


 I hop into the front seat, of my red convertible mustang, and put the top down. I start the car, listening to the engine come to life. I turn on the radio, quickly changing it to the C.D I have in. "Tell Me A Lie" blasted through the speakers, me and Taylor both singing along with the music. Soon "I Want" came on. I had my Dad make me a C.D of all there songs. We listened to "Last First Kiss" and "Another World" before we arrived at Uni. I pull into my usual parking and me and Taylor walk into the school. "Okay, so, Liam said that we could go over to his house after Uni and meet the rest of the boy's." I grin. We've never met the rest of the boy's before, I've met Liam before when he came to visit Taylor before they went on tour. They cam back last week and they are starting Uni here while they have a break. "I can't wait." I reply. "I can't either, I also can't wait to see Liam, I miss him." She made a pouting face. "Aww, Taylor, come here." I smile and hug her. She smiles back and pulls away. "So what class do you have first?" I look down at my schedule, "Drama. You?" "I have Mathmatics." "Maybe we'll have some other classes together, but I gotta go, don't want to be late to class on the first day." "Alright, love you!" "Love you too." I turn and walk towards the Drama class.


  I walk into the Drama room, there's a white piano, drums, guitars, and a bass all sitting around the room in different places, to me it looked like a music room too. I walk over to an empty desk at the very back, siting down. All the desk surrounding me are empty, I hope it stays like that. I'm somewhat distant and shy for new people. the bell rings, scaring the living shit out of me and making me jump a bit. Our teacher for this class walks into the class room. "Hi, my name is Mr.Walis," his voice booms around the classroom, "and I'll be you're teacher for the year." Everyone mumbles a quiet "Hi" or "Hey". I sit in the back, not saying a word. Just then the door to the classroom opens and five boy's, including Liam, walk into the room. "Sorry we're late, sir, we couldn't find the classroom." Say's a boy with blonde hair and a Irish accent. "It's fine, all of y'all go find a seat." Liam scans the room and spots me at the back. I smile to him and he smiles back, walking towards me, the other four boy's follow behind him. everyone's eyes were on them. I bet everyone in the room knew who they were. Liam sits down next to me. "Hey Lola." He smiles warmly at me. "Hi Liam." The rest of the boy's follow, Liam sitting on my right, a boy with jet black hair and brown eyes sits on my left, in front of me, the boy with blonde hair and the cute Irish accent, behind me a boy with brown curly hair, and beside him is a boy with his brown hair styled to one side. I smile. "Well I guess you get to meet the boy's earlier than I thought." I giggle. "I guess I do." "This is Niall," He says pointing at the boy in front of me, I smile at him, "That's Harry and that's Louis beside him," He points to the boy behind me and the boy beside him, Harry grins at me and Louis waves, I smile and wave back, "and last, that's Zayn." I turn to my left and suck in a quick breath. I look at him and immediately can't look away. He has stunning brown, beautiful, eyes that are framed by long and full lashes. "Hey," he sticks his hand out smiling,"I'm Zayn." "Lola," I say smiling as I take his hand and shake it. I felt the only thing I've ever felt with one other person run through my body. I got goose bumps and a chill ran up my spine. I slowly pull my hand away and turn and look at the teacher, trying to hide my blush. I can't wait to tell Taylor what I just felt.

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