Until Then

Brooke Winters has the perfect life - two understanding parents, and her crazy best friend. When school ends and Tori invites her to stay in Florida with her aunt for the summer, she couldn't resist saying no. Leaving her parents behind, she travels with Tori.

Arriving, Brooke learns that the annoying Liam Payne happens to be staying next door. Their summer is full of hate, annoyance, some fun, and maybe love? But when summer ends and its time for them to head back, can she bear to leave Liam?


2. 2

“You’re kidding me right?”


Tori gave me a confused look, “What for?”


I stared at her blankly; I could not believe that Liam would be going “board walking” with us. I mean, Tori and I are just exploring around the board walk. It was supposed to be just the two of us, not some guy tagging along.


Tori sighed. “Brooke I know you don’t like him, but will you give him a chance. He didn’t do anything to you did he? Or was it the whole scaring thing that made you hate him. Besides, he’s kind of lonely.”


“What am I supposed to do about that,” I said crossing my arms over my chest. A knock interrupted me, and Tori grabbed her water bottle.


“Be nice.” She warned, before answering the door. I groaned and slumped down on the chair I was sitting in.


“Why such the long face?” Liam smirked, coming closer.


“I swear, if you don’t keep your distance from me I will cut your head off.”


“Fine with me,” he grinned.


“Ugh,” I groaned.


“You guys ready?” Tori eyed me. I ignored her, grabbing my phone and walked past them.


“Brooke.” I hear Tori calling me. I slowed down, being close enough for her to scold me.


“Will you stop that?”


I rolled my eyes. “Anything for you Tor Tor,” I sang.


“Love you,” she sang out.


“Whatever.” I said rolling my eyes.


“Now will you please tell the loner to keep up?” I pleaded.


“That’s not nice Brooke.” Tori warned. “But anything for you Brookie,” she sang.


“Copycat.” She stuck her tongue out at me.


“Liam!” she called.


“Yes Tori?” he said, flashing a big smile.


“Stop that and keep up would you.”


“Why can’t we just leave him.” I pleaded, clutching Tori’s arm.


“Brooke.” I stuck out my tongue at her and made the face that she always gave in.


“I’m not giving in this time.” She said turning her head away.


“Will you buy me ice cream?” I asked. Tori huffed.


“If that was what you wanted, then you could’ve just asked.” She rolled her eyes.


“Yeah, you could’ve.” Liam’s voice rang out from beside me.


“What did about keeping your distance?” I asked, pushing him away.


“I’ll buy you ice cream.” He grinned.


“Thanks but no thanks. I got my best friend.” I said leading them into an ice cream parlor. Without turning around, I could already tell that Tori was rolling her eyes.


“Welcome to Busty’s Ice Cream! How may I help you?” This lady with auburn hair greeted.


“Um, can I get a double cone-d mint chocolate chip?” I asked.


“Fatty.” Liam spoke.


“Shut up.” I glared.


“Only for you babe.” He smirked. I rolled my eyes. If I could, I would’ve ripped his head off by now.


“Awh, what a cute couple.” The lady cooed. “We have a special for couples only! Buy two, get one free!” Okay, I hate her. She now makes me sick.


“Buy two get one free?” I repeated.


The lady bobbled her head. “Yes dear.” She said and handed me a double mint chocolate chip cone.


“Who will get the other one?” I asked. “What if Tori isn't here, then why would we want the special offer?”


The lady looked like a bus had hit her. Wow okay, um sorry?


“Don’t listen to her, um … Laurie. My best friend is … a little off today.” Tori piped up.


Liam scoffed. “Today? More like every day.”


“We’ll take that, um they’ll take that. How much is it?” Tori asked, taking out her wallet.


“Are you paying for them? I thought they were the couple …?” Tori took the cone out of the lady’s hand and flung a dollar bill and dropped a quarter on the counter.


“Keep the change!” Tori called over her shoulder, pulling Liam and me out the door.




HAHA! I laughed when I was writing this. Read it again before publishing, and laughed all over again omg. To be honest, I really enjoyed writing this chapter :)Tori's best friend >>> yours.

Stay beautiful lovelies ~

Jen x

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