Until Then

Brooke Winters has the perfect life - two understanding parents, and her crazy best friend. When school ends and Tori invites her to stay in Florida with her aunt for the summer, she couldn't resist saying no. Leaving her parents behind, she travels with Tori.

Arriving, Brooke learns that the annoying Liam Payne happens to be staying next door. Their summer is full of hate, annoyance, some fun, and maybe love? But when summer ends and its time for them to head back, can she bear to leave Liam?


1. 1

"It's nice here." I say, letting the cool water run over my feet. Tori and I arrived in Florida a few days ago for our summer, and I absolutely love it here.


"I guess." Tori replies appearing beside me.


"What's wrong," I frowned, turning to face my best friend.


"Nothing." She hinted a smile. "I'm just glad you're here with me."


"Of course," I smiled. I reached out and pulled her into a hug. I rest my chin on her shoulder and smiled; Tori has been like a sister to me, all these years. I could always count on her to cheer me up and stay by my side.


"Well isn't this nice." A voice rang out from behind me. I loosen my grip on Tori and turned around.


Liam Payne.


That boy has been annoying the hell out of me since we first arrived. Appearing out of nowhere, he yelled right in front of my face. Which made me scream of course. I'd scream so loud that I had Tori running out yelling, "What is it! Brooke!"


Okay, I know I might have over-reacted a little but I think Liam learned a thing: NEVER scare Brooke Winters. I think he learned his lesson because when Tori appeared holding a baseball bat, he had this frightened look on his face like I had just murdured his dog. Yeah, don't even mention the baseball bat.


"What do you want Liam," I sighed.


"Wouldn't I want to visit my two favorite girls?" he smirked. Ugh that smirk of his.


"Really." I stated, folding my arms.


"Yep." I tried not to laugh as I leaned over to Tori.


"What kind of guy says 'yep'," I whispered. She let out a giggle and I turned back to Liam.




"What." I mimicked.


"What are you doing here Liam," Tori jumped up. "We don't need someone like you lingering around us."


"Shut up," he glared at Tori.


"Um excuse me?" I walked up to him and grabbed him by the shirt and pulled him down so that we were eye level.


"Never say that to my best friend." I hissed at him. His face turned slightly pink and he had a frightened expression on his face for a second. And just as it appeared, it was gone, replaced with a smirk.


I let go of his shirt and turned to face Tori. Her eyes were wide and she looked frozen.


"Let's go Tori," I took her by the wrist.


"What was that for?" she hissed.


"Nothing, he just annoyed me." I shrugged.


"Brooke I can protect myself." she sighed.


"I'm your best friend." I stopped walking. "That's my job." I stated, giving her a sideways glance. I saw the corners of her mouth lift a little and I instantly smiled.


"Come on, we should head back. Angie'll wonder where we've been."


"Stop worrying Brooke. Enjoy walking down the beach with your best friend." she smiled nudging my side. I let out a laugh and the wind picked up, blowing my hair into places.


"You should laugh more often." Tori said with a small smile.


"And you, you should smile more often."


She smiled as I said that and turned to wrap her arms around me. I love our friendship; No one has a better bond than what we have. I hugged her tigher, which made Tori say something among the lines of,


"Brooke, stop that. I'm fragile," and that of course made me laugh.




Hey guys, hope you enjoy this first chapter! It was more of a friendship-like chapter but I'll make sure to add more Liam parts in the next chapter. Don't you just love the friendship Tori and Brooke have? Haha, their friendship is so nice.

Stay beautiful lovelies,

Jen x



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