Hello my name is Alexandra but they call me Alex... So I've finished high school, I and my best friend Sophie decided to move to London... Well let me tell you about my self i'm 16 years old so IS Sophie, we are from New York when we finished high school and we moved to London with so we can take a break and try to let our dreams come true we work at a restaurant called Nandos and we are huge huge directioners... Well to be honest we chose London cause One Direction goes there mostly so we though maybe we will have a chance to meet them but we know it will never happen maybe?
And ,maybe something will happen bad for Alex?


12. Promise

Alex P.O.V:

I was sitting next to Harry and we were talking in a low voice, while Liam

and Niall are playing PlayStation, Louis is chatting with Eleanor on What

App, and Zayn also was talking to Perry on Wats App, Soph was reading a

book but when I look at her it seems she's not it seems like she's thinking.

"Alex can I talk to you at the kitchen?" "Yea sure" I wonder what wrong with


****At the kitchen*****

"What's wrong?" I asked "Well I will tell you something but don't tell anyone

promise?" "I promise." "Well, you now Louis has Eleanor, Harry has you,

Zayn has Perry." "Yea and what's wrong with it?" "Well about Louis I don't

want to ruin his relationship with Eleanor but-but" "But what?" "I love

Louis" She sad and closed her eyes, Sophie please I beg you don't tell Louis

he has a big relationship with Eleanor. Today Harry was telling me he

wants our relationship to be like Louis and Eleanor, and I already know

that if you tell Louis you will ruin your friendship with him I can feel that

he loves adore you like a sister to him." "I know and I promise I won't tell

 him, I mean they'll be gone at least for a week." "Weeeelll" "Well what?"\

"Harry tolled me that they are going to stay in London for two/three year

and I tolled him that they can stay with us." "Good job." We laughed . "So

do you promise you won't tell Louis?" "Promise."





I know I know this chapter was to to short because I should go.. so i'll

write tomorrow? Ok? thankksss anyway lots of love xoxoxoxoxoxooxxo


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