Hello my name is Alexandra but they call me Alex... So I've finished high school, I and my best friend Sophie decided to move to London... Well let me tell you about my self i'm 16 years old so IS Sophie, we are from New York when we finished high school and we moved to London with so we can take a break and try to let our dreams come true we work at a restaurant called Nandos and we are huge huge directioners... Well to be honest we chose London cause One Direction goes there mostly so we though maybe we will have a chance to meet them but we know it will never happen maybe?
And ,maybe something will happen bad for Alex?


14. Nooo

Harry's P.O.V:

When ii heard the doctor I was surprised... She needs to do an extray why ? I looked at Alex she was so scared "Don't worry guys its nothing scary." The doctor tolled Alex what she should do when she's doing the extray. When we went to the room she laid down and closed her eyes there was a small tv that I can see everything she's doing, and also there's a small mike that the doctor is telling Alex what to do. "Harry if you want talk to her with the mike." I talked and talked and I tolled her not to be scared and the I turned to the doctor and asked "Why is she doing this?" "Because we need to see if she fine." "B--u--t you sad that she's fine." "Harry we need to check its a check up for her and even now if there is nothing after 2 weeks you should come and we will do the same thing." I was so scared. After Alex was done, we sat outside. The doctor called me to come, I went to the room and the doctor closed the door. "W-whats wrong?" "I think that there's something wrong with Alex but we're not sure about it.... You should come after 1 week it will be on 6-8-13 ok? We will do the same thing and we will now whats wrong and I don't want Alex to know that." I can feel my tears... Whats wrong with her? "A--nd if she told me what did the Dr. sad what should I tell her. "First of all don't cry, I tolled you we're not sure, and just tell her that your fine but we need a check up next week..." "Okay thank you doctor." I opened the door and Alex looked at me with a smile, yea she asked me what the doctor sad and I tolled her what the doctor sad, she didn't say anything. I don't want her to be sad so I decided to take her to a restaurant " Come with me " "Harry where are we going?" she asked with a laugh I smiled and we went to the nearest restaurant t was Nando's .... We ate and spend time and while we were talking and eating my phone rings.

Hello guuys I know its been a long time since I didn't update sorry first sorry if it short I need to go with my mom second hope you liked my book "They call it love but we call it in love. " bye for now :* xoxoxoxoxox 

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