Hello my name is Alexandra but they call me Alex... So I've finished high school, I and my best friend Sophie decided to move to London... Well let me tell you about my self i'm 16 years old so IS Sophie, we are from New York when we finished high school and we moved to London with so we can take a break and try to let our dreams come true we work at a restaurant called Nandos and we are huge huge directioners... Well to be honest we chose London cause One Direction goes there mostly so we though maybe we will have a chance to meet them but we know it will never happen maybe?
And ,maybe something will happen bad for Alex?


5. Ask her?

Alex's P.O.V:

I don't want them to go, specially Harry, wait a minute Alex what did you say omg i have a crush on

Harry but i'm he doesn't and i won't tell him that's for sure, i thought to myself.... "Ok will stay for you

guys" Liam sad "Yayyy" Soph and I screamed, "Ok so bye guys, now it's 12:00pm will be back

after 2 hours, byee" they sad bye back...

When we entered the car "Omg I can't believe that this is happening Alex" "Believe believe baby"

We laughed at we reached Nandos and got to work.

Harry's P.O.V:

Now we are alone, I need to tell Louis that i have crush on Alex. "Louis can you please go upstairs

at Alex's room?" "Yea sure Hazz" we got to Alex's room and sat down, "Louis i will tell you something

but don't you dare tell anyone ok? "Ok Hazz promise" "Well i have a crush on Alex, I know yesterday

we just met but when i first saw her my feelings started for her and yesterday we watched a movie

and talked I just really love her and if she went with me on a date i'll do her the most romantic

thing ever" "Haahahahaha Harry, well to be honest it's the first time i see you in love like that,

you need to tell her" "Your right when she first comes I'll tell her, I hope she will agree"  


Sorry guys i know it's short :( tomorrow i'll continue so what do you think? aND what do you

think she'll agree? let's see tomorrow and thank you for all readers lot of luv xoxoxoxo


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