Hello my name is Alexandra but they call me Alex... So I've finished high school, I and my best friend Sophie decided to move to London... Well let me tell you about my self i'm 16 years old so IS Sophie, we are from New York when we finished high school and we moved to London with so we can take a break and try to let our dreams come true we work at a restaurant called Nandos and we are huge huge directioners... Well to be honest we chose London cause One Direction goes there mostly so we though maybe we will have a chance to meet them but we know it will never happen maybe?
And ,maybe something will happen bad for Alex?


1. OMG

Alex P.O.V:

Soph come on were going to be late for our work,"I'm coming just let me to put my shoes on" "Ughh"

"Here I come" "Finally let's go!" We got  into the car and i was the one driving "There's a lot of traffic


Alex, let's call the manger and tell him that we're not coming today." "Fine but you talk to him."


Sophie grabs the phone and calls him he say that there's no problem. We got back home at it was


12:00pm. "What do you want to do Sophie?" "Umm let's got to the park we will have so much fun."


"Excuse  me Soph why did we get back remember cause there's a lot of traffic." "Remember that


there's another  way to go to?" "Ok fine let's go, but you drive" "Fine"


She grabs the keys and we went. After 15 min we arrived we went down and sat in a banch, we

sat and talked, laughed all day long, 5 boys came and sat in the another banch that was next to


us now I know that's crazy but they tolled us to come, well Soph and I got scared but we went


anyway... Sophie went like " What do you want ?" one of them sad "can we tell you a secret but


you don't tell anyone?" I sad to my self he sounds like Zayn Malik mmmm anyway. "Yup" I and


Soph sad," ok follow us" we followed them well to be honest i was so scared... We stopped


I and soph and the 5 boy were alone each one removed there sunglasses and hats.. Soph and


I was surprised it was ONE DIRECTION!!! "Please don't shout" Liam sad, "Look our bus is shot


and we don't know how to get back we need to go to a hotel but we don't have anyone to


take us their and it's late can you please keep us only 6 days at your house ?" Harry sad .


Hey guys i kmow it been a long time but look i removed all my old movellas so i will start

from the begging hope you like the story till now please leave likes and comments lots of luv


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