You Found Me

When Louis Tomlinson bumps into Madeline Brown who hasn't had a very good life. He is determined to make her happy again.But some of the boys think that its not worth to try when she just pushes them away.Will she let them in? Will Louis give up or keep pushing?


1. The Signing

the line was so long I couldn't even see the 5 boys we were here standing in the rain for.

"I don't want to be here"I said whining a bit.

"You promised you would stand in line with me"Kylie said.

"How much longer?"I asked.

"ten minutes"She said jumping up and down.The line was moving fast and I could see the table and I think I was the only girl there not fan girling over them.

"They're right there!'She said grabbing me and jumping up and down.I have to admit they were all very good looking.

"Liam you are so sweet I love you so much I love your voice"Kylie said,"could I get a hug?"

"Sure!"He said standing up and hugging her.Walking down the line she told each one something different. I wasn't really paying attention. We finally got to the last one this boy had curly hair.

"Here you go babe"He said looking at Kylie.

"Thanks Harry! I love you so much"Kylie said smiling.He looked up and smiled at her before turning his attention to me.

"Who's this?" He asked his British accent made me smile.

"This is Maddie"Kylie said introducing me.I smiled and waved.The Curly haired boy stood up hugging me then stuck something in my pocket before the security guard pushed us along.

"What did he stick in your pocket?"Kylie asked jumping up and down.I laughed at her before pulling the piece of paper out.

"Its his number"I said confused for a minute,"Its probably just fake"I said thinking out loud.

"I bet its not call it!"She yelled as we got in the car. I thought for a moment on whether  of not should. I sighed then pulled out my phone.

"Hello?" The familar british accent answered.

"Is this Harry?"I asked caually.

"Yes is this the girl from the signing?"He said I could hear the smile on his face.

"Yep thats me"I answered laughing.

"So would you and your friend like to come and hangout with me and the boys?"Harry said after a moment of awkward silence.

"Ya my friend would love that!"I said. I didn't really want to go hang out with a bunch of stuck up pop stars but it was better then going home. I hated my house nobody wanted me there and my parents were always fighting and throwing things.

"Okay I'll text you the adress"Harry said before saying bye.

"Were going to hang out with them"I said dropping my phone.

"Oh my gosh I love you"Kylie said hugging me.about five minutes later I got the text to the adress.I wasen't far from where we were so we were there in ten minutes.

"Hello"Liam said as he let us in.


Hey! if you like it tell me and I'll write more!!

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