Missing Love

Cassady gets abused by her father, she runs away, Niall saves her, they fall in love.. then something tragic happens.


3. The run away

'Cassady! get your butt over here NOW!' 
Finally, Dad wants me to go to the shop and get him tobacco, now's my chance.
'Hi' I tried to sound as if I didn't want to go, but i also didn't want to make it suspicious.
He gave me a dead, cold look and handed me the money and fake I.D.

'Be back by 7:30 no later otherwise.....' he was holding the whip in his right hand giving me the death stare.
'Ok dad. C'ya then.'

I was walking down the path trying to stop the fresh blood from spilling from my face. Dad had used the whip again because I had got up at 9:45 Am.

It was 6:42 and started running with blood still pouring down my skin. I arrived at the shop 5 minuets later and headed for the food. 
I had bought a sandwich which should last about a week for me. I never eat, the most I've had in a week was a wrap so this should be enough. I didn't buy the tobacco 'coz i'm not going home. I'm going to keep running.

As I lined up I realized that this was busier than  usual but that didn't seem to bother me since it was only 7:00, I had half an hour till dad would come looking for me. All of a sudden I realized the cuts on my face were still bleeding and my wrists were as-well.
'Oh god!' I said that a bit to loud because the people in front of me were looking at me not noticing the blood. Good!

Once the line had gone and I had payed it was 7:15. Oh GREAT! 

I headed down the road as fast as I could not knowing where I was because I  only knew how to get to the shop and back. I tripped after about 25 minuets of running and scraped all my knees so I got up and went to find shelter down a dark ally. I wasn't tired at all, just scared what would happen. I hadn't planned this far out so I rested my head on broken pieces of glass and shut my eyes and slowly fell asleep.

The next morning I woke up to the sound of people talking/ yelling at each other. I slowly opened my eyes to find myself in a puddle of blood and fresh scars across my body.     
I stood up in the same blood stained clothes and walked down the ally to see where the voices were coming from.

Once i got nearer I realized the voices were 5 boys yelling over.... food, I think anyways. I closed my eyes and whispered to myself ' c'mon Cassady you CAN do this!'    getting louder near the end.
'Did you hear that boys?' One of the boys spoke with his british, high voice and shushed the others up. I could hear footsteps getting closer so I took this as a chance to run.

I closed my eyes and ran out passing the five boys forgetting about the blood on my body and clothes.I heard one of the boys ask me 'miss are you alright? Hello miss' I kept on running just nodding to say a slight yes. I lied though. I wasn't alright, the tears were streaming down my face until I came to a stop at somewhere so beautiful and quiet that it was like living an amazing dream. After a while I heard footsteps behind and whispering. Oh god the blood I scratched on a tree and the blood was streaming down my face. Their was a snap behind me so I swivled round with my hand on my cheeck making sure it had stopped. I turned and started running out of the beautiful veiw, who were these boys and what did they want with me. The tears were coming down my cheeck and over my wounds wich stung like hell. My eyes were getting blurry from the tears as I kept running. I tripped over a log falling on my ankle, I screamed out of my lungs as i attempted to stand hoping no one was around. Great my life is falling apart!

Hi guys don't stop reading, it gets interesting.

Cassady <3

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