Missing Love

Cassady gets abused by her father, she runs away, Niall saves her, they fall in love.. then something tragic happens.


6. Is this love?

I woke up this morning in a bed that was ever so comfy I didn't want to move.

Where am I?

I rolled over causing me to fall out of bed and strolled to the bedroom door. There was a note.

' Cassady the boys and I are downstairs, just follow the arrows. We should be in the kitchen or in the living room. We noticed that you have no clothes so there's a suitcase by the bathroom full of clothes we bought you. Get changed and come down when you're ready.


Well one things for sure is that im in the boys house and I am not wearing the clothes they got, seriously too much.

I followed the arrows to the living room and found Louis and curly on one sofa, Liam and  Zayn on another and Niall on a beanbag by himself. 

I just stood in the door way hoping they would recognize me, and at that moment all eyes were on me. I had scared written all over my face, I hardly knew these boys and I woke up in their house! They didn't seem to bad. Louis let out a loud 'mornin' as if he was 5 on christmas day. I just giggled at his weirdness and the others just greeted me with a sweet smile. 
'Why are you wearing those clothes?' Liam asked while looking head to toe so I answered him with,
'I'm not staying, I need to go I'm so sorry but I hardly know you.' As I said so all their smiles dropped, all except for Harry's.
What was this boy up to?

'c'mon, come with me. we need to talk.' Harry said trying not to laugh at something but also really seriously. I gave him a look that says ' Don't touch me' but he grabbed my wrist and pulled me upstairs into the room i slept in last night. 
'Look, please don't go just yet, get changed and come down. You seem like a lovely girl and the lads and I can't imagine to see you get hurt. please just come and talk to us.'
And with that he had left the room with the suitcase by my bed now. I sighed and unzipped it to find the most beautiful clothes ever! I chose an outfit that was really comfy and looked amazing... even on me! Once I was happy with the way I looked, I hopped down the stairs to find the boys looking.... Wow! Niall looked at me like he had been crying, his face was red and a bit puffy. He was sitting on a small sofa to himself and the boys were on the floor watching a movie. They all stared at me with their eyes scanning my body.
'Hay, are you planning on living anywhere?' Zayn asked breaking the silence.
I nodded and their faces fell with frowns.
'Where?' Niall looked like he was going to cry.
'The streets where else?'
Their mouths dropped and Liam blurted out...
'No, you can't! You can live with us!'   The boys all nodded and begged until I agreed.

Everyone's look

They all looked like they were going somewhere except Niall.
'We're going to a circus, Niall Isn't coming because.... well he's scared of clowns' Louis tried to stay calm while saying that but I couldn't help but giggle at that.
'Oi you two, don't have too much fun! ok?' Harry winked at us both because I was sat on the couch with him.
'Oh we won't.' I turned to see Niall mouthing something to Liam but I just couldn't figure out what, and with that he stood up and walked to the kitchen. 
'Bye!' A series of bye's were sung as the boys left the house. I just sat, I didn't know what to do. 'Cassady, come here!' Niall shouted me from the kitchen. Oh no, the kitchen, It has knives . what will he do to me? as I was questioning myself I got up and walked, no dawdled into the kitchen to see him holding a sharp knife in his left hand. Oh No!

I walked in slower than a snail and he shut the door behind me. I started backing up to a wall, he gave me a weird look not like' oh I'm going to kill you' look, A look to say ' what are you doing?'  I stared at the knife in horror.
'Cassady...?' Great I knew this guy for a day and he's already trying to kill me! I had a feeling in my stomach that I did not like but as I was about to ask what he was going to do with that knife he asked 'Cassady... would you like some cake?' I breathed out a sigh of relief and nodded. ' Only a small piece though please'
'Are you alright? you look startled' Niall dropped the knife on the table and held my hand.
'Yeah I'm fine '
He dropped my hand and picked up the knife and sliced the cake. 'When I said small piece I mean 'small' not huge!' I told Niall as he passed me the plate with the cake on, but looking at his slice mine was tiny. we ate the cake while chatting and telling jokes and then Niall cried... ' LETS PLAY A GAME!!!' I jumped at his sudden call out but I agreed and asked if we could play hide and seek. 'Ok, BUT  we need rules' as he said that he grabbed a pen and a piece of paper and started writing the rules.

1. Has to stay Inside the house.
2. Count to 100 each time.
3.Have fun

I agreed with his rules and started counting while Niall hid. I know it sounds like a little kids thing but its FUN!
'97.....98.....99.....100!!!' I blurted out hoping he heard. I just realized I had only been here a day and it seems like forever but I didn't know this house.

I went searching until I came up to a note on the wall which said :
I knew he wasn't far from here and walked into a room that was so beautiful I was jealous. I flung open some cupboard doors to see a Niall hiding behind a dress ' Found you!' I yelled down his ear. we played for another 2 hours, that's when we got tired and sat on the couch, I was falling asleep on Nialls shoulder and his head was on mine..

'WHAT ON EARTH' I woke up to 4 boys standing in the door way staring at me and Niall.

Hi guys what do you think has happened? comment please and enjoy it more.

Cassady <3  

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