Missing Love

Cassady gets abused by her father, she runs away, Niall saves her, they fall in love.. then something tragic happens.


1. Cassady

Hi. I'm Cassidy Jones aged 18,

I live with my dad who practically hates my guts, and treats me like a garbage bin, Rubbish. 
I work at a bar for money to keep myself alive, I am a natural Blonde And I have never had a boyfriend..... and only three friend's in that matter.

Ummm I think that's all you need to know... Oh and I'm living in a caravan that looks like dad just got it out of the garbage, which he did. Mum died when I was 13 , I know so sad :(.

I guess that's everything..... Bye Guys :D

Hi guys I'm Cassidy, I'm so glad you are reading this.... it's my first story so please enjoy it and don't stop reading just yet
thanks, love you



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