Missing Love

Cassady gets abused by her father, she runs away, Niall saves her, they fall in love.. then something tragic happens.


2. Abuse and More


Cassady's POV:

I woke up this morning to the sound of a loud crash. My eyes shot open as I looked what was happening trying not to make it look like I was scared to what I would see. As my eyes scanned everything here I realized dad wasn't here.... Yes! I started to hum making sure dad was not their when I was singing. No sign of him. I started singing a song I wrote, not to loud though just in case dad was around.

I, I, I am who I am,
falling into trouble when I'm out.
I have no one to talk to, except my dad.
Cuts and wounds on my body from the..... 

I was disturbed by a tough grip on my wrist which caused me to spin around to face him holding the.... whip in his free hand... Oh No!

He had pinned me down to my bed and got the whip and as soon as i felt it strike my body I screamed knowing he would do it harder until it left the evil scars on my back and blood pouring over it. These were the only clothes I had and they were covered in Blood! 
I rolled in pain and decided that I couldn't take any more of this abuse so i came up with a plan.

cassadys look

What will Cassady do?
btw thanks a bunch guys for reading this 

Cassady <3


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