My Hopeless Hope - A One Direction FANFICTION

Three years after her family tragedy, Jamie battles more than her own guilt. With no one to fall on but her abusive boyfriend, her problems get worse. After she escapes, will she find someone to protect her? Or will her boyfriend find a way to snake her way back into her life? (Based off of One Direction) WARNING: Contains self harm, eating disorder, language, and cases of rape.


12. Life Raft

Jamie POV

"WHAT?" They said in unison. Both of their mouths were popped open and they stared at me in awe. "Why didn't you say anything sooner?" Harry finally managed. I shrugged. "I didn't know Louis' last name until now. I highly doubt that we are related. I never even knew anyone by the name Louis anyhow." I brushed off, but they continued to stare. I sighed and hopped out of the car.

I heard their slamming doors and messy pace racing up to meet me. "What are you going to do?" Harry asked me as he dropped onto the couch. I pointed a finger at myself. "I'm not going to do anything about it. We had very little relatives growing up. What I did have, didn't accept me after..." I stopped short. I couldn't even get the word to leave my mouth.

"After?" Harry prompted, giving me a concerned glace and placing his hand on my leg. I shook my head. "It's not important. I don't want to worry Louis with it." Zayn huffed. "Don't you think we should at least mention it?" I shrugged again, not knowing what to do. It was hard for me to believe that we could be family at all. "I'm not sure. It doesn't matter to me. It's just a last name."

We decided to let the topic slide as Niall, Louis, and Liam came through the door. I instantly noticed how Niall went straight up stairs. Concerned, I followed. When I got to his door, I softly knocked. "Niall?" I pleaded. The door opened, and I looked up at his red rimmed eyes. Before I asked, I pulled him into a tight hug, rubbing his back. He started to teeter, so I guided him over to the bed.

As we snuggled up, I gave him little light kisses all over his hair and face, waiting to see if he'll tell me what wrong. With no progress, I asked, "Do you want to talk about it?" He opened his eyes and looked up at me then. I frowned at the sadness that shown in his blue pools. "I'm so sorry, Jamie. I didn't mean for this to happen. We tried so damn hard, and it wasn't good enough." He sighed angrily, his eyes filling with unshed tears.

I stroked his cheek and in seeing my confused glace, he continued. "You're all over the news. And I don't understand why they are saying the things they are!" He sat up. "We were told about it, at, erm, work." He stumbled at his words, but continued. "We made sure to tell them they were wrong." I sighed and touched his pale arm. "You mean you're interview?" I had a smile on my face as he whipped around to stare at me. Before he could talk, I continued. "I knew about it, and I understand. I know you guys had the best intentions. But," I looked down, getting a little choked up. "Thank you for standing up for me. No one has really done that before." I confessed.

He lightly pulled my chin up to meet his adoring eyes. "You deserve it Jamie. You deserve so much more than the life you were given. You deserve the world." He blushed and ducked his head at his confession, but I found it cute. I sat up on my knees, tilting his head up, and as I did so, gently placed my lips against his.

Fire. I welcomed it. He didn't kiss back at first but when he did, it was with lust. His hands fell on my shoulders, pushing me lightly back towards the bed. We fit together. That's the only way I could describe it. His body felt so right on mine. I started to grab at him, trying to pull him closer. Our kisses became heated and almost messy. When either of us pulled away for breath, our lips found more and more skin to reveal on each other. I felt down and put my hands under his shirt, massaging his hard chest. He groaned when my cold hands felt over his stomach. My legs encircled his lower body, and we slowly started rocking together in passion.

His hands gripped my hips and sides, trying to steady himself. His hardness pressed into my thighs, making me push up harder against him. He bit my lip and I moaned. God, he's driving me wild. I pulled his shirt over his head and he was hiking mine up when light flooded the room. "MY EYES!" Zayn screamed, covering them while bursting out laughing. I ripped my shirt back down and looked over at an also laughing Niall.

"Geez, get a room!" Zayn said turning his back towards us. "We're already in one." Niall muttered as we put a shirt on. Louis suddenly appeared, looking between us. "Pull yourselves together. We're watching a movie, and you both are coming." He stated before marching away. Niall took my hand, placing another kiss on my lips before walking downstairs to meet the guys.

Niall then wandered into the kitchen, raiding the cupboards for a snack. "Oi, I don't want popcorn again. Can't we go get something?" We all decided to go to the little gas station down the road to pick out snacks. The boys almost looked like they were going to rob the place, wearing dark clothes and oversized jackets for their 'disguise'. They happily sighed when only a few customers browsed around. I made my way to the back, looking at drink options.

I bent over, looking at all the flavored waters when a familiar hand grasped my shoulder. I laughed, "Harry, which one do you want?" I asked. From an aisle over, I heard him yell, "A coke will do, thanks!" I instantly froze before the monotone voice I grew to hate vibrated right next to my ear. "Not who you were expecting, hmm?" I was suddenly pulled up straight. "Honey, it's been so long!" He exclaimed, before grasping me in a bone tight hug.

"D-Dan." I simply stated. He smiled sickly at me. While gripping my shoulder, he pulled out a magazine from behind his back. "Let's have a chat about this." I gawked at the cover. It was me on the front page, with a faded bruise on my face, being carried by Harry. It must have been from the first day we met. He turned to the next one of me walking with Harry and Zayn with a red circle around my wrist. A close-up showed red marks from my healing cuts. The next one had 'ONE DIRECTIONS ANOREXIC NEW GIRLFRIEND' across the cover with another picture that made me out to be way to skinny.

He threw them to the floor and started pulling me towards the exit. I grabbed his hand, somewhat shocking him. "No." I stated defiantly. He then grabbed both of my shoulders, earning a small yelp of pain from my mouth. "Jamie?" Liam came around the corner followed by Louis. "Is there a problem here?" Louis asked, boldly coming to my side.

Dan laughed at them, and I could see the tension building in the boys. "Your friends I take it?" He motioned to them. "Don't I get to be introduced?" He glared at me. "You're not worth an introduction." I spat at him. Anger flared in his green depths. His fists clenched and he stepped closer to me. "I'm sorry, what did you say?" He said again, toppling over me. I shrank back into Liam.

Louis cleared his throat. "Oh, I'm sorry you didn't hear her. She said she didn't want to introduce us." He remarked sarcastically. I quickly glanced back at Dan to see a sudden calm fall over him. "I apologize then." He said looking at each of us before ruffling my hair. I could see Liam and Louis both leap at his actions, expecting the worst. "Can't I just talk to her? One minute. You can even time it." He threw them his phone. Before they could give an answer, he pulled me out the door.

We walked outside and as soon as we rounded the corner he had me pinned. His vile breath was on my face. "How dare you talk back to me." I was struck across the face. "How DARE you lie to me?" He asked while gripping my jaw. He suddenly kneed me so hard in my stomach, I couldn't breathe. My knees gave out but he held me up. "And how dare you, how DARE you leave me?" He pulled me back by my neck, ramming me three times into the cold brick. My head slammed into it the last time, and I almost shut my eyes in defeat.

"Don't you DARE make a mockery out of me, Jamie. Because it will be the last thing you ever do." He pulled my hood over my head, and put an arm around my waist. "Now, all we did was talk." He turned me to face him. Slapping my cheek lightly, he added, "And you're fine. Oh, and say a word, and I'll have their pretty little heads mounted on my wall." He smirked at me.

"JAMIE!" I heard Niall's voice ring out in the darkness. He came around the corner, wrapping me in his arms that shook with anger. "Looks like they've been taking good care of you Jamie. You slut around with them now too?" He threw at me with a laugh. I flinched back, not wanting to hear his empty criticism. "That's enough." Zayn finally said soundly, standing in front of us. Dan held up his hands. "Alright, alright." I could feel his eyes burning my skin. "See you around, love." He said before leaving.

I stood there in Niall's arms, motionless, as the boys surrounded me. "Did he do anything? Are you alright?" Harry asked. I barely nodded. Niall started walking forward with me, but I could feel myself plummeting to the ground. He caught me before I could smacked my face on the pavement. "Jamie, what did he do?" I held out my hand, shaking it towards them. You're fine, I reminded myself.

Cool air rushing at my face made me focus my attention back at them. Someone ripped my hood away. "Damnit!" Zayn shouted, holding his face and turning away. I let a sob escape my body, and I saw them flinch, as if it physically affected them. I put my face in Niall's shoulder, hiding it from the rest of them. You probably look disgusting. As I was lifted into his arms, I let the darkness take me, giving into the pain. But his words saved me, just like a life raft. "I love you." He whispered into my ear.

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