My Hopeless Hope - A One Direction FANFICTION

Three years after her family tragedy, Jamie battles more than her own guilt. With no one to fall on but her abusive boyfriend, her problems get worse. After she escapes, will she find someone to protect her? Or will her boyfriend find a way to snake her way back into her life? (Based off of One Direction) WARNING: Contains self harm, eating disorder, language, and cases of rape.


11. Cats

Harry POV

I could tell Jamie was a little tense when we got into the car. I let Zayn drive, and I sat in the back with her to my left. We were barely in the car five minutes, and I swear Zayn's head was like a bobble head, every few seconds looking in the mirror back at her. I finally flipped him off, and he laughed, causing him to break check down the street. Jamie's hands clamped firmly on the seats, and Zayn quietly apologized.

"Aren't you excited at all?" I asked her. "It's in your DNA to like this sort of thing." I didn't mind shopping, but now there wasn't any use for it. My mangers and wardrobe bought me everything so I didn't have to get bombarded by fans. "It's alright." She commented. "I haven't been shopping in years, so I'm hoping it is as fun as I remember." She smiled, but my face dropped.

"What?" I asked. She looked confused. "What?" I stared at her wide eyed. "You're a girl and you haven't been shopping in years?! What's wrong with you?" I felt her forehead. "I think you have a temperature." She busted out laughing along with Zayn. I could see the hint of tears in her eyes and her shaking form bent over, trying to control herself. "Phew!" She said sitting up, and punching me. "OUCH." I rubbed my arm. "That really hurt." She glared at me "Stop complaining Styles."

We entered the strip that had several popular stores on it. I looked around, visibly relaxing when I didn't see any fans. Zayn and I both had on loose hats, shades, and large jackets to try and protect us, but mostly Jamie. We got out of the car, and helped her out, hooking our arms into her small ones. "Is it weird to be nervous?" She asked quietly. I couldn't see her eyes, but could tell she was worried. "No, we'll help you pick something out. I've got a great style sense, hence the last name." I winked at her and she slapped my arm.

When we walked in, she was drawn to a section in the back, and Zayn followed her, while I stayed up front. I looked around, until something caught my eye. "Well isn't this lovely." I murmured, and then smiled, seeing Jamie's reaction in my head. I walked over to the pants, and realized I didn't know what size she wore, so I picked up some leggings instead. I starting jogging around, trying to pick out things to make my outfit better than Zayns. I kinda liked it.

I put everything on the chair and stood back and looked at it. cgi/set?id=65643895 Oh yes, she'll love it. Zayn came around the corner, holding: cgi/set?id=65645413 "Harry," he complained. "I don't think she's going to wear something with a large cat on the front of it." I whipped around to face him. "SHE LIKES CATS." I said to his face. "Okay, okay." He gave up with a huff and I smiled brightly. Jamie came around the corner with just a pair of shoes in her hand.

I gawked at her. "An hour of shopping, and you managed to get a pair of shoes. Well done." I said sarcastically while clapping. She smiled, but blushed. "I don't know what to get. I don't go shopping. Dan picks everything out for me." Oh, so the bastard is the one who is at fault, again. I instantly felt bad for my pervious statement. This was a girl's dream right here, and she didn't even know how to shop! I shot look at Zayn who nodded, understanding.

"Well, we picked out something for you. Do you like it?" I asked, pointing to Zayn's. She smiled, looking at each article of clothing, lightly touching the purse. "I love it!" She threw her arms around him, earning a surprised look from him. Jamie wasn't a people person, so when she touched someone, it was a bit short of a miracle. He quickly hugged her back, not wanting to offend her. She looked over at mine and laughed. I felt a frown form. "But I tried really hard." I went to go pick up the outfit, when she stopped me. "No, no. I'm laughing because it's so me. I would totally wear this!" I lit up and pointed to myself. "WINNER!" I shouted at Zayn who rolled his eyes.

We then helped Jamie pick out the rest of her outfit. "What size pant do you wear?" She looked down at her pants, and I had to cough awkwardly to cover up my laugh. "I don't know, look." She said turning her back to me, pulling up her shirt a bit. I tried to go in as confidently as I could, but when I turned her belt part over, and saw her light pink lace panties, I blushed, and heard Zayn's loud laughter. I shot a glare over my shoulder at him. "An eight." I barely managed. She scoffed. "Do they even carry that size here?"

We pulled out several pairs that she tried on, when she came out, they were so baggy. "What did you get me Zayn? I'm comparable to a gangster right now!" She bent her knees, flashing a peace sign and cheesy smile. We ended up having to go down to a four before they finally stayed on her without a belt. She complained the whole way, with 'ews' and 'too fat for this'. I would have said something, if she wasn't on the verge of tears every time she came out of the fitting room. We decided to move on to tops.

"What about this?" Zayn held up a bright red bedazzled shirt. Jamie squinted, but smiled. "Uh, yeah, I like it." And put it in the bag. Zayn huffed and pulled it out. "Jamie, this isn't how shopping works. You don't have to like everything. Just say, 'no,' and move on." She frowned at him. "But you picked it out, for me. I can't say no to that." We smiled at how polite she was. "It's a suggestion, just to see what you like." She mumbled an 'oh,' and continued searching. Finally, she was happy with it, and we checked out with all these clothes, and much, much more. cgi/set?id=65650257

I've never felt so tired in my life. I thought performing several times a week was hard, but no, shopping with ONE girl for hours is what really wears you out. We finally left and were walking to our car when one of the many bags I was carrying hit a girl. "Sorry!" I called to her. She squinted at me, then her face lit up. "YOU'RE HARRY STYLES!" She screamed. Suddenly there were people and camera's shoved in our faces as we made our way out.

"Who is the girl?"

"Is she your next fling?"

"Zayn, where's Payne and Tomlinson?" I saw Jamie's head flick up at this comment. People were clawing their way through, and Zayn and I tried our best to keep Jamie hidden.

"Why are you hiding her? Let us see her face!"

"She's ugly!"

"Is that a bruise?"

"Did you hit her? Did she deserve it?" One reporter yelled. Zayn whipped around, but I caught his jacket, pulling him along with us. We made it to the car, and I ducked Jamie's face into my coat. It took a while for us to leave, because we had so many girls pressed up against the car. Finally, Zayn hit the gas, and we sped off.

Jamie slowly moved away, putting as much space in-between us as possible. I waited for her questions, but she continued to stare out the window. "I'm really sorry about that." I apologized. She nodded, acknowledging me, but didn't reply. "You're probably wondering why they were all there." I started, "You see-" She turned a bit towards me, so I could hear her as she flatly stated, "I know." I shot a panicked look at Zayn, who was equally surprised.

"Y-you know?" I asked, disbelievingly. We tried so hard to keep her from the press. She nodded slowly. "Last night, that guy," We both knew what she was talking about, "He told me." She turned to look at me then. "I don't mind, and it doesn't change how I feel about any of you, I just wish you would have told me straight out. I don't like hearing trickled down information." I could tell that she was upset, even though she didn't show it.

"We were going to, the morning after you got here." Zayn said, "But we saw how nice it was just to have a friend who didn't judge us for our fame or status. It was nice that we could just be ourselves around you." He looked back at us in the mirror. "We never meant to hurt you, or keep it from you, we just kinda forgot to tell you along the way, I guess." He shrugged his shoulders.

"Who told them about me?" She asked softly, with a hidden line of anger. I held up my hands. "We didn't say a word! We didn't want to get you into the press like that. Even though, this won't help." I gestured outside to the still following news crew. "If you didn't tell anyone about me, then how did they know my name?" She asked accusingly. We were now at the house, and Zayn turned around, confused. "No one said your name Jay."

She looked at us like we were stupid. "Yes they did. Someone asked you where Payne and Tomlinson was." He shook his head, not understanding. "Yeah, they asked where Liam and Louis were. What does that have to do with you, Jay?" She sat back, looking at the house, then back at me. "Jamie?" Zayn asked. She turned to us then. "Because I'm Jamie Marie Tomlinson."

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