Stole My Heart

All the outfits are on my Polyvore... haileyusinger thx!


5. The Proposal

After about and half-an-hour drive to Beverly Hills we hit the shops. First was Abercrombie & Fitch, there were so many clothes it was heaven. I got a navy blue and white plaid strapless shirt with a navy belt with a bow tied it all together, a red and white striped  half tank top with half  sleeves. A neon green, Light blue, and off-white tank top, a grey, white, and pink sweatshirt. A peach striped tee with a think dark blue line across the front, a green sweatshirt with white and pink lettering. Ashely got the same thing but in different colors. Next was American Eagle, I got an baseball tee with teal sleeves. A hot pink Hi-Lo tank, a  bright blue light as air tank. I also got a gray one,white, and peach I also got a black Hi-Lo and a blue one, a peach, and bright yellow one. And an teal air tank, be and Ashely were of course going to share all these tanks. We decided to go to DKNY next. I got a plain black longsleeve shirt while Ashely got a white one. A black sequined strapless, Ashely got a purple one. A v-neck black and white longsleeve, Ashely got a green and white one. And the last thing I got was a purple jumper, Ashely with a black one. It was around 11:25 am and with traffic we should arrive at the hotel just on time but before left I wanted to get an bathing suit. 
We arrived at the hotel around 12:05 pm. We rushed to put our bags away and go see the boys. We walked into the boys' room to find.... Nobody. We stood in the door way for a bit until we agreed to go sit on the couch and wait. A few seconds passed and Niall, Zayn,Harry, and Liam walked in, we just sat there and waited for what? I have no idea. 15 minutes later Lou and El walked in, he lead her to the middle of the room Liam had out a camera taking pictures. What was going on? Ashely tapped my shoulder, winked and pointed at the ring that she had found in my car it sat snug around her right hand ring finger. Louis got down one knee and said "Eleanor Jane Calder, I want to spend my whole life with you I never want you to leave me. Will you marry me" tears started prickling in my eyes, Eleanor was laughing because it was so surreal. Liam and Zayn we smiling ear-to-ear, and Harry was drowning himself in tears. I looked at him "Harry, you ok?" I asked. He just shook his head yes, but I knew he wasn't being truthful. I went and sat on his lap my legs facing Niall, I put my arms around his neck and buried my head into his neck. He just kept crying I rubbed his back occasionally." Hey do you guys want to stay the night again?" Niall asked."Sure!" Ashely called out immediately."Well than we better get our clothes" I said as I walked out the door. We got our clothes and went back the boys were already asleep since it was 11:57 pm. So I decided to put down my bag on the couch in Harry's room and climb in bed. 

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