Stole My Heart

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7. The Move

•Ashely's POV•
Niall was in the same position I found him in yesterday. His arm were all the way around me though and I was snuggled into the crook of his neck. I must have woke him up because he moved a bit and kissed my cheek. I smiled and I could tell he knew I was smiling. How 'bout some breakfast? I can wake Lou up.No don't wake him up, wake up Harry he can make chicken and waffles. Nialls face lit up and 'Chicken and Waffles', I decided to check my phone. NEW MESSAGE was neatly written across the screen, I unlocked it to see it was from Drew
MESSAGE: Hey babe, my parents said I could come into LA this weekend if you wanna hang out. 
MESSAGE TO DREW: Oh really I'm sorry! I'm going to Lucy's this weekend and our mom and dad are making us do a bunch of family stuff. Sorry babe.
He wrote back immediately. 
MESSAGE: I really need to talk to you and I don't want to do it over the phone. 
MESSAGE TO DREW: Ill meet you in Astoria. 
Hey, Niall I've got to go somewhere. Leave me some chicken and waffles I told him. I'm gonna go take a shower.OK&
 After my shower. I changed into light purple skinny jeans, a lace longsleeve shirt, purple,black,yellow, and blue toms, and a coach poppy stamped hobo bag."BYE" I called as I left the room. I made my way to my Black Prius c and started driving towards Astoria. 
I finally arrived at the restaurant we had decided to meet at. Hey" was all he said."Hi" I quickly responded, "listen we need to talk" he said "I... It's... He stuttered  "listen Drew its over I don't love you anymore" was all I said then I got in my car and drove away towards the hotel. 
~Ali's POV~
Niall told me about Ashely leaving." We'll we better go, we don't want to be late for rehearsals" Liam called." Your leaving me all alone?""We'll do you want to go with us? You can text Ash and she can meet us there," I nodded my head. "I call shower first I yelled as I ran into Harry's bathroom and started the shower. I walked into Harry's room expecting him to be in the living room instead I ran right into Harry. I screamed not expecting him to be here,"I'm just gonna take these its ok I'll just take a shower" I shrugged my shoulders like 'what the hell go for it'. I put on a black one shoulder dress with peep toe chunky glitter pumps. I put my hair up in a bun, with a with a double row rhinestone headband. I grabbed my black and white clutch with a pink ribbon around it. By the time I was out and texted Ashely, the boys were ready and waiting on the couch. Outside there was one car and that was mine." Who's drivin?" Harry asked. Everybody looked at him, and he just nodded I unlocked the car and got in the passenger seat."Why do you get to sit in front!" Louis whined "'cause it's my car!" I explained. His facial expression changed and he looked like  he understood. When we finally got there they told me to just sit in. The front row seat.  
•Ashely's POV• 
I decided to change into something cooler before I left, since it wasn't so cold any more. I changed into a strapless one shoulder with a slit through the shoulder. The waist up was black and the bottom was bright blue and it was a sideways Hi-Lo if you will. I grabbed my black hobo strap cross body bag, I kept my hair the same. I put on a gold plated four leaf clover. And left to go to rehearsals it took about 10 minutes I sat down next to Ali,"Hey!" She said I just turned and smiled. 

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