Stole My Heart

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9. The Dinner

•Ashely's POV•
"Wanna stay for dinner?" Niall asked. "We can't. Our parents are coming home in the morning and we have to clean up." I explained "Yeah, sorry Nialler." Ali jumped in Niall nodded his head, it was only me, Ali, Harry, and Niall. I turned to look at Harry he had a sad look on his face, I hugged Niall while Ali hugged Harry after we said our goodbyes we left. We cleaned up our room and our parents, then  our mom called and asked to get an extra room for Fred and Lucy to share.  So we did as we were told, and got an extra room for Lucy and Fred. I feel REALLY bad for Lucy having to share a room with him. 
•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••"Girls were home!" My mom cried "Yea and we've got news" my dad added in. We raced to where our parents were, we stood there anxiously waiting for them to tell us the news." We're staying in LA" Ali and I just looked at each other, after we processed this big change we were grinning from ear to ear "we get to stay with Niall" I yelled shortly Ali yelled "we get to stay with Harry!!!" "Who's Niall and Harry???" Lucy questioned, Fred with the same questioning look on his face cause he really cared." Just our friends" we both hesitated, but it was true. Lucy rolled her eyes and walked away into her and Fred's room. We stood there awkwardly for a bit then looked at each other and nodded, we were going to tell the boys (if they were home). And of course they weren't home all Ali could say was "grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr". 

I wasn't planning on this chapter but I needed to post so just a bit of an update!

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