Stole My Heart

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1. Introduction

~Alison's POV~
"Alison Parker to the office to check out" the school secretary said over the loud speaker. Everyone stared at me and I suddenly felt extremely awkward I met my sister, Ashely, frantically pacing in front of the office. "Ash! What's up?" I questioned her pacing. "I don't know I just curious about why were leaving so early on a Wednesday. I mean it's the middle of the week." My parents weren't there yet. They always call ahead so we can leave as soon as possible, but I have yet to figure out why."Ashely, it's fine nothing bad happened" I tried calming her down when in walked my mom. Ashely's eyes lit up as she ran over to our mom."Mom!? Is everything ok? Where's dad? Why are we getting out so early? Especially on a Wednesday!" Ashely began belting out questions." Ashely calm down! Your father is in the car. Everything is fine. Were going to California." She answered Ashely's questions almost in perfect order."Omgeeee really!!! Where in California?" It's funny how Ashely's emotions can got from worried, to relieved, to super excited." We're going to LA, now are you girls ready we need to leave." She sounded a bit annoyed. We walked out to the gold Chrysler van my parents fell in love with and had to go buy it last night. We hopped into the back and waited to get home to pack our bags, our parents had probably already packed the being the organized people they are. "MOM!!! My drivers test is tomorrow"I yelled scaring the living hell out of her. "We'll ill drop you off to see if you can take it today, alright?" She said slightly calmed from my screaming fit. I nodded and I knew she saw cause she smiled at me through the rearview mirror. Ashely had got her drivers test early because she had a class field trip she couldn't miss since she already paid. Me on the other hand had no interest to go to Wisconsin to study German sausage. When we arrived at the DMV my stomach hurt from being so nervous, or it was the lunch food, but either way I was nervous. 


I passed my drivers test and called a taxi to come pick me up I could have walked to my house but it would have to twice as long and I need time to pack my mom told me that we would be in LA for quite some time so i had to pack a few bags. ••••••••••••••••••••••
After I packed my mom called us downstairs to put everything in the car. It was about a 13 hours and 45 minute drive from our house in Salem. •••••••••••••14 Hours Later•••••••••••••

We finally got to our hotel and the first thing I did was get my light green bikini with white polka dots on and got swimming. Since I wasn't the biggest fan of hotel towels I got my brown and white striped beach towel and made my way to the door."Where you going,Al?" Ashely questioned. "The pool what's it look like, I'm gonna go ride a horse? I'm not even wearing shoes." I replied sarcastically. "Ok meetcha there in 15" she called out as I shut the door. It was an understatement if you said me and Ashely do everything together, were like inseparable. We always have a good time together. As I was walking I for got I had to put my hair up so I ran back to the room me and Ashely were sharing, grabbed a hair tie and quickly put my hair in a messy bun but left my bangs out and braided them up across the side and pinning it with bobby pins. As I walked out of the room I ran in to a guy about 17 (my age) with blonde hair, he obviously dyed it blond 'cause you could see his dark brown roots. 
*Nialls POV*
She had her beautiful shiny gold had was up on top of her head in a messy bun."I'm so sorry" she apologized and her eyes showed she felt bad. But why she had just bumped into me, no I actually ran into her!?"No, it's my fault." I apologized this time "I'm Niall, Niall Horan." I was surprised when she first saw me, so I thought my name might make her fangirl."I'm Alison Parker, Ali or Al for short" she said, was she trying to tease me or did she not know who I was? Her voice was like heaven it was almost as beautiful as her." I've gotta go meet my sister at the pool I'll see ya around, Niall right?" Yea she was definitely trying to tease me." Yea Niall. It was nice meeting you, Ali."I said decided to use manners 'cause I definitely wanted her to get a good first impression."Nice to meet you too! But I really need to go." I didn't say another word just nodded my head before she turned around and walk towards the pool. 
~Alison's POV~
Niall Horan. Catchy. When I greeted him and asked if his name was Niall 'cause I really couldn't remember, he looked so confused like I should know. Huh? As I walked into the pool room and the warm air hit me, it made it harder to breathe but it felt good being warm for the first time in quite awhile. I put my towel down on my chair and went and stood at the very edge of the pool in the deep end. It was about 8 ft. Before I had fully taken in my surroundings I was pushed in at first I was scared because I couldn't see and didn't know how far down I was so I couldn't push off the bottom. At first I thought it was Ashely being an ass, but when I came up I saw a grinning... Niall.

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