Stole My Heart

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8. Five Grueling Hours Later...

~Ali's POV~ 
It was about 3 p.m. Yes we waited 5 hours for them. Once they came in we both jumped off the couch, and they ran out the door like little kids. Me and Ashely burst into hysterics, I was about to start rolling on the floor not sure about Ashely. They must have recognized our laughs,because the all started poking their heads out the side of the door. They walked in the room single file with irritated, humiliated, and pissed off looks. We tried not to laugh,but you know how that usually works. We had grins ear to ear." Go ahead laugh your brains out" Louis said, seeming like he had known he was the worst. "Laugh? Laugh about what? Why would we be laughing? Everything's normal around here." Ashely said sarcastically. They just had  a pissed off look on their faces. the silence was very awkward, so I broke it."Kay. So we have good newwss" I singsonged news."WHATTT!?!?!!?!?!!" They all yelled, "Jesus" Ashely said right after."Okay so shut up. WERE STAYING IN LA!!!!!!!" We all started jumping around, Ashely and Niall were multitasking. They were hugging and jumping up and down. Am I missing something, the boys had stopped but Ash and Nialler were still jumping up an down. The boys had puzzled looks on their faces. We're we all missing something??? We decided to go to the kitchen and let them have their moment, well actually we all just followed Louis."What? I was hungry "we just wanted to get away from the awkwardness so we followed you." Zayn said. "I thought it was cute." Liam said "the way ya know you guys waited five hours for us" he said, blushing. "Hey, Liam" Louis called "ya" He replied "I thought only girls blush. And say its cute when people hug." That was the cheesiest thing I had ever heard, but for some reason it was extremely hilarious. We all started laughing I think Harry was about to start rolling on the floor when Niall and Ash walked in." What's so funny?" Niall asked very curious. "Oh nothin" Louis said. "No seriously. Tell meeeeeeee" Niall pouted like a 5 year old. "Ya know curiosity killed the cat." Zayn said. "But I'm not a cat" Niall back talked. "Well we've got a smart ass on our hands" Louis said giggling for no reason, well at least I can't tell why." So uh, how was your hug fest?" Harry asked changing the subject, and trying to make him mad." Yea Ash, how was it?" I added. They just walked away as my phone buzzed, of course it was my m.o.m (Mother Of Many) 
MESSAGE: Hey honey! I need you to come home we're going for dinner if you'd like you can invite you friends. Be home in 10 please. Love you. 
I didn't answer but she knew I saw it. "BRB" I called to the boys, as I went to find Ash. They weren't in the living room, so I snuck into Nialls room. I don't think they saw me, because they didn't hesitate what the were doing. I dropped my mouth and ran to the boys.


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